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This was so beautiful :pinkiesad2:

i thought it was pretty good
it was short but still,good work
look forward to what you have in the future

So what happened to Twilight? :duck:

lyke dis if u cri evry tiem:fluttercry:

Man, MLP fics are giving me the feels something fierce tonight. Also, there's nothing wrong with short. Portal is a fantastic video game, more so because of it's length. Like that game, your story doesn't overstay it's welcome, saying exactly what you need to say and ending when it's done. If your story's done, don't ever think you should keep typing just because you think it should be longer.

No feels. Sorry.

All I thought at the end was,

How did Twilight die?
I need to know!

2464263 I didn't think it wasn't done; I just extended a little aftermath for Pinkie Pie to reach the minimum word count for the site. It was originally below and the first chapter of a story needs to be a thousand words. :rainbowwild: I may have threw one thing in that might expand the story, but nothing new really.

Glad you enjoyed the story though, and thanks for your feedback!

Short, but sweet. I enjoyed it.

Sad just...damn that sad...

I almost don't want to know what happened to Twilight....but I still want to know....I'm confused...

What happened to Twilight?

3845417 3798056 I believe it was just a nightmare.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Pinkie Pie brought the feather up to her face and touched the burnt tecture with her hooves

burnt tecture

Oh no...
PLEASE tell me Twilight didn't die in a fire, that has got to be one of the worst ways to die.

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