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Welcome to the Group For Those Who Just Love a Nice Ass Whoopin'

If you have a story that involves the canon heroes or even heroes of your own firmly planting their feet, hands, or hooves deep into some poor fools face, then this is the place for you.


Can and will change

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I definitely have a story that I know will have plenty of action and adventure in it:rainbowdetermined2:! Even more so since I'm planning to make my very own AU series of MLP! So count me in:scootangel:!

414636 While I don't recall how many chapters I have flank kicking in the story there are some chapters that do have this. So with that in mind I will post the story and let you as the administrator be the judge as to weather it should stay or go.

If there's any ass kicking it belongs here

414625 Can you take a look at my Anon-a-Miss story to see if it will work I know it starts off slow but I was trying to build up the characters and the background of the characters.

We can try as the group gets bigger

I have a question for the group can you aid a Anon-A-Miss story if towards the end the main character does kick flank in order to get some justice for what was done to that character?

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