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When Twilight Sparkle decided to ask Rainbow Dash for relationship advice she knew that things would most likely end in disaster. But is it possible for the awkward unicorn to somehow claim victory from such a ridiculous plan?

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Don't mind long chapters. I've written a couple myself. I always find short chapters to be a touch unfulfilling. So far, I'm snickering, though, I have to admit.

Rainbow Dash and all her romantic ideas. This looks like it'll be a fun read.


Loving Dash here, and even if we don't see much Twilight here, I'm sure you can pull her off. I'm just hoping that this ends up as TwiDash.

I love you. Just for that one GIF i love you.

But srsly, Twidash? Mebe.


tracking because Alliteration is cute and I see potential for consistently good writing in you.

This is looking like it's gonna be another enjoyable read :twilightsmile:
And I'm sure Twilight has nothing to worry about, with the swaggiest pony giving her advice, nothing can go wrong :moustache:

Short, but funny so far. Alliteration was excellent so I'd love to see where you take this. Wondering deep who this person Twilight is infatuated by is.

That's seriously the best GIF I've seen in forever.


it's TwiDash, of course dis gon b gud.

Why is everyone talking more about the GIF than the story?
Oh yeah, because it's awesome.
This story also looks promising- tracked.

To short, I think making the chapters longer would help put a lot.. but I love the Idea, Good luck

It was pretty obvious it wasn't a TwiDash fic. And that's alright, TwiPie is till underdone as is.

This was pretty funny. I was wondering what the cover image was for but now that I see it in here I got the hilarity out of the situation.

Granted, it wasn't anything special - like Alliterations - but worth the read all the same.

I thought for sure Dash had convinced Twilight to reenact the scene from the movie "Say Anything"

Still this was quite funny and I liked Twilight and Pinkie playing out what would have been a better way to announce Twi's feelings.

I couldn't help but laugh at this.


I feel like I used a plethora of cliches. Which one in particular is the one you hate?

Ah yes. That was rather lazy writing on my part now wasn't it?
Thank you for your input that's something I'll try to avoid in the future.

I liked this. It had me smiling from ear to ear, and the ending was fantastic. Maybe it's a cliche, 303501, but it's one I'm not sick of yet!
Complimenti, mi amico. I look forward to more of the best ship, and whatever the alternate ending is.

You refer, I'm assuming, to the alternate ending?

Very cute, once again. Loved Twilight's constant disbelief at what she was doing. And of course that sappily, sweet dialogue at the end (as much as a part of me hates to admit) And the scooter bit too; that was fun.

Also, that alternate ending. Nice :rainbowlaugh:

304343 Yep. If you look above the comment you can see what chapter it was posted for.

Well I liked it, Twilight making a fool of herself, and lots of adorable fluff. Also, dat alternate ending :rainbowdetermined2:

Not bad, BSB, not bad at all.

Dat alternate ending though :unsuresweetie: You are a very bad pony.

I just don't know what went wrong! :derpytongue2:
Oh look you're right. :twilightblush: Thanks for pointing that out.

AH, I love it! Specially the alternate ending :rainbowlaugh:

Is that the cliche in question here, though? The way I read the story, I assumed that Pinkie had always returned Twilight's affections (at least, from the point of the story's beginning). I interpreted her initial reluctance as stemming from her believing Twilight was pranking her, not from lack of romantic feelings for Twilight. But perhaps I read the story wrong. I dunno.

I do feel as though the cliff scene was a touch too fast paced and could have benefitted from being expanded, thus allowing Pinkie more time to process everything (first, that it wasn't a prank, and second, that Twilight's in love with her). Overall, though, I thought it was pretty cute. And I especially liked "And I would have to think a moment, just for the dramatic effect," for some reason.

Got a laugh from the alt ending ... though, actually, given that my two fave ships are RainbowPie and TwiPie, I'd love for someone to do a serious take on this. Could be really interesting. Also, I'd love an epilogue where Rainbow Dash tries the same seduction techniques she taught to Twilight on her very own potential "special somepony." (I think it'd be especially funny if that pony turned out to be Applejack or Fluttershy, as I think each of their reactions to the Patented Rainbow Dash Wooing would involve a lot of confusion and hilarious awkwardness.)

It was my intention that Pinkie had also liked Twilight from the beginning, and in the first draft Pinkie alluded to RD having known about her feelings towards Twilight and thus giving the whole "this prank isn't funny" a bit of a sadder twist. But in the end I cut it out because the ending was getting so messy there was no neat way to wrap it up. (So in this draft RD was just clueless I guess :rainbowderp:) I wish I would have made it clearer though; it was just lazy writing on my part.
I completely agree with you on the cliff scene. I may go back and revise it later on after a bit of distance.
Rainbow Pie was my first pony ship, but when I started making the transition to Twinkie Pie as my favorite RD didn't want to stay behind. They would make an odd threesome but it has potential to be very interesting if someone could pull it off. :rainbowhuh::pinkiehappy::twilightoops:
And an AppleDash epilogue... That also has potential for hilarity. :rainbowdetermined2::ajbemused:

Pinkie liking Twilight from the beginning is how I read the story--in particular, her gentleness with Twi when Twi was screwing everything up seemed to me to indicate that Pinkie was crushing on Twilight too.

Oh, that would have been even sadder! Oh, poor Pinkie ... I shall throw a track on this so I can read the revision. Don't get me wrong, though--I think it's quite good as-is, too.

Also, there's no pressure whatsoever to write an epilogue ... but yes, Rainbow trying her smooth moves on Applejack would probably be the funniest thing ever.

The alternate ending was my favorite part.
Yay for prescription drug writers inspiration!:pinkiehappy:

Gotta admit that it brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Maybe I should take strong medication more often. :derpytongue2:

352570 No, just be sure to write when you are already on legal drugs.
Because drugs are bad, mkay? :moustache:

Never you fear for I am a good law abiding little fanfic writer. No illegal substances here. :pinkiesmile:

I just rediscovered this song the other day, and now I can't help but think of this being the song that Twilight plays on the boombox at the beginning of Dash's Great Plan. 'Cause it's such a great "go win the girl" song.

Oh man. I love this song.
Funny story: I've actually story boarded a choreographed piece between Pinkie and Twilight to this song. It's such a fun song with great energy that it's easy to visualize a confession type situation for it. :pinkiesmile:

That is objectively awesome. This plan must come to fruition! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

It's too bad that I have neither the skills nor the time to do it myself. :raritydespair:

Aww, that's such a tease! "Oh, here's the great idea I have ... BUT I'M NOT GONNA DO IT, HA."

Boo! :pinkiehappy:

Who were you thinking would sing to who, by the way? I'd say Pinkie--both as my guess as to who you'd have be the singer, as well as who I myself would choose as the singer.

I know. I know. I'm horrible. :ajsleepy:
*Now to make it worse*
I chose Pinkie to be the singer for very obvious reasons and then I started storyboarding "River Deep; Mountain High" with Twilight singing to Pinkie because I wanted it to be fair. If only I had talent! Maybe if I have time this summer I'll try to go somewhere with them.

Yeah. This is not one of my best works. But thank you for reading.
And oh that alternate ending... :trollestia:

This is the absolute most ridiculously best thing.

The alternate ending was ridiculous. :rainbowhuh:
To start, in the alternate ending, Pinkie Pie came off as saying "Well I'm not interested in you that way Twilight, but if you include Dashie to sweeten the deal, I'm up for it!" ...so, yeah...the alternate ending just basically turned it into a RainbowPie with a third wheel.

With the original ending, however...the story is very nice, very sweet, and I enjoyed it immensely. :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Ooh! Is it the library? Zecora’s? Canterlot?

Twilight: Pause for dramatic effe--

The moon?


It's spelled "Wooing", not "Whooing".

Oh no
I thought Rainbow was doing it because she wants to confess to Twilight because the first chapter seems obvious that rainbow is playing around her for rainbow to confess her feelings,but I guess not.Well,good chapter.

WHAT?! I mean I’m okay with this whole Twi pie thing but involving dash that seems not right well I guess threesome is going on.

YES! This Counts As Pinkiedash Right?

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