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About me.

Hello, im a person from northern country that famous for nuclear technologies, legendary firearms and strong presidential figure.

My hobbys is digital art and exotic pets.

I have higher legal education of my country and several years of practice as jurist in sphere of intellectual property. I went through digital art classes under mentorship of professional video game artist.

Art commissions

I’m offering my services as an artist.

What I can do for you?
In relation to FIMfiction I can draw anything that You might need for your story::
- cover art, illustrations;
- banners;
- additional art elements for organization of the text in the story;
- characters (ponys, humans, changelings, dragons and so on);
- visual development of a character (concept art).
I also offer constant art support for stories, meaning illustrations for every chapter that show a critical aspect of the plot, and/or development of visual concepts for the story.

Quality of artwork?
You can judge the quality of my work by clicking the following examples:
- cover art1, cover art 2;
- illustration, illustration2;
- concept art 1, concept art 2 , concept art 3.

I charge 10$ per hour.

Process and method of payment?
At first we would discuss the details of the commissioned artwork and total cost. After finalizing the commission cost, an upfront deposit of 30% would be required. Payment would be done through Paypal. After the work is completed, payment of the remaining funds would be required before I release the completed artwork.

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Hey, is your dA account still around? I felt like visiting. :)

thanks for the reply!

Hello. Me.

who is the artist of your avatar?

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...would a group of fans of Changeling fics be called a swarm?

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