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It has been eight years since Buttonmash and the CMC have graduated school and moved on with their lives. Button is a famous videogame designer, Sweetiebelle is on tour, Scootaloo is a stuntspony, and Applebloom is working on real estate while expanding the CMC. The CMC are still helping others, but have jobs as well, leaving almost no time to be free. Button, under the pressure of designing a new game, has become anti-social, and has blocked everypony out to focus. Rarity, worried for Button, calls the CMC for help to bring the Buttonmash, that Ponyville knows, back.

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Poor button:fluttercry:. This story seems promising and any story that involves button Mash is a story that I am willing to read, so I will be sure to keep reading when new chapters come out!

How come everyone in bad fanfiction is projected to have fulfilled their dreams
99% of people don't

Also, > midnight onyx

Didn't realize Rarity was goth

Thank you for the feed back.

As for you, its fan fiction for a reason, plus mlp always ends happily so invalid comment accepted but thanks for the feedback anyways...if this site was based on a different more depressing franchise then this could be considered bad fan fiction, also this is a prologue the plot has been revealed but nothing else dont judge a story by a chapter especially a short one. Finally who said Rarity named the foal.

Just to make a quick comment, I don't mean to sound hostile, my only issue is when someone disses a story when it only has one chapter released, and then instantly calling it a bad fanfic, I like feedback but when you assume certain things that's just wrong, I try to be reasonable but my hostility comes towards those that assume.

Well, an interesting and promising start. Looking forward to see where it leads.

> don't judge a story by a chapter

actually that is exactly how you judge a story
in fact, that is the beginning and end of criticism

don't worry, you're far from the worst writer on this site, but perhaps you ought to at least look up what a comma does

For one thank you for the actual feedback I needed, second I said by the first chapter I know how criticism works how you summarize from beginning to middle to end but that usually doesn't come about until after the story is complete, but I do thank you for what feedback you gave and I bid you well.

criticism and summary are practically opposites

The two mares nodded and stepped inside, and soon it hit Sweetiebelle that with Rumble being a racer and Scootaloo being a stuntspony, they made a lot of bits. The house was much larger on the inside, the ceiling was a good twelve feet high, the living room was extremely large, a black horseshoe shaped couch and a large television sat across from each other, a black tinted glass coffee table sat in the middle of the horseshoe. The walls were painted a bright orange and a walkway led to the kitchen. There was a spiral staircase that led to a second floor. A blanket and a few pillows were draped over the couch like a make shift bed. Vanillabliss was the first to speak,

Larger inside lol

"Midnight Onyx, are you questioning your mother," she asked sternly,

Bit harsh.

Button Mash Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom are all two words. Please respond to this comment.

Thanks for the feedback, I usually spell Apple Bloom Applebloom because how some people read it they might hesitate with the space, Button Mash I think I do both ways and just change it up...Sweetiebelle Well that's the most confusing one but thanks for that

Day best ship

Been about a year since this, can we expect an update soon?


I apologize for the delay, I have had a major case of writer's block, I am in the editing process as of right now, hoping to release the next chapter soon, once again I am deeply sorry

No apology needed. Just excited to hear that the story will go on.

Please don't let this end! I love it.

I'm glad you are enjoying it, I am currently going through some hard times so the next chapter is taking longer than usual, but the story isn't over yet

Button Mash and Apple Bloom are both two words. Please respond to this comment.

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