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Twilight and Pinkie tell Rarity they're dating. Rarity calls on every trope in the book to explain it.

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Rarity, did you seriously just suggest that Pinkie Pie would be too subtle?

Award winning line, right there.

4597874 It's So Meta, Even This Acronym

What you did there, I see it.

Somehow the simple truth is the most unlikely explanation.

:rainbowlaugh: Loved the parenthesis quotes! Good show!

Ha. I enjoyed this

This made me lol

This is a story and I just read it.

Now all of my future TwiPie stories are ruined. Thank you very much.

...Nah, you wouldn't be able to stop me, my TwiPie ships are too strong. I enjoyed this, great job.

You've got your cakes, your chimicherrychangas, your TwiPies


“Ooh,” interrupted Pinkie. “Can I guess now?”


Dat ending, and Sweetie being her usual adorable as f:yay:k self. Have a thumb :twilightsmile:

Biggest gripe, no paragraph spacing, it looks like a wall of text.

Sweetie is very much Rarity's sister, isn't she?

I loved how Twilight made faces when ponies kept bringing up her bad habits, and that ending was lol worthy. Especially when we take into account that it was Pinks and Twi.


Especially when Pinkie Pie's involved.

This was brilliant.

Pure brilliance.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Liked it a lot. Sorry if this isn't with the story, but what's the group name for Pinkie Pie and Twilight shipping? Just wondering

haha Satire. good juan.

But really, this was pretty funny.

Maybe I just haven't been reading the right fics, but I don't really recognize any of the cliches you're parodying. The first two seem vaguely familiar, but if I've read any stories like those, it must have been years ago.

Ahh, that was great. Left me grinning like an idiot. Meta elements are my weakness.

4607793 Yeah. I don't really get any of these, either. I do get the blind date one, though. That one's all over the internet.

This was hilarious! I loved the Sweetie Belle / Spike thing in the background, and all of the crazy clichés.


I think it's TwiPie.

4608794 It's usually that, or Twinkie, TwiPie, Sprinkles, Twinkie Pie...

There's a few more, I think.


I like the name Twinkie.

4608102 Thanks man i'll look it up

4629060 I was actually joking, I honestly don't know. :applejackconfused:

"Pielight" would sound nice, though. No clue if anypony actually uses that. :derpyderp2:

....(In an amusing contrast to other reviewers, I'm pretty sure the blind-date was the only one of those tropes I /haven't/ seen more than a half dozen times....)
the "too subtle" made me laugh out loud. Also, I think a chimicherrychanga sounds fabulous, and I want one now.
I think my favourite part is all the ambiguity. I'm left not certain who's telling the truth (because how did Pinkie Pie notice the Sweetie Belle | Spike thing, and does Sweetie have a reason to troll them? 'that only happens in fanfic'.....reads far too much like a good excuse to make me sure it isn't one...) Which really just adds to the fun!
So. Good meta. You certainly could have come up with other examples, but, dramatic!idiocy, blind date fails, love letters, and AMTDI [love potion redux] are all classics. (....Actually, wait. Can we call AMTDI and removeable love spells more or less the same trope? If so, which came first?)
Enjoyable, good quirky lines, and my sorrow at two-spaces post period is my own qualm, and I'll forgive you. Probably.
-M [in case it wasn't obvious. (really, you should just be able to recognise me by my standard paren distribution by now). BTW, meet my more common psuedonym, if that conversation hasn't happened.)]

That's what happened?

I thought that Twilight was having weird feelings inside her when she saw Pinkie so she decided to study the pink mare just like how she studied the Pinkie Sense. Twilight realized that the closer she got to Pinkie the stronger the weird feelings she was experiencing so she decided to ask Pinkie PIe what this feeling was. Pinkie Pie, in her Pinkie way, said that that weird feelings Twilight was having was love. Twilight, in standard Twilight fashion, waves PInkie's reasoning off and decided to do some actual research in the library. Twilight searched for days about these weird feelings but her mind was starting to wonder towards a certain pink earth pony and she was starting to freak out. Spike was worried about Twilight so he decided to get help with somepony to help him cheer his mentor up. Obviously, there was only one mare in Ponyville fit for the job so he decided to get help from Pinkie Pie. Pinkie, knowing what was wrong in the first place, decided to show Twilight what love was. Through a kiss. On the lips. At first Twilight was startled but eventually fallen to the spell that was Pinkie Pie...


I’m just disappointed that the party cannon wasn’t in any way involved.

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