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Derpy comes across a stallion on a daily basis and without any information on him, other then that he's odd...it leaves her thinking it's just a coincidence . He remains a stranger, until one mail delivery that changes her outlook on the stallion and conjures a whole different, and stronger feeling.

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That thumbnail.

Pure romance. Good job. Have a derpy!:derpytongue2:

well i love this story, and it only has a few mistakes like 'my and me' or 'went and want' just minor mistakes that happen when typing. I hate Dr. who, and the tardis; BUT i love derpy and Dr. hooves! :derpytongue2: So i love this story!

i hope there is going to be more chapters. :twilightsheepish:

1013300 Thank you, and yes there is going to be more chapters. The second one is close to completion. :twilightsmile:

Yeah i dont normaly like derpy but this is a very good fanfic that i hope to see more of.

plenty of DAWWWW

you have caught my interest... go on...:trixieshiftright:

You have my full attention:rainbowdetermined2:
Now keep at it, I would love to see how this goes!

Oh, how I do enjoy Derpy.

"I slept great…how about you?" Derpy whispered.

"Spontaneous." Doctor Whooves said nudging Derpy's nose.

... Does Doctor Whooves have narcolepsy?

great. it's not like I wanted any time to do work. not at all.

I should probably point out that the italics tags are written using brackets for submissions. There were also some grammatical snafus here and there, but on the whole it's a solid chapter.

1016992 Oh, I've noticed. Thanks, fixing them now. :twilightsmile:

Campisi does have a point. I'm relatively decent at ignoring those kind of errors, but some might find it takes away from the story...


1017242 Ah, I see. I've fixed them though, so there shouldn't be any more distractions furthermore. :raritywink:

Yay for random Twipie! :pinkiehappy::twilightblush: But seriously I'm liking what I've read so far! Keep it up! Looking forward to more D'awww worthy moments!

:heart::derpytongue2:!!! Nice work, looking forward to more :)

great chapter and looking forward to the next one :twilightsmile:

Here be a mistake.
"Sweet Celestia, I need to get going Doctor Whooves. I need to be get home before my daughter dose." Derpy said in panic.
“That would actually be pretty useful. So, where exactly dose she live?”
“My marefriend dose like me for who I am, but I kind of had to cancel our last date and well…I thought if I got wings, I could go flying with her. She really enjoys it, so I thought it would make up for it.” Twilight giggled."
Dose? FIX IT. Grammar nazi. Sorry :derpytongue2: If i'm wrong somehow, feel free to correct my fail :3

1019823 Oh, thank you for pointing that out! I'll fix it this instance. :twilightblush: Silly me, eheh. And your correction wasn't a fail, don't worry.

1015503 No, he doesn't. Whooves is awake, and it's the morning. I don't quite see where you could of gotten the idea that he has narcolepsy. :rainbowlaugh: But, no he doesn't.


I have sinced chalked it up to being some sort of Dr. Who reference, but sudden and unbidden (spontaneous) sleep is indeed a sign of narcolepsy. :p

1021490 He went to bed, he wasn't sleeping during the day. Whooves said he had a "spontaneous sleep". He and also Derpy were sleeping at night, so it isn't narcolepsy. :ajbemused:

Are Twilight and Pinkie married?

1024700 No, their just a couple. :twilightsmile:

1026277 Then why was Twilight reffered to as "Mrs. Sparkle"? Mrs. would imply that she was married.

1026436 Whooves didn't know Twilight, so he was just being a gentle colt and calling her Mrs. Sparkle. He isn't even aware of her and Pinkie's relationship.

............. siclence of awesomeness :D ......... this storie was the best ever :heart:

and why wasent i aware of the twilight and pinke pie relationship :fluttercry:

Ahh, this story is just ... great.
The first chapter was so sweet, warm fuzzy feelings all around, and then this chapter, is a bit more harsh and shows the downs of a relationship.
Anyway, My respects.

Hello everyone, I'm just finishing up the story today and when it's edited it'll be up hopefully later today or tomorrow! :raritywink:

Um.... "Maybe it was her charm, his good looks, his unusual yet spectacular life, " :pinkiegasp: Which gender is he? :rainbowlaugh:

Other than that, good chapter.

1041756 Oops. my bad :twilightblush: Fixing it now.

Why is this chapter shorten that all the others?! Overall, epic.:ajsmug:

there was a couple mistakes other than that it waz awzome dr whooves and derpy are cute together :rainbowkiss:

:pinkiehappy: I like it a lot. Keep writing!

Very nice story, keep on writing these story's are gold.

this ended before I wanted it to.:applecry:

Wait... this story is over?



great story ^__^ do you plan to write more ?

I loved this story. I wish you'd right more. I just love it soo much! :raritycry:
It made me laugh though. :rainbowlaugh: Good old Carrot Top. :)
Wonderful work!

1151584 Indeed, good old Carrot Top :raritywink:

I've thought about writing more, but I haven't thought of anything to use to continue it. If I ever think of anything, I might write a sequel. But for now this is all there is for "That Odd Stallion".:twilightsmile:

Also getting ready to begin my next project, so with that and other things...not much time to brain storm for this story.

Trixie new job:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:
Awesome story i want to know what ha ppend and derpy first time travel

Good, aside from a few grammar mistakes, but nothing I wouldn't make myself from time to time. The lack of a certain line did bother me, though...

Pretty good as the last chapter, but if the Doctor is a time traveller, couldn't he just return in time for the date? Or did I miss something?

I liked the story a lot, mostly because I love DitzyxDoctor:twilightsmile:, but you really have to correct the grammar errors, they somewhat make the whole text... kinda messy:twilightblush:. Besides of that, good piece of literature we got here, eeyup.

2127451 Glad you enjoyed. I'll probably be getting around to cleaning up some of my older stories; like this one, soon! :ajsmug:

But thank you, its much appreciated!

I'm sorry I really tried to read this but I couldn't. While I am all for The Doctor and Derpy romance this story just didn't flow and it seems really forced. I'm sure it could be rewritten into a wonderful piece and I would love to read it but as it is it just feels so lacking.

Unlike Derpy who only has a "fandom" personality which can be taken liberties with, the Doctor has a character already established and you have to make him seem like that. He can't just be called "the Doctor," he has to act like and talk like the Doctor. The "it's bigger on the inside" is a good example of that. Another example would have been the introduction "I'm the Doctor. Doctor who? Exactly! That's a silly name, why not Doctor Whooves? Brilliant, I rather like that actually, Doctor Whooooooves."

Again sorry for picking but this could have been a great story and I really wanted it to be. Hopefully if you write another Doctor Whooves' story you'll keep this in mind. Or revise this one. I would love to read it in.

2354925 Looking back on this story now, I'm surprised people liked it...and that it's my most viewed/faved/commented on story on this site. And don't worry, I'm not upset or anything. I'm always glad to receive feedback whether it be negative or positive! :pinkiehappy:

I say I'm gonna clean my stories up, and revise them...but I doubt that I actually will. I'm not as into my writing as I was before, and right now I'm working on a series that'll most likely take a while to write. So to sum it up, I probably won't re-write this story 'cause first of all: I don't really want to, and I don't see a good enough reason to re-write a fan-fic. And secondly; I don't have time to do that since I'm already busy enough with my life and everything else.

And I never actually watched Doctor Who, and I've seen the fan animation for Doctor Whoove and the Assistant (whatever its called) and when I wrote this I didn't take Doctor Whoove's character and personality into consideration, and just kind of wrote him as I saw him as a pony. You may not think it's right, and I of course won't judge you for having your opinion, and how I should have stuck to what he's supposedly to be as a PONY. Also, the whole personality of Doctor Whoove, whose name is actually Time Turner, is made up by bronies/pegasisters and it isn't canon. So with that said, there is no ACTUAL personality and characteristics (other than color and whatnot) for "Doctor Whoove", aka Time Turner canon wise.

Also not to mention that this is a fan-fiction, that I did months and months ago. :rainbowwild: And not to make you feel bad or anything; but I really can't stand it when people ask to revise a story that I did FOREVER ago, when it's clear that I'm working on bigger and better projects, and that I don't have to time in my life to go back and fix up a fan-fiction to please other peoples desires. Sorry, but I have things to do, this is a hobby.

But thanks for your comment, and being honest. I really appreciate your honesty and glad to see you're not afraid to say how you feel about my work. :twilightsmile:

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