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Rarity has the terrible disease diabeetus and Sweetie Belle's presence isn't helping.

Proofread by Mixolydian Grey and SuperChaosKG.

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Arrgh, I'm an actual diabetic was all prepared to pull out my flamewar cannons. No need.

My only qualm is that this is too short. With all the cuteness in the MLP universe, it could have been much longer...

"Me-ow!" Sweetie Belle yelled, her voice squeaking on the "ow." She was dressed in the kitten costume

By the power of Wilford Brimley, I shall smite this disease!


Also using "Applejack" as a euphamism for "idiot" is not cool.

Hopefully you're intentionally mis spelling diabetes on purpose, right?


Comment posted by Servomoore deleted Jun 9th, 2013

The end was calling Cranky ugly! I laughed so hard at midnight, I had to be careful of waking my family up! XD

Wow this was awesome!:pinkiehappy: I absolutely loved the concept, and these moments's....

"My bestest best friend is dying, and she won't tell me why!"

"Stupid disease," she groused, "what does it know? Course it couldn't tell 'cute' from 'cool.'" It had been really fortunate that at least the stupid ailment didn't seem to think her voice was cute."

"It's a grownup thing," she answered, "although under the circumstances, it's kind of a messed up thing even for grownups to do."

Oh my goodness, just too funny:rainbowlaugh:
Also Sweetie Belle dressed up in a cat suit, acting like a kitty. My heart hurts just thinking of all the cute, Just Daww. Someone should make an animation of that scene, it would just be too cute.

Haha, Cranky Doodle isn't used enough around here.

Funniest thing I've read all day!


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