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Very nice. I was laughing very hard, in my mind.

What the what

well, that happend. :rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

what he got was a prettyer femaler clone of him

prettier female, or perhaps prettier, more female

And get after Starburst, you lazy colt!

You almost certainly meant Starlight.

Short, funny, and an interesting if deeply absurd concept.

So good. Laughed for minutes I hole to see more about sunburst from you. The idea is interesting many it needs exploring


Goddamn it, you magnificent bastard.


So Sunset is Sunburst. And Sunburst is Sunset...

*mind stops working*

Stick creatures with spider hooves. .....Well, i can honestly say that's the weirdest definition of a human i've ever heard.

"Plastic," she gently corrected. "It's almost impossible to set this on fire."

You're just not trying hard enough, princess.

Absurd but hilarious!

...Awkward. This isn't the first fic I've seen that somehow linked Sunset and Sunburst, but this is one of the crazier/funnier ideas I've seen. Yeah, I would go more with terrified instead of amused. Good thing Twilight never found that spell.

Head canon accepted


There's a couple spots where you got names crossed in there (Starburst), but still a funny little story. Liked it.

This is taking masturbation to a whole new level, Sunburst!


Don't be ridiculous, they only ever said they kissed. It's narcissim.
Oh those were in-universe misspellings.

*inserts into headcanon* Awkward and funny all over the place. It didn't take me long to ship Starburst (or Sunlight, if you prefer) within the episode, this just does a nice job rounding it out.

Agreed. Headcanon accepted.

...Headcanon accepted.

Headcanon? Not quite. Hilarious and awesome AU? Oh, Celestia, yes!

this is got to be one of the most absurd story about someone coming from somewhere(in this case from someone)but i like it.
story is nice many funny points in it and im guessing starburst ship is a go.

I don't even know what to say about that.

I...don't understand a single thing that just happened...my head hurts...:pinkiesick:

I'm loving this headcanon to bits right now! Plus it would explain why Sunset doesn't have a human counterpart.

... I'll put this in my Headcanon library, but not sure if I want to make this actual headcanon in my mind.

Let's be honest. EVERYBODY has considered whether or not they would make out with their Rule 63 clone. Me? No way, I'm disgusting. Why would I want to make out with me?

What did I read..........................


where we were both these strange stick creatures with spider hooves

Congratulations on creating the most horrific-sounding description of the human race ever. XD;

......You don't read El Goonish Shive, do you?

Because my immediate first thought upon reading the line "I used to BE him!" was "Oh my god they're Elliot and Ellen Dunkel."

Either way, cute, amusing little story.

That was weird and stupid and I laughed a lot.

I think this checks out. Does it mean we can call Sunburst bacon-beard?

...Reid, what the actual fuck?

Ha. Oh wow. That's actually both a really clever idea and genuinely funny at the same time. I wasn't expecting to favourite this going in, but it's earned it.


Ummm:applejackconfused:... mummy??:fluttercry: What did i just read?:twilightoops::fluttershbad:

Oh, this was gold!

The color of Sunset's writing is extremely difficult to read. Headache inducing. You might want to change that.

An amusing story. But wasn't it established that Sunburst had virtually no magical muscle? That being said, interesting story.

Oh, come on, use your imagination! Sunset Shimmer was created from his magic, and she clearly has a lot of magical potential-- after all, she goes quasi-alicorn for a bit. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, not even magical energy, so obviously that means he passed the vast majority of his magic to Sunset, and was unable to reclaim it without killing her. That's why he's so knowledgeable about the subject despite his lack of power, and why he's so reclusive.

7067055 Maybe, when he created the clone, his magic went to Sunset? I mean, he displayed magical talent when he got his cutie mark. It's a bit odd it just kinda faded.


I like to think Sunset has gone true Alicorn since Friendship Games, she's certainly earned it.

Okay, this made me grin.

Which sucked, because I have the mother of all canker sores at the moment. But still, bravo! Definitely going on my humor bookshelf.




Anything can burn, you just need a gravity well strong enough.

And now we can add weird transgender clones to the list of things I cannot unsee on this site. I expect things like this from other websites but for as long as I've been on the internet I should really know better.

Raugos #44 · Mar 27th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Flash Sentry: "Sunset is Sunburst... Sunburst is Sunset... Oh my God, Sunset is a MAN!" :rainbowderp: :raritydespair: :pinkiesick:

:rainbowlaugh: Oh sweet sisters, this was a riot. Good times! :trollestia:

another world where we were both these strange stick creatures with spider hooves

that was so wrong to think about

Actually they have something here called contact lenses.

Equestria has contact lenses as well. Bon Bon and Cheese Sandwich use them.

Well, that was hilarious. I may have a few new bits to add to my headcanon, especially Sunburst naming his beard. Thank you for this.

Five bucks says the Dewitchery Diamond is somewhere in Celestia's vault.

Maybe I missed something, but a few times near the end you used Starburst instead of Sunburst. :applejackunsure:

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