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Wowie. · 2:05am Sep 10th, 2015

Remember the days when you could see fanfiction written by someone who didn't know how to write? Well now, with the new and improved Mageli7 account, you can relive those days of 2013! With things such as, "what a shitty story", or "this writer sucks", you can live the glory days of Mageli7 once again!

No, but, guys. I may come back! Give me prompts and hey, I'll write them for FREE! I love writing and I'm much, much better at it now (I hated my old work). It's great! Life is great!

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http://www.fimfiction.net/story/200327/the-way-it-should-have-been :D I thought you would enjoy seeing Auntie Rarity go a little differently :raritywink: Thank you so much for your kind support friend :D

:fluttershbad: It means so much to me.

Hi Maggie! Remember me? :pinkiehappy:

I'm following you :pinkiecrazy:

Damn, I miss you Maggie.

Make sure to visit often, kay maggie?:scootangel:

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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