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I make really stupid stories, but it's fine since I enjoy making them.


First part: When Button Mash invites Sweetie Belle over to his place for gaming, who knows what will happen?
Parts after: The growing relationship of Sweetie Belle and Button Mash after that fateful house visit.
Time to pick up my pen.

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This is adorable! Though, may I point out one error?

"You look similar" should be "You look familiar" or "You look similar to another pony I know".

Other than that, great job, and I wanna see more! ^^

3506308 Thank you! I love people who point out my errors, since I don't have an editor. Ah yes, there is bliss in the days of youth, is there not?

Ponies. Ponies! PONIES!
All day, 'ery day.

I like this! Have a like and fave!

I'll be eagerly awaiting more of this.~

Fucking. Adorable.
It rivals the pure cuteness of Fluttershy and Meep (anybody know who that is?), and I expect you to keep it up in upcoming chapters.

This is probably the first ButtonBelle fic that's actually interesting for me. Keep the work up; can't wait to see more!

I'd just say you write down a real description about what the story content, and not the premise of it.

This interest me very much

MOAR DAMN IT :flutterrage: PLZ?:fluttershysad:

Hm, this greatly interests me. Very sweet, and very cute. I hope you can update again soon. :pinkiehappy:

I gotta admit, this is the first ButtonBelle (or is it SweetieMash? Actually that sounds weird) I've read. Quite a great start for someone who's exploring more into this pairing I say. :twilightsmile:

You do know Sweetie Belle lives with her parents in Ponyville, right?


This is fun to read! Keep up the good work!

This was written very creatively. I only saw one or two errors at all, and I laughed on more than one occasion. However, at the end, it seemed a bit odd that Sweetie Belle fell asleep literally in a second after her adrenaline rush. Maybe if you had drawn it out a bit more then perhaps the scene would have gone along more smoothly.
Also, (this might just be me, who knows) I detected a small bit of ScootaBloom shipping in there too... Am I correct in my far-fetchedadssumptions or am I insane? :pinkiecrazy:
Definitely favoriting this one and I hope for more chapters soon!

Hmmm... Buttonbell canon
YES let the fun begin:trollestia:

But I agree that would be really cool:pinkiesmile:

I'm going to go ahead and point out a mistake in your math, though the rest of the story was very well done.
x=-1, not x=1
A bit of a minor irk of mine, mostly because I got it wrong a lot when I first learned it. Other than that, good job!

When I went to thumbs up this story, the amount of thumbs went from 60 to 66 :pinkiegasp: ... I HAVE THE POWER!


In all the seriousness of a man reading a work of fiction about small horses killing digital zombies and finding love, I applaud you for actually making me like Button Mash as a shipping character.

Here are my initial reactions whilst reading:
1. Yellow mashed potatoes?
It seems a bit of an odd color, but maybe they really like butter.
2. Buttons mom is not very mature. Still Drunk?
And yes she is.
3. Pinkie Pie.
Need I say more?
4. Buttons mom is a shipper!?
She must be really drunk.
5. Wait! They're always naked!
6. It burst into flames?
How does a plastic boat floating in bathtub full of water suddenly burst into flames.:facehoof:

I've also notice eight mistakes (or things that I consider to be mistakes) but I won't put them in the comment. You can just let me know and I'll send you a PM.

Nice story. :heart:


Okay, yep, this is fantastic. :pinkiehappy:
I'm not a fan of Button's personailty but I suppose given the circumstances of this description's implications...there'll be room to grow in. :twilightsmile:
Cheers, mate and ya got my support for this story. :rainbowwild:

Great story thumbs up for you sir.

I have to say however, ever since reading "Pushing his Buttons." I've had alot of trouble picturing Button mash with anyone but Babs.

3507487 .... fuck.. I'm asian and this is embarrassing...

3507787 HOLY CRAP THERE'S ANOTHER STORY WITH A SIMILAR NAME I never knew darn it. Honest!

3507745 Go ahead and put them in comments lol. I don't really mind.

I can't wait for SweetieBells and ButtonMashs reaction when they wake up :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm... You've caught my attention:moustache:

Typhoon? What typhoon?

3508419 Typhoon Yolanda, happened a while ago, in the Philippines. Lots of casualties, people living in cavemen conditions, homes destroyed, a lot of terrible stuff went down there.

"Number one, it was waaay too obvious you copied my answer," whispered Sweetie Belle, "Number two, she'd never pick you, by how 'enthusiastic' you are all the time, ever since you joined last week. I mean, she's gotta give others a chance, right?"

it took me 3 tries to read this in sweetie bells voice, i kepy hearing Diamond tiara

The rest of the class was either eyeing the equation (x^2+2x+1) written on the chalkboard or scribbling working down on paper, pencils in mouth, and Sweetie Belle and Button Mash were the only ones who raised their hooves. After all, this was the first time Cheerilee was teaching quadratic equations to the class.
"The equation has only one root, which is x= -1," said Sweetie Belle with confidence. Cheerilee gave

Ok somepony's gonna explain this one to me cuz im a math nerd but even I dont understand how you got that answer

"Hey, Sweetie Belle, why don't you join me for Games Night? Then I can whoop your flank and both of us will know who the superior pony is," said Button Mash with arrogance.

how,,,,,does that make any sense?

"Uh... No, not that long. Just visiting my sister. And by the looks of it, I think I may have overstayed, heh," laughed Sweetie Belle, "overstayed by like, two years. Well, my parents never really called or came back, but I've got no problem with that. My sis is really awesome. Most of the time..."

Is she NOT worried about her parents seemingly abandoning her?

"Ah, yes. I remember when I was here with my husband for the first time. We eloped you know," said Button's mom, with a wink. Sweetie Belle shuddered.

so does she always ramble about her love life to EVERY filly she meets or is she just....

Sweetie Belle was listening attentively until she saw a half full bottle of vodka on the coffee table in front of the couch, and noticed that her breath smelled funny.


"Uh.. What's a noob?"
"Oh my Celestia... You truly are one. I'll explain it to you on the way."

Trademarked rule of gaming: If you dont know what a noob is, then you sir/ma'am are a noob

"No! I mean, uh... It's just really good, alright? I need to take another sniff!" Button said, his sensitive nostrils savoring the shampoo's wondrous effects on her mane. He loved the feeling of his muzzle searching through her soft, bouncy hair.
For her part, Sweetie Belle just rolled her eyes and continued moving her avatar around.

i honestly dont know what to comment on. The fact that mash has a scent fetish or the fact that shes letting him do it.

"IT. IS. ON!!!" Button's mom said, and she and Sweetie Belle redoubled their efforts to find throwable foodstuffs in the fridge. Just then, Pinkie Pie, smelling fun (and a food fight) galloped from the front door to Button's side. Button beamed as she grinned mischievously, lifting a full helping of Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness (MMMM) with her hoof.
"Now it's even!" said Pinkie, bro-hoofing Button, "Time to cream these noobs!"

I see nothing wrong here

"No!" cried Button's mom, a bit louder than she might have intended. She then softened her face, breaking out into a smile, saying,"You and Sweetie Belle should uh.... take turns. Yeah. In the same bathtub. Not together, of course. Just one by o-- OH WHAT THE HECK!!"
Button's mom had the eyes of a deranged MLP shipper

ok this ones a twofer
1)totally called it
2)does she have a name?

Button didn't want to be outdone, and soon they reached unbelievably high levels where the zompony hoards could stomach hundreds of bullets.
"Wow, we're breaking me and my bro's record," Button gasped in awe, as they wracked up enough zomponies for round 50, "you're cooler than I thought."

This reminds be of the Box-head browser game

He realized that resistance was futile, and led himself to sleep with the heavy marshmallow scent of Sweetie belle's moist mane guiding him to his dreams.

another two-fer
1) just accept it like a man button
2) Obvious sexual joke is obvious

their muzzles only inches apart. In the shade of the night, a sliver of moonbeam cast itself over the two young ponies, their bodies intertwined, their breathing shallow and their sleep passing by angelically. Then, Button's mom piped up.
"Let's take some pictures!"

Exactly what i would suggest

Hmmm... I've been wanting somepony to write a story like this for awhile now, and I've enjoyed it (I didn't read to the very end, as I have several dozen other notifications relating to stories ponies have recommended/group not.s) but I think once you've gotten to a comfortable point you should find an editor that can work with this story to make it shine. There were many circumstances where you used a word that didn't necessarily fit the passage, or a sentence contained too much information to flow properly. Great story, and if you ever plan on getting that editor, I might finally find a free moment from my real life happenings to assist you.:twilightsmile:

Sincerely yours,
David Brony :moustache:

I wonder if you should send Jan Animations a link to this story. I'm sure he'd like it, given that he sort of created this backstory.
I like it, regardless. Awesome stuff!


Meh. I'm more inclined to ship him with Babs.

Cue batman slidecard theme

3508575 ah yes, I forgot the "= 0" at the end of it. Darn it, my asian ancestors are rolling in their graves.

yea i figured it out eventually its aite good story bro:pinkiecrazy:

Wow i loved the story. Made me laugh more then once. Keep up the good work.

okay, this chapter is too dang short!!!!:flutterrage: i liked it so much that this needs more

While I personally wouldn't like Button on the show (I have this weird thing that tells me to keep fanon and canon separate. I don't know why. I think it started from the Zelda fandom.) I'd at least like a reference or two to the fandom at large, kind of the way they do Derpy now, like a few background shots.

Ehhh, I dunno. The story seems to have a massive case of identity crisis. It cannot decide if it wants to be cute, serious, random, meta, or whatever else. The result is very jarring for me. It becomes hard to get engrossed into the world because the world is constantly in flux. Even a story with the random tags has rules, the rules are just much different from what we expect.

This story has an interesting concept, but it needs more focus. You should pick an angle and run with it, instead of trying to do every angle at once.

I mean, you go from the school house which seems like you are tying to make the world kind of normal-ish, ok. Then Button mentions something like Xbox Live, and it kind of serves to jar the reader. Ok, things like that exist in Ponyville in this fic, doesn't make sense, but I can roll with it.

Scoots and AB shipping the two that hard? Seems kind of forced and out of character for them. Normally you would expect an older character to ship that hard, though I could totally see the others teasing them.

Button sniffing at her hair, and dear lord Button's MOM. The dialogue feels so forced that all it needs it an audience laugh track to complete the set. Like I said earlier, the story jumps around too much.

You should figure out what you want this story to be, then work from there. Currently, it is just a mish mash of a bunch of ideas. Feature or not, that is sloppy writing.

Thanks for making this story, and I hope to read more of your work in the future;

3507893 OK then.


There should be a space between 'Ms.' and 'Cheerilee.

wearing a confused on his filly-like face.

...confused look on...

into which mud kept getting introduced into as

You can remove the second 'into' it is not necessary here.

as she was met with a corner as she found the top of the stairs.

'as she found' can be replace with 'at'

On the wooden dining table was two bowls of

*were two bowls

he felt stream of hot liquid flow down the sides of his face,

*a hot stream

He reached into the cabinet and pulled out much more bubble solution,

*the bubble solution
*a bottle of bubble solution - or was it just on the shelf outside the bottle?

and dumped out an entire bottle into the tub.

*the entire bottle - is there more than one bottle?

beast he awoken beside him

*he had awoken

Sorry if any of these sound a bit mean.


Well, great apologies for people critical of my incongruous style of writing. It seems that I referred to Jan's video of Button a bit too heavily, and thus was influenced by its crazy, random style too. Ah well, writing the sequel is going to be much harder with a clear plot in mind now lol.

3509668 AND HOLY MOLY you're that guy who made 'Drama King'! Your story half influenced mine, man. I can understand (I hope) where you're coming from with that comment, since most of the ButtonBelle ships on this site are too abrupt and the shipping is forced and unnatural. Well, it's something I have to look into for future projects, I guess.

That title sounds the slightest bit sexual... :rainbowlaugh:

3510159 Ah, yes! Title's so much better.

Wow, that was awesome. I was grinning the whole time, and I started it in a bad mood.

Anyway, as to your note at the end, us here in the Philippines appreciate it.

Feck. How old are they?

x^2+2x+1 = 0

That's fecking Algebra. It's fecking quadratics. I had that in tag class in 7th grade. Are they REALLY 12-14 years-old? REALLY?

Button's mom.
The most immature and proffesional mother anyone could ask for.

((I really think they should add an emoticon of Button Mash with a moustache))

3510245 If you are really dying, just dying to know, they're eight.


3510299 Because Cheerilee loves Algebra! And she's awesome. And rather attractive.

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