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I have to admit, there were several spots where it became confusing to read, but overall this was a good story.

The fic is good but is close to deserve a tragedy tag :pinkiesad2:

Anorexia is always pretty tragic for the loved ones of the affected

A very cathartic read. Was this by any chance inspired in part by Darf's, "As the Days Go By"? https://www.fimfiction.net/story/118244/as-the-days-go

6217924 Absolutely! Though the Twipie is coincidental.

Jeez that's a heartbreaking read. If twilight isn't eating properly then she can't work well and is going to be tired all day. That's kinda deadly what with forgetting a reactor of all things. Go pinkie pie!

Depressing read, but good. It reminds me of a friend who has eating disorders and practically lives of one meal a day.

I didn't really get what was happening until the last sentence and the comments. Still, this was neat.

Wow, I really loved this story! Great job! :yay:

I was only barely a survivor myself of something similar when I was much younger, though it wasn't based on what I was intaking versus fear of getting sick. Really, really bad time in my life.

I absolutely loved this story. You did an excellent job of giving accuracy to the story; I really believe Pinkie and Twilight would handle themselves this way in such a situation. This touches my heart in ways no similar stories have in a while, and in such a short read. 10/10 you will get this one day, Pinkie – I just know it. :pinkiesad2: :twilightsmile:

A few years ago, my best friend and pen pal passed away from an eating disorder. Reading this reminded me so much of her... :pinkiesad2:

This was a great story.

Really fantastic read, very heartbreaking, reminded me too of 'As The Days Go By'.
Love Pinkie's characterisation too.

6222787 so you think this is an eating disorder story?
I took it as depression story

6223373 To me, it was an eating disorder story, but I guess it can be seen as depression, too. My friend acted exactly like Twilight did in this story. She refused to eat.


Don't the two occasionally go hand-in-hand? I seem to recall reading somewhere that anorexia and other disorders could lead to chemical imbalances that induce depression, and depression can manifest as the symptom of lack of appetite or unusual eating habits. It can become a vicious cycle.

Maybe she's depressed that she has an eating disorder?

6223777 You are correct. That aside, extreme highs or lows of appetite are also amongst the more common symptoms of depression, even without eating disorders.

It was beautiful.

Jeez, I can imagine this fic hitting home to some people...
Ah well. Nicely written, man! I enjoyed it.

Okay. I read over this, and I'm as confused as hell as to what was going on. Others are saying its an eating disorder. But I couldn't figure out if Twilight was a ghost of Pinkie's imagination and she'd gone crazy over her death, or if they were survivors of some apocalyptic event and food was running low, or any number of other horrible things. It was a good read, but still confusing as hell.

The ambiguity is frustrating but also satisfying in a weird way. Because after a moment, I really don't care about the specifics, I really just care about this dance between lovers.


Wow. That... that hit me right here --> :heart:

You seem to be trying to deal with a serious issue. I'm entirely sure what this issue is, but from what I can tell, you treated the issue with an apprpriate level of respect. On that alone, you did a better job than many other people.

But this brings me the main problem here: the fic suffers from a massive lack of context. I know that with fanfics, you generally need les context because you can expect your audience to know the source material. However, when you alter the existing cannon, it is essential to provide some exposition, or else we won't know what the heck is going on.

There is obviously some form of cannon diversion here. However, since nothing is really explained, I can't tell what this diversion is. Does Twilight have an eating disorder? Is Twilight a ghost? Is the whole thing just Pinkie having a delusion? I don't know. And that's a real shame, because with context, this story would have been amazing.

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Interesting. I noticed people in the comments got confused. I can understand why if people are not familiar with the effects of radiation sickness.
Twilight is researching fusion energy and is suffering from acute radiation poisoning. You get very tired, lose your appetite and many get depressed. The medication was likely to try and combat the radiation.
Something tells me magic is weakening and she is desperately searching for a new source of energy for society.

6371967 Huh. That would make a lot of sense! I like that quite a bit.

I suspected radiation was at play, but her not losing her hair is what stopped me from thinking of that as being a possibility.

6372306 that's late stage of I recall. Also maybe ponies don't lose all of it? Not sure on that one.

Huh... Sorry, I fess eating disorder made more sence

6371967 But she doesn't display any of the more physical symptoms of Acute Radiation Sickness.

6371967 As much as I hate telling people how to think, I never envisioned this story being about radiation sickness.

6374861 well I certainly am not going to argue with the author about their intent.

Just the mention of equipment and the spot on ques for radiation sickness as if you had researched them (minus hair loss) just thought it was where it was going.

Nice to have clarification though, thank you.

6375621 I hope I didn't come across as belittling your idea, though. I totally see where you're coming from. It could just as easily be some other gadget or tool Twilight is worrying about, it just wound up being a nuclear fusion converter because it sounds important and it can explode with negligence. I felt a tool of some kind was necessary to the story because it reinforced the theme and drove the plot along all in one package.

6379387 No worries there. Just extending the same courtesy I would hope to get on my own stories if I was to do what you did. Didn't sound belittling at all. Though at this point I think there are many people that think it should be a little clearer in the story as to what it is that Twilight is suffering from, unless the point is to use that to show that Pinky is also confused.

Heart-wrenching portrait of anorexia.

I think I would like to see this expanded a bit. Perhaps in a non-food setting, where Pinkie and Twilight are doing something else, to see how she's acting when not around food. I like this and I could see this being something akin to Wintergirls

Twinkie is my favourite FiM ship. Bar none, seriously, nothing brings me as much happiness as seeing these two together. Do you know what I also love? Sad romantic stories, and boy does this deliver on both fronts.

I find myself short on words to convey how I feel right now. Melancholic, content, intrigued... All this is a testament to how you managed to keep me engaged throughout the story.

It really was the details that kept me going, the way Pinkie's worry and slight desperation was conveyed just through her dialogue--and likewise with Twilight. I find it commendable when an author manages to paint a vivid image with just a few strokes. You never go overboard with exposition or inner monologues, instead giving just enough information for the reader to make up their mind about what is really going on (as evidenced by the different interpretations in the comments).

So, all in all. Great story. :pinkiesmile:

I thought this would be a cute story about Twilight suffering through bad cooking to make her girlfriend happy. Instead it was by far the most depressing thing I've ever read.

“Then I don’t want to eat another bite ever again,” Twilight whimpered into her hooves. “I want to starve in the basement and die.”

OOF! Was not expecting this, and this sentence just... agh, right in the feels man

This story was...


Congrats, have a Derpy:


(That means I liked the story)

Oof amazing story!!
Twilight's just like me fr:rainbowlaugh:... Fr:pinkiesad2: ... Yeahhhhh that's not good... At all :fluttercry:

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