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"Computers are magnificent tools for the realization of our dreams, but no machine can replace the human spark of spirit, compassion, love, and understanding."
~ Louis Gerstner

A robot, constructed for a purpose that it does not understand, seeks to gain its Father's approval via whatever means it can. Following his instructions, being fit to serve, and always awake and alert. But its efforts are not enough; not suitable to fit Father's desire for a true daughter. In the end, no machine can truly substitute the depths of real emotion.

...Or is that untrue? Could feelings to a robot truly mean nothing? Or could they mean everything? What would it take to be considered... "real"?

100% approved by Twilight's Library!

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Interesting subject. Compelling picture. Oh, and it is a One-shotober story.

*sees the second chapter*


Aww. Nice story and touching premise.

You be pumping out these stories.

:applecry:So sad, i had to hold back tears reading this. Love it, Love the slow transgression from robot thinking to sentient thinking. A very beautiful story

That experience honestly would have been creepy. :derpyderp2:

:pinkiegasp: Finally a Sweetiebot fic!
.....Awww, Sweetiebot.:pinkiesad2: That;s so sad:applecry:

Oh, y'know, you just broke my heart, that's fine and all.

The critiquing part of my brain was totally shut down, the mark of a great fanfiction. Immersing myself in the story, I delighted in how you used the Sweetie Bot conceit in this unusual way and then, well, y'know, destroyed everyone's feelings with it. :rainbowhuh: But the good kind of destruction, I say, the good kind!

Damn, poor Sweetiebot. :( I would like to think this is a happy ending though.

Faved! :ajsmug:

This was beautiful.

This has potential to continue.

Done, and done. Amazing fic. Deep, well thought and enrapturing! Kudos!

Wow, that was powerful. :raritycry:
The part where the real Sweetie Belle comes home makes me think of Automated Intelligence.
This story is Pencil Melody approved.

Damn. Right in the feels.:ajsleepy:

6113973 The same, right in to feelings.
Dammit, I almost cried. :fluttercry:
goes into EPIC Bookself


A very original take on SBot. I did enjoy the ending.

I'm sad this has such a depressing ending. I'd hoped for an epilogue where the Belles followed and found her before she lost all her memories.

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