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This story is a sequel to Bad Decisions Make Better Stories

Sunset Shimmer's class at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is having a reunion, and naturally she is a tad surprised to find out just exactly what they've been up to since the last time she saw them. Especially after what happened during their *ahem* last class gathering.

And this time at least, everything is definitely not her fault.

Oh, dear.

Rated Teen and Sex for mentions of egregious sexual irresponsibility, very mild pony bad language, and Princess Cadance. No actual sex. Also has minor Sunlight shipping. I'm terribly sorry, I can't help it.

Contains spoilers for the the Season 6 finale and the prequel story, but can be enjoyed without having seen either. Though little bits here and here may not make sense.

PrincessColumbia has written an unofficial sequel to this story!

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...I'd vote for her. And it's not as bad as that time she became a goddess.

I can't believe you came up with a sequel to the other story. This was priceless.

Oh dear god... Just learning Sunset is responsible for pretty much every bad thing that happened except for Nightmare Moon just takes the cake.:rainbowlaugh:

I didn't know I had been waiting for this before I saw it. Great work :rainbowlaugh:


That must have been one hell of a party xD

Awesome. Simply awesome.

That was friggin' hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: I guess now we just have to wonder what the EqG universe will do without her.

Just... masterpiece.

:rainbowlaugh: I'm not sure if the bit with Cerberus quite lines up, but all told, this was a hilarious and fitting continuation of the original. I can only imagine the reactions on the other side of the mirror.

"So... You're dropping out because you got elected Prime Minister in your home dimension. By accident."
"I've already heard this from one Twilight. I don't need to hear it from you."
"I'm not mad. I just want to know if you can get me made an ambassador to Equestria."
"I'm pretty sure that's not how that works... but I'll try."

At least she was sober for that one.

This needs yet another sequel! Keep the party going!

Shimmer/Sparkle 2020
"Whazzat? Yeah, sure I'll (*giggle* Baby, stahp that) *burp* President or whatever it's... Babe, lookit! WOOO! KEGSTAND!"

I'd vote for her.

This was just as awesome as the first one.
Sunset, Twilight and Luna, oh that had to have been a fun time.

I would absolutely vote for Sunset Shimmer for Prime Minister. I'd vote for Sunset for any and all elections. Hey, can we vote for her to be promoted to alicorn? I wonder where Luna was during the... initial meeting of that political party. And yeah, this is Cadance's fault more than Sunset's. I wonder why Bon Bon was at that initial party. And since Lyra was there at the first, how many of Twilight's other classmates were present too (like if they dragged Moondancer there, and the memory was so traumatic that's why she was a shut-in).

At least this time they were prepared and got Pinkie, Cheese and Surprise involved from the beginning. Maybe there's a way to tie in Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom into the history too somehow (she wanted to do something more awesome than Sunset's party) to balance all the things that are in no way Sunset's fault.

Oh god yes!

I'd vote for her.

Okay, this was hilarious and awesome! And that bit about Luna's missing shoe...Sunset, maybe you should get Luna to accept your appointment instead? I don't think Celestia's too happy about that...
And now I'm picturing a third sequel where Twilight sets the mirror portal up in the Canterlot Gardens so her and Sunset's EqG friends can attend...and this winds up establishing stable, regular trade and an alliance between Equestria and the human world, while also flooding the human world with magic...and hybrids.


PM Shimmer Opens Borders to Ape Dimension
Ambassadors Welcomed With Open Hooves, Kegger

Sometimes, Democracy can be a wonderful thing. If it makes everyone feel better, think about the years of self-righteous wailing treatises on 'populism' in major newspapers that Sunset has gifted to otherwise-unemployable political academics!

Awesome story, great work!

The news article was the best part for me :rainbowlaugh:

Especially a party founded on drunken sex orgies not having to worry about sex scandals all that much!


*tries to hold in laughter and fails* "actually I totally did have sexual relations with that pony" :trollestia:

7916982 She leads the Drunk Sex Party. Everyone would vote for her!

I imagine that the last party would have made Celestia cheesed off, and knowing this party was happening would have caused her to have finished the cheese and moved onto the coffee and cigars, and by the end of the story I imagine she is in a cab with 2 young ladies, on route, to the Pink Pussycat Club in Lower Regents Street.

To summarise, this story is blatantly brilliant, utterly unique, and lots of other alliterative descriptive terms. Well done!

And it flows so well. Thwo oppossibbble thumbs up! And I'll have anotherr skotch!

#1 This fanfic was AMAZING!!

#2 MOAR!!


#4-20 MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunset Shimmer, Make Equestria Mate Again.


It'd be a satyric sequel.


Oh we so need another sequel to this story, It would be cool to see the next Party done with Sunset should be done in Ponyville at Twilight's Castle since I think it wouldn't be safe to transport the mirror since Twilight has altered it to open whenever they want, this way they can control the things that happen between the worlds and still get Human Equestria filled with magic and hybrids.

"You guys humped the Crystal Empire back into reality. I hope you're all really proud of yourselves."

*DIES* That. Is an epic turn of phrase. :rainbowlaugh:

"Have you ever heard of a high school in Equestria?"

Comics issues #11-12 say hi.

OK, gonna just say this: Your little political satire bit doesn't work because Equestria isn't a constitutional monarchy, it's a diarchy. With a ruling diarch. We've seen that politics in Equestria pretty much only happens at the local level, as Celestia and Luna rule the entire kingdom. I mean, yeah, it's more or less the entire joke of the story, but it's the main point of criticism I have here.

But yeah, this is pretty funny. Not sure if it stacks up against the original though.

politics at it's best


I am actually fully aware about that (the prequel explicitly mentions Cadance and Shining Armor's first meeting and Shining's fondness for O&O) but trying to work an explanation into the story felt like dwelling too long on something that was only meant as a disguised setup for the ending. So I hope we can just pretend that Canterlot Academy is an exclusive private school.

Also, I know that the Equestria in the show isn't a constitutional monarchy, but if you squint really hard you can imagine that it is!

Also has minor Sunlight shipping. I'm terribly sorry, I can't help it.

Never apologize for this.

7917390 Just wait until they figure out the first orgy created a big enough surge in Harmony that confused the stars enough to think the Elements had chosen new bearers capable of purging the Nightmare.

An idea for a sequel, Sunset could always ascend and she would need a coronation party.


Big fan of Blackadder, too. :twilightsmile: Especially Blackadder Two.

...even if that quote is from Blackadder Goes Forth.

You really did not fail to deliver. This was a great followup to the previous story, and Sunset Shimmer as prime minister...I freaking love it.

7917390 Except, aside from public appearances and special proclamations, we don't see either of them actually, well, governing. As close as we ever get is the talks with Saddle Arabia and Mareitonia... which occur offscreen. So we don't really know for sure what the full structure of the government is, or its duties, and so we're free to roll our own.

This was fantastic! The random hilarity of it was just what I needed and it was a great sequel. If you ever get inspiration, please do a continuation of this. I want to see what Sunset's next party will lead her to. XD

*chuckles* can't wait for the sequel

7917076 I get the feeling, Celestia might be more upset from having missed out on all the fun!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:

It was the article at the end that really sold it. Good job.

The massive drop in government corruption and rise in efficiency that followed the election were simply the final nails in the coffin for the established political parties.

I gotta say I liked the first one better, but the ending of this had me laughing pretty hard.

This was awesome!

7917727 What about Luna stowing away on their ship at the end? :twilightblush:

this is still funny after the 4th read.

7916716 that demands another sequel!!! :pinkiehappy:

Hybrids! Cute little satyr people born from the greatest bacabal since Woodstock!! :rainbowkiss:

7917249 this already is a sequel :rainbowhuh:

Well, you did it. Only thing missing now is a third party where not only Celestia participates (at first incognito) and by the end Sunset becomes the new Alicorn of Drunk Sex Parties. To the surprise of no one, that is :rainbowlaugh:
Oh, and with the human girls too. Because reasons and shenanigans :pinkiecrazy:

please make a sequal if just to see what Celestia says.

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