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Hello I am The MLP Hyena and I love wildlife, particularly wolves, hyenas, jackals and wild dogs. I also love mlp. My favorite charicter is Sweetie Belle and I love the spikebelle ship.


As hard as Spike tries he cannot seem to win over Rarity's heart. After "careful" consideration he decides to present her with a truly au inspiring gift. he also figures out that Rarity's little sister Sweetie Belle is probably his best bet for ideas on what he should get. Unbeknownst to him, Sweetie Belle has had quite the eye for Spike for a while now and she is flattered, yet slightly hurt when Spike asks for help. So the two set of on a quest for the perfect gift, a quest that will make them close friends, or perhaps more than that.

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Thunderlane and Mayor Mare? Cougar.

There are worse ships out there than the Mayor and Thunderlane one I just kinda made up on the spot though. :applejackunsure:

Not bad. I like the reasoning given for why Sweetie has a crush on Spike. To me it always seemed almost unavoidable that Sweetie would eventually develop a crush on him considering how much time he spends at Rarity's. She likely see's him just as often as she see's her sister or friends.

Oh, Spike has no clue does he? He does need to grow up a little.

5691720 Thanks and yes I think that to. plus they are just adorable together :rainbowkiss:

They forgot about two flaws in their meetup:
1. Pets
2. Zecora

5714150 Indeed well just because they are going into the everfree doesn't mean they are going to meet Zecora. Pets, well Opal probably wouldn't care, Owelisiouse (or however you spell it) Well I don't know, he was out maybe? or reading, he does that a lot.

those two would look really cute together

Being a SpikeBelle fan, I loved the ending to this chapter. :)

shore----> sure <--------- look for it....:pinkiegasp: Well ring that Spike Belle:twilightsheepish:

Sorry everyone that I couldn't get the next chapter out last Sunday. Never fear though for the next chapter is going to be a big one :pinkiehappy: trust me I just finished the plan. Anyway see you later.

Hello again just want to appologise for the suvear lack of adding chapters lately, my proofreader is taking a while to finnish checking it, I don't know she must be busy with other things or something, anyways I may as well mention now that the next chapter is also the final chapter of this story, besides the epilogue and is around 5000 words long so I hop it is going to be worth the wait, and some rather unexpected stuff is going to happen, I shall say no more than that. Anyway I hope to get this out as soon as possible. Hopefully within the next day or so.

It's not over there is still the big date.

5886621 Perhaps in a sequel story. I am still going to write a short epilogue though.

duuuude, i'd like to make an animation of this ^_^

5900456 Well if you can then go for it. That would be pretty cool, not that this story was all that good though.

I'm disappointed that this story is so short. I felt it could have been longer, with more detail in terms of character and plot. The plot felt rushed at times, especially with this chapter. Nevertheless, I do look forward to reading more SpikeBelle stuff from you.

5904109 Well I can see what you mean. Looking back on it the story has a significant lack of detail. This is after all my first shot at writing fan fiction. I am a little busy at the moment with GCSE stuff but I will probably edit and lengthen a lot of this. I shall make it a priority of my fimfiction to edit this story before going on to another (I already have the Idea for my next story and it is going to be kind of a sequel to this one) I also may spilt the final chapter into two. So yeah as soon as I can I'll get on that.

Getting ready for the Big Date!!!!

6022872 mmhmm, thought I wont be writing much for the next three weeks and have a few stories planned first.

It could be all the spelling mistakes you're making.

I still can't comprehend the idea of two little kids understanding the rules of love.


Well then, it's shame on us, and it's probably a little because we as adults are jaded. We've found love (or thought we did) and then lost it, either accidentally, or more likely, by our own hands whether we knew it or not. Not to mention that so many times, we have unintentionally make it a condition of it. It's no wonder that there are so many that are looking for love and haven't found it (I think everyone have heard of that song "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places"--Spike seemed that way until he found that he had his sweetheart there the whole time, and he finally opened his eyes.)

I kinda envy Spike and Sweetie Belle (or is jealousy a more approximate term?). Sure they are kids, but they are so innocent in how they realized that they liked each other to be more than friends, and there isn't any other conditions for it. They journeyed together, they found the treasure together, and even met someone that most adult ponies probably would never see--an alpha timberwolf that is quite understanding and helped the kids get home safely. And even if it doesn't last, I know that they really have a fondness for each other, and I believe that is really something that you don't lose or reduce. If anything, Twilight and Rarity could learn a little from the little kids.

After "careful" consideration he decides to present her with a truly au inspiring gift.


I hope this isn't a hint into how the grammar will be in the story...:applejackunsure:

Well, the grammar wasn't that bad. And the read was actually pretty good. Cute, short and simple. Didn't really seem like it's missing anything. Glad I decided to read this so far.


You really made this a great read. I'm literally smiling the whole time I'm reading this.:twilightsmile:

Wow. This was definitely an epic little story. I don't care what anyone else says, this was worthy of a fan episode. It had all the cute moments, they all were characterized near perfection, and Pinkie randomness was just too adorable and on point. This was definitely worth the time I stopped by to read this. Not to mention that it also had my third favorite ship. SpikeBelle for the win!

10 out of 10 for Romance
9 out of 10 for Adventure
9 out of 10 for grammar
10 out of 10 for overall story
10 out of 10 for Pinkie:pinkiehappy:
Definitely worth a fave and a like. Plus it will be added to my best stories I've read this year folder. Be happy; I know I am :twilightsmile:

6436250 Aww thanks, sorry I haven't replied sooner, I haven't really been of fimfiction much recently. But yeah I am glad you enjoyed the story, I know it wasn't by any means perfect but I was expecting that, To be honest when I wrote it I was just obsessed with spikebelle and wanted to make the story as cute as possible :twilightblush:

Well you came out and did us SpikeBelle lovers a favor with this one. It was as cute as you hoped.:twilightsmile:

"Well, I bet who ever he or she is..." *record scratch* :facehoof:

"I told you didn't I? Spike and Sweetie Belle loved each other all along..." Oh, decaf. :coolphoto:

Subtracting the grammar and spelling errors, this is a cute story.

This was such a cute story, despite some spelling and grammar errors. Still, loved the whole tale.

2nd. A well written story
3rd. Timberwolf scenes tbh were entirely unbelievable and a bit forced... sorry. It was just soo out of place and character.
4th. Their ages seem to shift throughout story.

Conclusion: I love it but take that into account for next please?

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