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Billy G Gruff

You may also know me as "Youtube, All I want to do is watch a video, Stop making me update" or "Buck Testa"

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I'm back · 12:52am September 5th

I've been away awhile. A lot of things both internal and external had come up that made this hobby rather hard to do. I'm feeling the time to return has come at last though, so updates to stories and new ones may very well be on the horizon.

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Dante was right and so are you, but I only joke at computers and humans.

Fluttershy could collect everyone's envy if you want to pretend the boss is you and not the other guy.

You magnificent bastard! Take My Follow!!!!:coolphoto:

Lucky is following you now, Bucky! :twilightsmile:
feel free to follow my account back.

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