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This story is a sequel to Sunsplit

"...okay, ow. My head hurts. I wonder how long I've been--oh, who are you?"

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Ah... I believe the correct phrase for this would be "Oh dear...":facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

Aha! I was just rereading Sunsplit when I got the notification...

Must read!!

That's not an absolutely brilliant idea. That's a brilliantly absolute idea.

Tried hard to give you the first thumbs up but the button seems to be broken.

You paradoxed it into inoperability. Way to break space Masterweaver!

Ooh, we get to see the event it self. This should be delightfully ridiculous... though leavened with some deep existential questions. Heck, Sunset hasn't even registered that she doesn't have Spicy anymore; she's clearly still in shock.

Now there's a story I didn't expect to see a sequel of, but seeing it now I'm very glad there is going to be one. The first chapter was very intriguing and already leaves me wanting for more.

I think both are legitimate, actually. If "sequel" doesn't feel right to you, just picture all this as Sunset and Sunburst telling the others the story. A flashback, maybe.

You ordered a dress?

That must have been one creepy conversation.

Hmm... Seeing the incomplete tag makes me worry that this is not a one-shot... Oh well, it's still pretty good in and on it's own, so if the inevitable happens, it's not gonna be that bad.
The real question, however: How long will it take this to get to the featured box? Place your bets, ladies and gentleman!

Haha! Priceless!
*looks at Incomplete tag*
So, this is still continuing?

And Sunburst is banished for using forbidden magic to create life...

And becomes the dude who used the Force to alter midiclorion counts and do that stuff until Palpatine killed him. :applejackconfused:

Huh... so did the unwittingly donated hair come from a oddball pegasus named Sunny Skies?
Because that would make Sunset Celestia's unwitting child, explain the cutie mark, and the apparent disparity in magic power.
Also would explain Celestia's fixation on Sunset, the flawed clone.

"...it might be simpler then that," Sunburst mused.

simpler than that

...well, it's as valid an origin for Sunset as any. But does this mean that Celestia is kinda-sorta her sister now? :twilightoops:

Luna's gonna go nuts. Twilight's gonna explode.

What I'm wondering is if he was planning to do anything after the date, and if that's a part of the plan she'll want to see through too. :derpytongue2:

This is gonna be awesome.
I get the feeling that all the other stallions are gonna be jealous of Sunburst.

Oh this is going to be fun~

A wonderful start, hope to see this continue.

... So what you're saying is, Sunset is Sunburst and Celestia's indirect love child? :trollestia:

Oh, I'm following this one.

Well, I liked the first story, so I may as well follow this one and see where it goes.

A sequel?! Or rather a prequel. But yeah, definitely following this. So, as others have said, this means Sunset is kind of Sunburst and Celestia's child? ...well, that's just makes her origin even more awkward. :twilightoops: Though it would explain the big difference between Sunburst's and Sunset's abilities (Sunburst's knowledge combined with enough magic to actually use those spells).

Wonder how long they can keep up the charade- and while the original story already mentioned these events, its still hilarious that even after accidentally creating a living opposite gender clone of himself, one that's definitely more than just a construct (and possibly a partial clone of Celestia too), he's still going to the Gala. Oh, this is going to be funny, awkward and weird. Wonder how long until the existential angst starts up.

OOHH, wait what?!

I'm stalking this shit. Stalkin' it reeeaal good.

I'm LOVING this story, OMLL! I cannot wait for the next update! Also... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Ha! I forgot about Sunsplit. Someone tie it in to "Sunny, Moonie, Twily"! Looking good, anyways.

Great story. I never truly read Sunsplit, but I most definitely will after reading this. I wanted to ask a quick question: could I do a reading of this for my channel? I just started a new channel and have basically been filling by basket with a bunch of different fanfictions I would like to read, and this one would be super fun to do. Just a warning in case you say yes; it will be bad. This'll be one of my first readings so it won't be very good, along with no voice acting. Anyways, thanks for the great story.


Glad you decided to pursue this prequel.

And I'm looking forward to seeing how Sunset handles the inevitable existential crisis.

YAY! We get to see all the crazy stuff that happened to Sunset and Sunburst mentioned in the last book! :yay:

I'm just going to sit here and wait for the "date" fic. :pinkiehappy:

7262777 Oh, okay, thank you. Didn't know and now I feel stupid. Thanks.

7260884 sunburst used a hair from Celestia on accident to modify a spell. This being a hair from an alicorn, the modifications were much more potent than expected; ergo, a fully sapient gender-bent duplicate.

The answer is almost always yes. It doesn't hurt to ask, and regardless of whether the author says yes, they will likely appreciate the sentiment.

That said, because the answer is almost always yes, also it doesn't hurt to start making it even before the answer is given.

7260884 My thoughts exactly. I didn't understand the mumbo-jumbo at the beginning in the slightest.

Really? Huh, I understood it just fine. Then again I'm use to Star Trek techobabble...

"Fix what? I don't..." Sunburst shook his head. "What are you talking about?"

"The spell, the--the Independent Construct Kinesis Equation! It's gone wrong!"

The ICKiE? Well, the purpose of it certainly is! :rainbowlaugh:

I just know this is going to be awesome. :pinkiehappy:
Can't wait to see how the date will go. :yay:

Oooooo, a continuation?
Count me in! Starts amazingly already :pinkiehappy:

If I was writing this, I couldn't have resisted the urge to name the story "Sundered" :trollestia: :facehoof:


That's the fifth story, this is only the second one.

So, Sunset only exists because Sunburst is a geek and can't get a date (and is too absent-minded to try to hunt down Starlight and ask her)? Somehow, terrifyingly plausible.

So, through the unorthodox amalgamation of a young student and his immortal teacher's highly magical hair, Sunset Shimmer isn't just a gender-swapped duplicate of Sunburst. She's bordering on the definition of being his child (and by extension, Celestia's).

This is starting to sound like the setup of a very bizarre Japanese romance anime... and I love it!

P.S. - Found this featured on EQD a day ago. Looks like your story is inspiring some fan-art / shipping. Congratulations.


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