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Members of the Elements of the Tree of Harmony group,
If you have a story with the main character as an alicorn, unicorn, changeling, or any other species, consider adding it to the group, Species of Equestria. It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!

I had an idea, or a few on the matter of 'replacing' or adding an element to the group of harmony.

I kind of figured that Ditzy would be a great 'Enthusiasm', so I avoid the actual 'Self-Insert' on this account, wouldn't I?

On another idea, some of the Elements are running in the family, where a family is readily available, like with Apple Jack and Rarity.

This kind of gives a feel of filly-five's idea. I just need to figure who I am to assign the final elements to, where they have no suggestions as to who to choose.

Mind if I add my story it has another set of Elements

Kind of late to the party, but: my story, The Tree That Blooms In Darkness, probably belongs here. It's not quite done yet ("Completed?" Feh, like any story is ever completed!). But, I'm working on it.

Hurray! I'm the 80th member!:pinkiehappy:

338879 that made me "HAH!"

also, i'm the 50th member! where's my reward!?

To anypony who does not approve fanfics that involve a seventh or more elements of harmony.

They do grow on Trees! :trollestia:

338760 I couldn't resist. :twilightblush:

338728 it's Vince, tell me, are you tired of a plain old cereal in the morning? this here is Applejack Equestria's finest baker for five easy payments of 19.95 a week you can have your very own chef, cook you apple fritters and all that stuff.

Call now and we'll throw in Pinkie Pie to make your desert, for a few extra payments of 9.95. But wait there's more order now, and you'll receive the brand new Designer Rarity, free of charge. "I didn't agree to this" You're on a show made to sell toys, it's in your contract.

They took my tree idea!! :raritycry:
And looks so pretty.....:pinkiesmile:
Thanks for creating this group!!! :pinkiehappy:
I'll be watching!

Ah, then you guys should go check out my Equestrian Lore about that. It has a little twist I guess but it isn't to different either and I'm not with it either for it will always be updated. Equestrian Lore: Ancient Lands

If you guys have a liking towards it, support me in my works to completion on the Equestrian Lore. I call it my History of Equestria project.

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