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Moments from Derpy's life. I've always felt that there is a lot more depth to Derpy than most people show. These glimpses into her life and mind help flesh out the Derpy that I've come to know.

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Petrichor (silly fluff) - Reading
Her Light (sad/hopeful) - Reading
First Meeting (romance/comedy) - Reading
Achoo! (comedy) - Reading
Fitted (comedy) - Reading

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Please more... more...

7144197 They're coming. I have one that should be out in a couple days. I also have a holiday one already written, but I want to wait until December to put that one up.

Daw... I just want to hug Derpy... I also feel her pain... I hate spring allergies

Who will the other readings be read by?

7190964 Red Tiger and I at this point, with possibly some help from a few other friends.

Grim and sweet :)

Dawww!!! I love how childlike Derpy/Ditzy/Brighteyes/Muffins is... Its so happy:derpytongue2:

Start of it I am :raritydespair::raritydespair::raritydespair:

End of it I am :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Please stop my feels cannot take it...

Author Interviewer
Author Interviewer

The ending is super-cute, but I could have done without the suicide angle.

Author Interviewer

Fuckkkkk. I hate this ship, but this is just so cute, I can't stand it. ._. Tenouddaten, best fic.

Author Interviewer

I feel this pain.

Author Interviewer

I double-plus feel this pain. D:

7736097 Yeah, my mood tends to reflect a bit in what I write and that wasn't a good day.

7736101 I have totally never thrown my fitted sheets at the wall out of frustration. Really.

Aww Dinky... You gave your mommy the best Hearth Warming... I am going to :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Its so sweet I...I...:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Author Interviewer

haha i'm not crying you're crying

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