Stressful Nights

by silvermoon15000


Rarity trotted along one of the many roads in Ponyville, a professional smile on her face, she was heading to Fluttershy's cottage, but needed to make a stop on the way,

"Mom, we don't need to bother him," Rarity rolled her eyes and looked back at her son who was behind her,

"Hush darling, I'm only going to have a chat with him before we go," she silenced him,

"Mom, we really don't-" she glared at him,

"Midnight Onyx, are you questioning your mother," she asked sternly,

Her son sighed,

"No," he looked down in shame,

She faced the road once more, only to realize how close they were to their stop, and made a quick turn onto a small narrow path. She couldn't help but feel a little disgusted, the grass was tall, almost up to her flank, making the path to the door much more narrow. The house itself looked fine, its walls a nice white, the roof intact, but she wasn't here to discuss home management. She stepped up the small steps and looked back at her son who looked nervous and embarrassed at the same time. The dark blue colt was almost completely red, which contrasted well with his long, orange mane. She held back a laugh,

"It's just Buttonmash dear, not your crush," she stated trying to calm him down,

She rolled her eyes and faced the door, she couldn't say she wasn't nervous herself, she hadn't seen the colt since Sweetiebelle left on her tour, which was three years ago, since then Rarity had been too busy to go see anypony, she even missed Button's big reveal for his new game two years ago. Taking a deep breath she raised a hoof to knock when the door opened to reveal a stallion, Buttonmash. He wasn't looking at her though, instead he was looking at a computer that sat on a moving cart. It only took seconds for a stench to reach her nose, making her gag and scrunch up her muzzle,

"Sweet Celestia, what is that horrendous smell," she cried out waving a hoof,

"Sorry," Button mumbled under his breath, still staring blankly into the screen.

After stepping back she got a good look at the younger stallion, his eyes were bloodshot and had bags from no sleep, his mane was a mess, and the stench was coming from him. His fur and face were pale, his posture was terrible,

" that you-" Rarity lifted a hoof worryingly, and placed it on his shoulder, she didn't like doing it, but after changing diapers, it didn't phase her as much,

"-you look sick dear...are...are you alright," he mumbled something under his breath,

"I'm fine Rarity," he gave her a weak smile and shrugged her hoof off,

"You don't look-"

"It would be nice to chat right now, but I have some things I gotta do and I'm already behind schedule so if you will excuse me I gotta go," he said quickly, pushing his cart past her and Onyx and running down the road.

"I tried to tell you mom, he is too busy to play and even too busy to talk," Onyx sighed and turned away, Rarity followed behind him silently as they made their way to Fluttershy's.


"I just don't understand, Button has always had time to play with the foals, he used to come with us for tea too," Rarity complained before sipping her tea.

Rarity and Fluttershy were sitting on the pegasus's couch, their kids playing videogames upstairs.

"Well...that was years ago, but umm you aren't wrong, Autumnleaf came to me the other day crying because Button wouldn't come to help finish her birdhouse, but after what has happened I understand why," Fluttershy exclaimed.

"What happened," Rarity asked,

Fluttershy perked her ears and lowered her glass,

"The company he works for gave him a deadline, they apparently told him that he has until the end of this year to finish the game or he's out of the job," Rarity stood,


"Yep, he has been working ever since, doesn't have time for anypony, not even Applebloom and Scootaloo could get him out of his house, he snapped at them saying he was too busy to do anything...poor thing, he doesn't have any time to be free and be with anypony, even his own mother," she sighed and finished her tea,

"There isn't much we can do about it but wait until the deadline, I just hope he gets it done and takes a break, nopony should have to work that hard," she finished.

Rarity looked at her and then grinned,

"I think I know one pony who can get him out of his house," Fluttershy gave her a stern look,

"I know what you're thinking Rarity, are you sure that's a good idea,"

"Darling, we have to help him or he could be this way forever, and we don't want that, do we," Fluttershy sighed in response,


"Good, well I must go if I want to get a hold of her...ONYX TIME TO GO," she called out,

"But...but-" the door closed ending the conversation.


"can I speak to Sweetiebelle," Rarity asked over the phone,

"What do you mean she's busy, my sister is never too busy to speak with me, put her on the phone, please," Rarity said, frustrated with the mare on the other side.

"I will teleport to Manehattan right now if you do not put her on the phone...NOW," Rarity yelled into the phone,

"Thank you," her smile returned,



A white mare is taking off a show dress, her long, pink and purple mane straightened, except the bottom which curled naturally, she sighed in relief as she kicked the heels off,

"Much better," she said falling on to the couch,

"Sweetiebelle, your sister is on the phone," a mare called from the other room,

"On my way," she replied rolling onto the floor and trotting into the next room,

"Thank you Vanillabliss," she took the phone with her magic and raised it to her ear,

"Hi sis, what's up," she answered happily,

"Come home, in the middle of my tour...Rarity I told-" she fell silent,

"I know I have been on tour for awhile but I just can't walk away," she walked back into the opposite room,

"Fine, I will put things on hold and be there tomorrow morning, I swear Rarity, if you try to get me to stay for good I'm gonna hurt you," she said sternly,

"Love ya too...bye," she hung up and dropped the phone,

"Bliss, how long until my next concert," she asked her manager,

"Three weeks," the mare replied,

"That should be long enough then, schedule my flight to Ponyville for tomorrow and pack your bags, I'm going home,"