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Stressful Nights - silvermoon15000

Buttonmash and the CMC have moved on with their lives, Sweetiebelle is on tour, Button's a famous videogame designer, and the other two are expanding the team. Button, dealing with some hardship, has become anti-social, until Sweetie came back.

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Chapter 7: Of Haunting Pasts and Bright Futures

Author's Note:

WARNING: This chapter contains things related to suicide and self harm, viewer discretion is advised...

Otherwise sorry for the late chapter, Covid and several other factors have stopped me from writing, hopefully the next chapter won't take as long, please enjoy.

"I am sorry ma'am, but the test results were false."

"But that can't be right, we have been trying for so long!"

The tears, the lies.

"You can always adopt-"

No...I want my own...

"It could have something to do with your disability."


Scootaloo did her best to hold a tired smile as Rumble cuddled up next to her.

"You okay?" He asked, with which she responded with a slight nod. He sighed and sat back up. "Come on Scoots, ya know I can tell when something is wrong," he looked her in the eyes, "tell me." She kept the smile on her face.

"I can fly, I'm sure of it!"

She looked down at her cast, "I just didn't sleep well last night." She lied.

"Scootaloo! Button go find help, now!"

Scootaloo mentally winced as the memory replayed itself. "This cast doesn't really help with it," she chuckled as Rumble shook his head.

"Is she gonna be alright?"

He seemed so concerned.

"She has fractured two bones in her foreleg, she should recover, but try to keep her from using it."

"You can't keep using that as an excuse, there is something else you're not telling me." He had that same concern in his voice. She didn't need to tell him, he already knew. That look on his face told her that. "They're back?" She nodded once more as he pulled her in for a hug. "What do you need?" He said in her ear.

"I need..."


"Well that didn't take long?" Sweetie Belle said to herself as she sat down in the large green bubble. The paparazzi had completely surrounded her the minute one of them pointed her out, and this was the only spell she could think of. Luckily it also nullified any outside sounds, so it was nice and quiet in there. "Thank you, Twilight." She thanked her mentor as she stood and began to walk towards the boutique. The paparazzi proceeded to follow her as she made her way to her sister's home.

"This is why I prefer to stay single."

She felt herself frown at her past self. At the time she had just broken up with another celebrity because they didn't click. The paparazzi ate it up at the time, but eventually they found something else to put on the paper. She shook her head as one pony tried to force their way through the bubble, that pony then got sent backwards into the crowd. She shook her head in annoyance and continued to breathe for a second before finally standing back up. She needed to do something about this paparazzi before she overdid the spell. She had a lot of options, all of which would have her pass out before they would be completely gone.

"Hey," a voice called from the outside, "do you want to let me in so I can help?" Sweetie Belle looked up and saw Button being pressed into the bubble. The paparazzi was now trying to swarm him with questions as well and he was starting to fall. She stood up and grabbed him with her hooves before heaving him into the bubble.

"You really decided to push through this crowd." Sweetie Belle stood back up and brushed herself off. "What made you think that was a good idea?" She helped Button Mash to his hooves who chuckled in embarrassment.

"Well, I didn't want you to have to face this alone, it was bound to happen at some point. I just thought there'd be more time." He responded and looked around the bubble. "Your magic has gotten stronger." He noted and poked the bubble with his hoof.

"Yeah, when I did have free time, I practiced the spells that Twilight gave me," she then took notice of the crowd outside of the bubble. "Anyways, we should take care of this crowd so I don't have to give myself a headache later." Button nodded in agreement and turned to face the crowd with his hoof close to hers.

"Alright, bring it on." He told himself confidently as the questions were thrown their way.


"Ow, ow, ow." Sweetie rubbed a bag of ice on her horn as she sat in a chair. Button Mash sat next to her while Rarity sat across the table from them.

"You overdid it again, Darling." Her sister said with a concerned tone. Sweetie Belle glared at her for a sec before sighing.

"Well what would you have done in my situation. I'm a super star sis, I can't not protect myself." She told her, wincing slightly as the horn sparked for a second. Rarity shook her head and smirked.

"Well, that's simple, I would have shrunk the bubble down as the day went on to lower the usage." Both Button and Sweetie Belle looked at Rarity with surprised confusion. Rarity's smirk became a wide smile, "what? You two are not the only ones to learn a few things from Twilight." She winked and pushed herself away from the table. "But, that aside, what you need is rest and little to no magic usage," she stood up. "we don't want you to end up in the hospital for Horn Cracks, now do we." She then left the two ponies alone in the kitchen.

They were not alone for long though as Vanilla Bliss happily walked into the kitchen. "You two look really tired," she pointed at them with a hoof and dropped her smile. "Maybe both of you should call it a day and get some rest, hmm." The couple looked at each other for a moment and simultaneously sighed.

"Yeah, maybe she's right," Button started before rising from his chair. "I have to get back to work anyways otherwise Glass is gonna kill me." He smiled, "Plus today has given me a few ideas as well." He leaned forward and pecked Sweetie Belle's forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow, alright, get some rest." Sweetie Belle nodded and watched him leave before looking at her manager.

"What?" Bliss had the most ridiculous smile on her face.

"Nothing, you two are just so cute together," she chuckled, "also I haven't seen you that red since your first concert." She mentioned before walking by and filling up a glass with water. "But your sister and I agree, you need rest, both of you do."

"How so?" Sweetie asked. Bliss sighed and sat down.

"It's simple, you stay here for a while, no going and seeing anybody and nobody is coming to see you." She explained and took a sip from her glass. "Rarity plans on having a chat with Button as well about it, so that you two don't bother each other as well."

Well that's not very comforting. Sweetie Belle thought to herself before a stinging pain ran through her head. She winced and groaned. "Maybe you're right, maybe I should get some rest, but I doubt anypony will be able to get Button Mash to rest considering his boss is in town."

"We'll just have to see, won't we dear?" Sweetie turned her head to see Rarity smirking devilishly.


"You should relax more sis, you've been working too hard since Granny die...since she left us."

"No, Ah Ain't workin' hard enough, look at the house, it's a mess, AJ."

You would never understand how much this house made me happy.

"You're one to talk, you used to work so hard that you'd mess up."

Without Granny, the farm would've died, but now Ah can make the bits to hire workers. You left to become a rodeo star, and Big Mac started his own farm near Sugar Belle's home. That left me with the care of our farm, and for that, I'll never forgive y'all.

"I think we'll take it." A blue colored mare said as she looked around the empty house. Apple Bloom shook her thoughts away and smiled happily.

"That's great news ma'am let me go get the papers from my bags and Ah'll be right with you." Apple Bloom turned away and dropped her smile. The house she was in used to be Scootaloo's before her and Rumble got together, but not too long after that her parents decided to sell it. Apple Bloom was the fourth agent to try to sell it and now she was the final one. She sighed in relief and pulled a stack of papers out of her case as the buyer entered the room she was in, the kitchen.

"Um, excuse me, Apple Bloom, um I think I changed my mind." Apple Bloom froze with the papers in her left hoof slowly falling off of them. Her eye twitched as she forced a smile back on to her face. She turned around slowly to see the mare had a disgusting look on her face.

"What seems to be the problem...ma'am" She had to convince herself to keep her composure as the mare began to speak.

"Um...there's a snake in the oven..." the mare pointed at the oven for Apple Bloom to see. She glanced in that direction and immediately noticed the slithering creature leaving the kitchen appliance.

I thought I had told Flutter Shy to remove ALL of the animals. She sighed in frustration and then smiled at her buyer. "Can you just give me one second please." She then removed her phone from her suit pocket and moved into a different room while dialing Flutter Shy. The phone rang for a few seconds before a kind and calm voice greeted Apple Bloom.

"Hello?" The voice said softly.

"Hey, Flutter Shy, it's Apple Bloom, you did remove all of the animals, right?" There was a small pause before she responded.

"I was able to get most of them to the sanctuary, but I could not get Iris the snake to move. She has eggs in the oven so she is very hostile right now." The mare said over the phone. Apple Bloom looked around the corner at the buyer with a smile before glaring at the snake, who was just staring at her.

"Did you just say there were snake eggs...in the oven?" Apple Bloom whispered into the phone.

"Mhm, all twenty eight of them."

"TWENTY EIGHT!" Apple Bloom covered her mouth for a second before speaking normally. "Well, can't you just ya know, move the eggs and the snake?" She questioned her older friend who just sighed through the phone.

"You know I can't do that Apple Bloom, Iris and her babies are there to stay." Apple Bloom felt a flash of anger rush through her.

"Listen, Flutter Shy, Ah am trying desperately to sell this house to this buyer, Ah kinda need the snake out of the house, now." She told her through gritted teeth. Flutter Shy clicked her tongue in disappointment.

"You know I can't do that, it's against the rules, also there is a chance that-"

"I'm not asking anymore Flutter Shy, I need the snake out of this house..." she took a deep breath, "NOW!" She said firmly and sternly. Flutter Shy didn't say a word after that, instead she hung up the phone. "Flutter Shy? Flutter Shy?" Apple Bloom threw her phone away and groaned in annoyance.

"Um...Apple Bloom, I am gonna head home now, I'm sorry that I couldn't take this house. I just don't want to take the chance of my colt getting bit by a snake." The mare said as Apple Bloom faked a smile once more and turned around.

"Not a problem," she picked up her bag and walked over to the mare. "Y'all have a good day, Ah'm gonna try and wrangle this snake out of here." She nodded at the mare and left the building quickly and pulled her phone out once more. If she couldn't get Flutter Shy to remove the snake, she knew someone that could. She dialed the number and listened to it ring before a voice greeted her.

"Apple Bloom?" The voice paused. "What's up?" Apple Bloom smiled.


Button Mash sighed in relief as he sunk into his computer chair. "What a day." He told himself as he faced his computer. The chair creaked as he leaned forward and placed his hoof on the mouse and began to open up the files to his game. "But now," he moved his hooves to the keyboard. "it's time to get back to work." He smirked as the events of the past few days surged through his head, giving him idea after idea.

A few hours passed by as Button Mash continued his typing. He hadn't typed that much in awhile, which meant that date with Sweetie Belle worked out perfectly. Plus, the little lie he had told Mr. Glass wasn't so much of a lie anymore. Button Mash smiled at his own thoughts as night began to fell, and he saved his work. There would be more work to do tomorrow, so he figured he would need his rest. Button Mash made his way up his stairs and to his room where he would have the best sleep of his life.


Sweetie Belle sat with her sister and her manager with an ice bag on her horn.

"I am not being a model for your batch of clothing, Rarity." Vanilla Bliss told the older mare sternly, crossing her hooves. " and even if I did, being a manager for Sweetie Belle is a full time job. I can't just abandon her because of an old dream of mine." She added.

Rarity groaned in mock sadness. "But, dear your physique is perfect for my new brand and I-" She fell silent as Vanilla Bliss held up her hoof.

"The answer is no Rarity, I'm sorry, but it's just not on the table for me anymore." She told the older mare.

Sweetie Belle groaned and stood up, "but, you know what is on the table, me going to my room and enjoying some peace and quiet." She told them and winced as her horn sparked. Vanilla Bliss pointed at Sweetie as she made her way upstairs.

"Told ya, full time job."

Sweetie Belle rolled her eyes and shook her head as she reached the top of the stairs. She didn't have the energy to fight back nor did she really have a good say in it because Bliss was not completely wrong. She sighed in relief when she found the door to her old room and began to open it.

"Hey, Aunt Belle." Onyx's voice called to her from the hallway alittle further down. Sweetie Belle gave a tired smile to her young nephew who waved at her from his own room. "Are you okay? You look really tired and your horn is...umm...sparkling?" He questioned for a second before trotting over.

"Oh, I'm fine, I just overdid it with my magic is all." She looked at her nephew and a realization came over her. She had not seen her nephew since he was a small colt. "So what have you been up to, School going okay?" Onyx nodded his head and smiled.

"School is going good, but ya know it's school, I'd much rather play my games at this point." He told her. "Speaking of games, do you wanna play one with me?" Sweetie Belle opened her mouth to reply but Onyx held up his hoof. "You kind of owe me, since you took Button Mash away from me."

"You got me there," she sighed. "Sure why not, I'm gonna warn you though, I am not very good at them anymore." She told him as she followed him to his room. He opened the door as they continued their conversation. "So what game are we playing?" Onyx shrugged and sat down on his gaming chair, one that Sweetie Belle assumed was expensive.

"I was thinking maybe you could actually just, watch me play Button's game and maybe help me at times." He smiled sheepishly.

Sweetie Belle sighed and looked her nephew. "I told you I'm not very good at games anymore."

"Well...just watch me then." Onyx said and booted up his computer. The screen flashed blue for a second before a name in bold, white letters popped up.

Sweetie Belle read the name out loud. "Mr. Glass Productions. Huh he brands his computers with his name." Sweetie Belle pointed out as the computer finished booting up and Onyx smiled. He moved his cursor to one of the shortcut logos, a sword with a heart on the hilt, and clicked it. The screen turned black before a flashing light warning popped up and then a spinning sword after that.

Midnight Onyx leaned forward with a smile, "here comes the best part." He said excitedly. The spinning sword disappeared and was soon replaced by a beautiful view of a castle on a mountain. Much closer to the screen though was a pony in knight's armor with a sword on his belt. The sword looked very similar to the icon from the desktop, except there was no heart on it. That's when the music kicked in and Onyx hummed the tune almost perfectly in sync.

Sweetie Belle pointed at the animated artwork, "did Button draw all of that?" She asked. Midnight Onyx nodded and pointed at a tree that had a lot of detail involved.

"Well this was his first game, so he didn't necessarily have the budget to pay anyone, so when it came to the artwork," he then pointed at the main character. "he made sure to practice non-stop for a while. I think he said something about working on this game since he was in school." He said happily. Sweetie Belle leaned closer to see if there were just some mistakes she was missing, but other than a leaf, everything looked perfect. "Now for the fun part!" The colt next to her said as he moved the cursor to the CONTINUE prompt and clicked it.

The screen went dark again as the sword reappeared in the corner for a moment before a scene filled the monitor. "I have yet to be bested by a pony," a large red dragon roared on the screen as the pony from before ran up the mountain towards it. The dragon's voice reminded her of that time when Spike grew really big and kidnapped her sister. The screen zoomed in on the determined knight who gripped his sword with his teeth.

"This dragon is the last obstacle before I reach the princess." he said as he dodged a boulder being hurled at him. "Just hang on a little longer." He then jumped at another boulder as the screen faded to black. Sweetie Belle noted the charming music and the acting as they were both decent. Onyx gripped the controller tight as the screen flashed to a third person view.

"I'm gonna be honest, I have been stuck on this level for a week now." Onyx said with embarrassment as he made the knight dodge an incoming boulder.

Sweetie Belle tapped her chin with a hoof, "normally Button usually would put a secret passage in his house whenever we played Minecraft," she recalled a painting with a hole behind it. "Maybe look for a fake wall?" She tried to advise her nephew. Midnight Onyx looked at her confused, but turned the character towards the mountain side as he dodged another boulder. The knight ran face first into a wall and didn't go through it.

"I don't think he would do that Sweetie Belle." He told her as he continued up the mountain, dodging more boulders. She watched the screen closely, this was Button Mash here, so he wouldn't make a level this difficult unless there was a pathway. She finally saw it a piece of rock that was not the same color as the mountain.

She pointed at it excitedly, "there, that rock is a different shade of gray!" She cried out, scaring the colt slightly. He made the knight run straight at the rock as a boulder flew over his head. Eventually he made it to the rock and went straight through it and into a tunnel. Onyx almost kept moving the knight forward but Sweetie Belle stopped his hoof with hers. This cave looked oddly familiar. "Hold on, Onyx, this cave may have some tricks."

Onyx arched a brown and looked at her, "but it's a secret passage to make it easier to beat the level," he pointed at the screen, "why would Button Mash do that?" Sweetie Belle looked at the cave carefully. What Onyx said could be true, but this cave, or at least the entrance, looked just like the one from their Minecraft world. Sweetie Belle looked at the top corner of the screen and saw the Knight was at full health.

"Hey, do me a favor and walk forward a bit." She asked him and leaned forward slightly.

"But why?" He questioned with a confused tone.

She shook her head, "just trust me and move forward." Midnight Onyx shrugged and gradually moved the Knight forward until a loud CLICK came through the speakers. Suddenly, two parts of the wall slammed shut right in front of the character. Sweetie Belle jumped with joy, "Ah Ha!" She cried out and landed on the bed. "I knew it, this is the exact same cave!" She smiled, "and if that's the case we can get through this cave easily." Onyx happily agreed and let her guide him through the secret passage.

Eventually Onyx made it through and found himself standing before the dragon, who roared with rage. "How dare you stand atop my mountain with a sword pointed at me!" He bellowed as smoke rose from his nostrils. "Now I will burn you alive!" Onyx prepared for battle as Sweetie Belle watched with intrigue.

"Just sit back and watch me beat this boss!" Onyx said and stuck his tongue out as the battle began. The boss had a pattern that was easy to follow, but Sweetie Belle wasn't really paying too much attention to the fight as she pulled out her phone and tried to text Button. That's when she noticed something, she didn't have his number.


Scootaloo laid against Rumble's chest as her thoughts wondered back to their conversation from earlier.


"I need..." she hesitated for a few moments, "I need you to stay with me for awhile...I...I don't want you to go away again." Rumble looked at her with shock. Normally, she was pretty good about being alone and independent, but he had also never seen her this scared before.

"Are...are you sure? I mean I don't want to annoy you or ya know take your time away from Sweetie Belle...and I..." Scootaloo stopped him with a kiss. It had been a long time since the two of them had actually done anything this romantic. They both decided to stop after her incident, because the therapist had mentioned that it might be one of the causes. They had agreed to small things like kisses on the cheek and maybe a peck on the lips but no further. This on the other hoof was completely different though.

She placed a hoof on his chest and deepened the kiss as he finally gave in and closed his eyes. Rumble felt fireworks go off in his head as he wrapped his hooves around her neck. He hadn't felt this way since the two had their first kiss awhile back, but this almost felt better. The couple finally parted for air as Rumble stared deep into Scootaloo's purple eyes and smiled. "Fine, you convinced me." He rolled his eyes and tried to pull her closer, but she took advantage of the moment and pushed him on to his back. Rumble blushed as she stared at him from up top, but that feeling was then replaced with concern.

She leaned in for another kiss, but he stopped her this time. "Are you sure about this?" She sighed and sat up.

"I don't know," she moved off of him so he could sit up. "I mean I want to, but I don't want it to trigger anything again." She looked around trying to find the right words. "I really want a foal of my own, Rumble, a foal of our own." He watched her eyes begin to water. "But the more and more I think about it...the less faith I have in having one." He remained silent and let her continue. "I know we could adopt, I know we can keep trying, but how much more can we take...I take to keep this up!" The tears began to fall. "I'm not happy about any of this!" She threw her hooves out towards the house. "I'd trade it ALL for a foal, all of it except you. It's to the point where I could..." she stopped herself and took a deep breath.

Rumble smiled softly and took the opportunity to put his hoof on the side of her cheek. "I don't know entirely what you are going through, but I do agree with you on the foal, but let me just say this, if you ever think I am going to leave you because you can't have a foal," he lifted her gaze to his. "Then you would be wrong, I didn't enter this relationship with you just to abandon you when things get tough." He caressed her cheek. "If anything, this makes me want to stay with you more. We might go through some rough patches here and there, but I wouldn't trade the good or bad to be with you." He closed his eyes and grinned. "Because, in the end, I will always be by your side."

Scootaloo stared in awe at the stallion in front of her. The moon shined on him brightly as he spoke, and to her, his words meant everything. Both of their hearts pounded into their chests as they leaned towards each other and kissed once more.


Scootaloo smiled a real smile for the first time in a long time, as she drifted to sleep with the sound of his heart in her ear.

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