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After the girls suffer the effects of some spiked drinks, Twilight reveals a surprising fact about the human world's equine species—basically, they don't get drunk like humans do. Of course, this raises the question of whether or not the same holds true for Equestrian ponies.

The answer is a bit surprising.

Side story in my Harmony and Valor series. Check out the TVTropes page.

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Comments ( 128 )

Fell over laughing this was the best story that I have read today and believe me I needed a good laugh this was down right hysterically funny. I loved every part of this story. Very well written and well thought out.

That was actually pretty fun trip, all the way through and it had me smiling.

Oh dear gods, my sides! This is hilarious!

Brilliant. Thank you for writing it.

Rainbow Puke? Test Sample
Friends making out in bed? Picture.
Guy trying to grope you? Martial Arts.

Okay, Twilight is officially best human. Seriously, that is just about every best answer possible. :twilightsmile:

What would be even funnier is if when she turns 21, Twilight has a one night stand with a pig just to have everything come full circle.

Usually crack fics don't rank high on my bookshelves.
The reason this did was - so in character! Made it even funnier!

Hm, funny, entertaining and for the most part a more realistic story about how the girls would react if they got drunk. Usually the story goes completely balls to the wall insane, with full on sex moments and the like which gets old after a while.

Characters felt natural, as did their reactions and nice to have a story where for the most part it stays pretty grounded. While I can't ever see this being on the actual show or movies, if this series ever did dabble into this sort of subject matter I could see it going in this direction....Though I'm pretty sure the Rarity and AJ kissing part wouldn't make it in, but whatever

Kind of wishing we could see more or a follow up but all around a fun read.

I give it an A!

You sir (or Madame) are the reason that I am in this fandom. I'm not so interested in the show anymore (though it has its moments), but the fan art, the music, and the STORIES! We need more people like you to make this fandom what it deserves to be, thank you so much:rainbowkiss:

From my experience its fun to watch people be drunk and make themselves look silly while you sit there and laugh. Plus, in the morning you wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed then mess with the passed out drunks.

So, would this be considered part of the "Harmony and Valor" series, or not?

Until next time...
Anon e Mouse Jr.

Very amusing.

The start has some pretty strong survival-horror themes mixed in, though, and they somewhat clash with the intended lighthearted tone of the rest of the story. That can be good if you're trying to mess with readers, but I don't get the impression that's the case here. I feel like it would be a more consistent read if Twilight was able to check on her friends without the whole "I'm trapped here and there's a creepy guy" thing going on.

Alternately, it could entirely be about that, with no day after scene. A well-executed story about Twilight getting trapped without a ride at a highly-rated party would be really incredible, and this comes close enough that you've got my like anyway. Your grasp of Twilight's character and her reactions is extremely on point, and tension is built well. It just... all goes away with that scene transition in the middle.

This!! XD

I also suspected you got the moonshine bit from drop of moonshine.. well done!

There is one question on my mind after read this.
If Luna can make moonshine from moonlight, what can Celestia make with sunlight?:trixieshiftright:
Maybe, I don't know, um fireball!:trollestia:

This was hilarious. Lucky for Twilight she had those two scaring events as a child so she wouldn't get drunk and could recognize the alcohol. Her Middle School sounds terrible though. Princess Twilight's stories were funny, especially the one about Celestia.

Congratulations on this story making it to the top of the featured box.


This was clearly written by someone who's never actually been drunk before. Or at least they've never been to a party... :trixieshiftright:

7926228 no this is... Pretty accurate. At least in my case. I accidentally drank a whole bottle of wine in just under an hour, and while remember most of it, I also remember singing off key to music, and being generally annoying. ... Also don't ask how I drank a bottle of wine in under an hour...

Are you kidding? One bottle of Jack divided by a whole party?

I've put away a fifth in a comparable amount of time. I speak with all the subject matter expert authority that comes with being a borderline alcoholic. I'm trying to cure my mild superbowl hangover right now, actually. I'm lucky that my first class today isn't for another 6 hours.

7926108 cake. Celestia makes cakes from pure sunlight. It's rather obvious in hindsight :trollestia:

Now I'm curious for a sequel or something that says if rarijack becomes a thing, if sunset got her threesome (and if it was good) and what the heck was in rainbow's rainbow puke. Twilight's reaction was hilarious, by the way :rainbowlaugh:

7926336 for me, I was drunk...but I didn't know I was


Not trying to poke fun, this is important stuff for readability.

That was absolutely fantastic. :pinkiecrazy: I really liked how you put that together and it was very wonderfully written :pinkiehappy: I loved how Twilight acted once she figured out what was going on :twilightsheepish: Also the Rarejack scene was priceless, and the after math as well. :rainbowlaugh: The most normal and responsible drunk was amazingly Rainbow Dash visiting the porcelain god shortly after getting a few glasses. :rainbowlaugh: It was a wonderful story and would love to see if Rarity and AJ accept the fact that they love each other to that extent. :raritywink: Great work and continue with some wonderful stories. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by king furgo deleted Feb 6th, 2017

Funny story but I'm not sure if equestrian ponies could get drunk on alcohol. Mostly because in Appaloosa ponies get drunk on salt...

7926558 You should probably spoiler that.

7926299 its not hard. I actually empty my bottle of wine in under 15 minutes. I mean heck. Its only 4 glasses worth of drink.

This was hysterical!

Comment posted by king furgo deleted Feb 6th, 2017
Comment posted by king furgo deleted Feb 6th, 2017

7926623 Spolier it? if you mean a spoiler warning, for what exactly? Other wise, the heck did you mean to type?

7926764 He/she posted the end of the story as their comment. As for what I meant, you can black out text by highlighting it and hitting the little button next to the quotation button [Sp] which then creates a set of tags around the text. [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ]

“Are you sure we have to go through with this?” she asked Sunset Shimmer. “I'm starting to have second thoughts.”
“We're going to a party, not joining the Peace Corps,” Sunset replied. She was dressed in a red tube top and black jeans, and a different leather jacket from the one she usually wore. “What are your so worried about?”

Was one of those supposed to be Twilight?

7926762 Better, but if you just add [ spoiler ] and [ /spoiler ] (without the spaces) to the beginning and end of the text you don't want people to see it just blacks it out unless they mouse over it to see it.

7926851 Why would you scroll down and read the comments section BEFORE reading the story? I think maybe you should consider that it was a response to the story kind of spoiler warning it self. Comments are not reviews commentary expects you to have seen/read what it's commenting on. Unless it's live it's best to expect commentary to possibly spoil the story/show/movie.

Spoiler warnings are nice and considerate, but doesn't seem like commentary should need spoiler warnings.

7926901 Some people read the comments to determine what the reaction to the story was. It helps them decide if the story is worth their time.


While you have a point, comments are visable from the description, and I occasionally will glance at the comments to get a sense of if I would enjoy the story when tags and the description leave me unsure.

Because there's nothing worse than expecting a compelling story, and stumbling straight into one or more of your phobias.

Not that this has anything to do with this story - it's pretty straightforward - but it's one example of why one may look at comments before the story.

So what did the examination of be rainbow puke reveal? Was it magic or just food coloring?

Or was it just because Dash is a homosexual?


Ready for that sequel with Rainbow and Rarity spying on Pinkie Pie and Cheese’s date.

Anyways, funny story! A lot of nice headcanons I've picked up as well!

“Speaking of happy couples, I've got something to show you,” said Twilight, pulling out her own phone. Pulling up her photo box, she held it out for everyone to see.

Bitch move, Twilight. That was really uncalled for.

I wonder if this story couldn't be a side story to Cultural Differences? I haven't read Cultural Differences yet, so I wouldn't know if there's anything in this that contradicts anything in that, but if there isn't then it could be.

Ohoh, being the only one without regrets is so much fun!!!

7926989 While I do see where your coming from, I can't help but look at it logically. Which expectation is more likely? That the comment will mention specific content in the story or be a inspecific review of quality? As I said the comment section is NOT a review, it comments on the story, including specific plot points and passages from said story. Reading the comments is an "at your own risk" proposition, not all comments will be spoiler free critiques of quality. Some WILL be about specific things. Not sure I can make it more clear, you seem to be saying commentary should be spoiler free review, but they simply aren't, expecting them to be is unrealistic. I understand your argument, but am saying it's an unrealistic expectation you need to accept.

I laughed at the end! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Very clever and well told story. I'm a sucker for both. A few conjunction and grammar fails, but it's still a clean fan fiction. I love it!

Oh, come on, girls, the name Bad Brew was a dead giveaway. It's like naming your son Triggerhappy Maniac, can you really expect anything good to come out of him?


This was clearly written by someone who's never actually been drunk before.

Oh, I've been drunk before. The first time I had alcohol, I laughed my freaking ass off. Seriously, I just couldn't stop! Since then, I've built up a tolerance, and now it's kind of hard for me to get drunk at all, but damn, I'll never forget that first time.

7926330 Let's just say it was a really big bottle.

7926617 Don't think about it too hard.

7925869 Thanks. It's been fixed now.

Well, THAT was quite the case of mood whiplash you got there.

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