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What kind of cynical hell is this? I'm just meant to be a Tea-cup!

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    Back to the old avatar.

    Goodbye Christmas hat. See you next year.

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  • 32 weeks

    I stayed up to 12:00 for this joke.

    Merry Christmas Fellow Tea-Lovers!

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    Favorite tea?

    What is your favorite tea?

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Back to the old avatar. · 12:16pm Dec 25th, 2021

Goodbye Christmas hat. See you next year.

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Thanks for adding The Pony Protection Agency to your bookshelves!

Gladly, I enjoyed the plot a lot with it being a sort of a unique premise and I'd say from a plot stand-point, you pulled it off. However, the actual writing part is a has a bit to be desire if I may say. The whole story has been told in sharp-shots of sequences sort-of strapped together by single lines of 'then this happened' forcing the reader to sort of read ahead in the story and supressing the magnitude and gravity of some situations that would have given the story a real flare.

Over-all, if I was to describe the story to someone in a pre-view type style, It would sound really cool, but in the actual story, it seems a bit rushed.

TYSM for adding Alternate ending of the beginning of the end, part-2. to your bookshelf! When you're done reading it, could you tell me your thoughts on it?

You make nice stories and seem like a nice person.

Welcome to the Tea Cup Family.

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