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Author's Note:

That's right, fillies and gentlecolts, Sweetie's got a blog and she's open for business! I couldn't think of a good way to continue this in text form, no matter how much I wanted, so I decided to make a Tumblr instead! go on and Ask Steel Sweetie anything you'd like. Anything. She may not reply to them all, she's a little filly, but it's as good as you're gonna get.

Oh and for those of you who are wondering, There is now a sequel.

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You need to write a sequel to this. How about the CMC learn the truth and they have a somewhat of a difficult time coping with the truth as they search for Sweetiebot's creator.

jz1 #2 · Feb 1st, 2013 · · 1 ·

Alright, My question is ... Can you make a sequel? Pleasepleaseplease?!

Ok, wow, just wow. This story was a very nice surprise. And the ask area even more so. I left a question there, and i hope to see an answer at some point or something. Honestly, you brought across alot of emotion with Sweetie Bell, and I'd love to see more of her further down the line.:scootangel:

Meantime, wish you the best, and well in your current projects!:heart:

I'd also love to see a true sequel. Tumblr "ask the character" blogs are cute, but I'd like to see a continuation of the actual story.

why did she have to be a robot she was my fave of the CMC

I just found this story from the FiW website, and now I find that there's a fic, and as of today an Ask Blog?! Sweetie Bot is my favorite character in the entire FiW series!:pinkiehappy: Great work!:pinkiehappy:

963682 Holy crasp you gave me the best idea i've had yet!:pinkiegasp:(not that i've got many)
Oh! and also chii!

Well this balanced my chi...

Bloody good job as always.

wow looks like sweetie bot really is real:unsuresweetie:

What if everything you knew was a lie? Your life, your friends, even your own family, what if everything was fake, made up in a false memory someone infected into your brain? Now take that idea and throw it away, because whether you're living, or a machine, you have memory, and that's what makes you unique. ~Anonymous

Lovely story, kinda reminds me of a sad story take of the Matrix.


Considering how long it's been, I can't say for sure. I'm thinking I actually started backwards on Steel Soul and Steel Spirit though, which seems to click in my head as to be what happened.



I dunno, it's a touch aggressive.

4919903 what're you talking about? the last line is 'set phasers to hug'!

Someone did a reading of this story!

that was a sweet story. :pinkiesad2:

4919903 Eh, to each their own, I guess. I interpreted the song as Sweetie's pychological state, and how she fears how other ponies will react if/when they find out.

5024203 Glad you liked it. I love it too. Prince Whateverer is so talented. Don't you find it sad that songs like Friday, Gangam Style and other crap end up on the radio, and people like Black Gryph0n, Wooden Toaster, and the Living Tombstone are kept in the boundaries of the Internet? Makes me sick, the injustice of it all. :pinkiesick:

5042923 Glad you agree with me. What do you mean by mainstream? Like songs you'd be more likely to hear on the radio, you mean? I cannot give you a good answer on that, sorry.

It's more painful when you read the original title of the picture is 'Soulless Automaton' as Sweetie Belle cries at seeing the terrible truth.

no offense, but i cant really read the comic very well.

Just read this, and had to remind myself that it's practically ANCIENT in terms of this fandom. I keep forgetting that SweetieBot has been a thing for so long! Still though, this was a really good take on it, and I think you did an excellent job of capturing the emotional/personal side of this kind of revelation. Sweetie and the Crusaders all feel very realistic and grounded in their reactions, and that's what really sold the story for me.

The story name makes me think of the episode His Silicon Soul 2 part episode from the 1990 animated Batman cartoon series.

I love the concept, can't wait to see the sequel!


The idea that robots do not have emotion is related to the idea that intellect is separate from feeling. This is possible, but not... necessarily true, in either organic or inorganic mentalities.

Thank you for this gift. It makes me feel sad but alive.

Sweetie Bot needs more stories like this.

Oh the feels ... poor Sweetie.
Love the way you wrote Pinkie too.
Great story, very well written!

Your Twilight 's Library ribbon in the long description Isn't showing correctly.

Reminds me of:

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