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Lunae Lumen

Resident Latin nerd and habitual lurker. Except when I'm not. Oh, and I guess I like ponies, too.

Linguam Romanam Scio

Latin appears to be the odds-on favorite dead language to hammer home the point that something is especially ancient or esoteric. Sadly, as it is a dead language, most are unfamiliar with it, and they fill in the gaps with... with... Google Translate. The horror, the horror!

I have some small experience with the subject, and I'm always happy to assist with translations. Please feel free to drop me a line.

Te Sol servet, Luna levet, et Amicitia domum ducat.

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Thank you for the thorough criticism. It is very much appreciated.

Thank you for the fave on Her Destiny!:heart:

Thanks for the fave on The Luna Cypher! :twilightsmile:

Hey thanks for supporting The Tale of Lord Barleycorn! I hope you're enjoying it! :pinkiehappy:

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