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From Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder


K'larra was a deep cover changeling sent to spy on Ponyville in preparation for the invasion. Sazzix was a survivor of the invasion that slipped past the wards and posed as an ordinary pony.

They fell in love.

Then they figured out they were both changelings.

Then they got drunk.

First Published
20th Jun 2014
Last Modified
20th Jun 2014
#1 · 153w, 12h ago · 24 · ·

A'w this is so cute!

#2 · 153w, 11h ago · 5 · ·


Seconding the 'daw!' :rainbowkiss:

#3 · 153w, 10h ago · 1 · ·

I was greatly amused.

#4 · 153w, 8h ago · 6 · ·

Changeling love is the best love.:moustache:

#5 · 153w, 7h ago · 11 · ·

You failed.

This is in no way bad.


#6 · 153w, 6h ago · 4 · ·

You, sir/madam, have done exceptionally well with this story. Keep up all the good work you do.

#7 · 153w, 6h ago · 2 · ·


but I was trying to write BAD fanfiction...

#8 · 153w, 6h ago · 5 · ·

>>4577540 oh. Then it sucks.

#9 · 153w, 6h ago · 7 · ·

You need to make an entire 100k word long sequel to this, where the hive learns about this and revolts against the queen and stuff...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

#10 · 153w, 6h ago · 2 · ·

>>4577540 It's too well-written and cute to be bad.:rainbowlaugh:

#11 · 153w, 6h ago · · ·

OMG This eesh so cute:rainbowkiss:

#12 · 153w, 5h ago · 1 · ·

If you try to be bad and you fail, is it a success?

Either way, funny story. I personally enjoyed it.

#13 · 153w, 5h ago · · ·

>>4577540 See, the problem is you forgot to include the framing device of it being a bad fanfiction, small summary aside.

#14 · 153w, 5h ago · 1 · ·

Well, I don't think it was high-quality, but I don't know that it was necessarily bad. Except for the part where they're drunk. That part was bad just because the dialogue was a pain to read/decipher.

#15 · 153w, 4h ago · 2 · ·

"Oh no, oh no, ish you hurtsh?" The femal changling rolled over

Go home Masterweaver, you're drunk. :pinkiesmile:

#16 · 153w, 4h ago · · ·

I like it!

#17 · 153w, 2h ago · · ·

Exactly 2k words? Weaver, thou art a wizard. A funny, evil, fuzzy two faced cat, amazing wizard.

Me gusta. :pinkiehappy:

#18 · 153w, 2h ago · 9 · ·

Remind me of this

But srsly that was good funny one continue please

#19 · 153w, 1h ago · 2 · ·

hi hi

Umm... you failed at failing?  Congratulations?  I'm confused... :derpyderp2:

#20 · 153w, 54m ago · 1 · ·

You know what i like it this could totallywork as a full GOOD story if you tried

#21 · 153w, 51m ago · · ·

I had no idea what i was reading halfway but i liked it

#22 · 153w, 19m ago · 1 · ·

Unfortunately, you failed.  It's not bad.

It's actually a pretty original idea, and a fun one.  And while it's not Shakespeare, it's pretty decent!

You don't need to continue this.  It probably wouldn't suck to see a little more though.

#23 · 152w, 6d ago · 9 · ·

This is actually kind of hilarious. And now I'm curious as to how a pair of changelings might get on with their lives after realizing they don't actually need to feed on ponies.

If you want a backstory explanation for the ability, it could be postulated that changelings don't feed off each other en masse because it's just energy exchange with no input - if they keep doing it they'll starve each other. However, living in Ponyville (as opposed to the hive) provides other sources of energy input, including pony food and the general friendship/love of the townsfolk in general permeating the area. Directly feeding on love one-on-one is simply a more efficient process, which is why the changelings tended to use it in preference (not to mention not having many other sources of energy).

Friendship might be magic, but love is power - as Cadance and Shining Armor know all too well. Even the Royal Sisters have access to the population's love for their rulers and their appreciation for the day, night, sun, and moon.

#24 · 152w, 6d ago · · ·

when ever i see twilight and a changeling, this is all i can think about

#25 · 152w, 6d ago · · ·

Huh. I never thought of using that game as a source of writing prompts. Hmm. This may merit further consideration...

In any case, a fantastic sample from the shipfic folder. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

#26 · 152w, 6d ago · 14 · ·


Now I'm confused... should I up-vote because I enjoyed it; or down-vote because you failed at writing a bad story? :applejackconfused:

#27 · 152w, 6d ago · 6 · ·

I agree with most of the other people, you really did fail at making a bad story.

I quite liked it, it had some funnies which is my favorite part of a story.

Here, let's put the upvotes over 100

#28 · 152w, 6d ago · · ·

As others have said, this is adorable.

#29 · 152w, 6d ago · · ·


Changelings in love, existential crises, and shapeshifting pranks abound in this secret document that was totally not found under the bed of Celestia's number one student. Nope. It was, uh, Trixie's bed. In her wagon.

existential crises

existential crises


Did you get that from where I think you got it from?!

#30 · 152w, 6d ago · · ·


Probably not.

#31 · 152w, 6d ago · · ·


Aww, dang it.... :ajsleepy::fluttershyouch:

Oh well....

#32 · 152w, 6d ago · 3 · ·

The funny thing is that this could actually be a really good fic if you continued it.  I'd read it it was really good and one of the more funny fics Ihave read in a long time.  way to go!  :twilightsheepish:

#34 · 152w, 6d ago · · ·

This is quite possibly the best failure to ever happen, in the history of the universe.

Also, drunk pones...er...changelings....you know what I mean. :trixieshiftleft:

#35 · 152w, 6d ago · 2 · ·

Okay, so the point of this was to write "bad" fanfiction. Supposedly written by Twilight Of The High Grammatical Quality Sparkle.

Tenth highest rated story for the week.

Only one of said stories I didn't downvote.

Probably not that bad. :rainbowwild:

#36 · 152w, 5d ago · 1 · ·

Good Fanfic write more.

#37 · 152w, 5d ago · 4 · ·

The goal was to write a bad fanfiction?  Well I have some bad news.  You failed.

#38 · 152w, 5d ago · 1 · ·


Failing to fail... A win? Yes.

I like this story.

#39 · 152w, 5d ago · 1 · ·

>>4577540 I'm really not sure if I should be happy or sad for you.  For one thing, you've written a great thing here while trying to write something bad.  On the other hand, you had a reason to try to write something bad, and wrote this instead. So... Congratusorry?:rainbowhuh:

#40 · 152w, 4d ago · 1 · ·


The drunk talk was a bit off, but aside from that I regret to inform you that this was actually pretty good.

Reminds me of the time a guy showed up for Friday Night Magic after building a deck to prove that he couldn't play aggressively, no matter how hard he tried. He got second place.

#41 · 152w, 4d ago · · ·



Reminds me of someone

#43 · 152w, 4d ago · 4 · ·


#44 · 152w, 3d ago · · ·

Yeah, I definitely enjoyed this in a good way, so you failed. Bad.

#45 · 152w, 3d ago · 1 · ·

AND THEN SEX HAPPENED... More please? Whatever kind of more you want...

#46 · 152w, 3d ago · · ·

I love this. :)

#47 · 152w, 3d ago · · ·

Heh. This was pretty cute, actually. Good luck in the contest, fellow writer! :pinkiehappy:

#48 · 152w, 3d ago · 4 · ·

The worst part Is now I want more.

#49 · 152w, 1d ago · · 3 ·

Could you put a Flashlight romance in your story?

#50 · 151w, 3d ago · · ·

> shiftlexia


Good luck in the competition, fellow entrant!

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