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Original Works. It was a good run.


"Terror strikes Ponyville as an undead ruler roams the streets! Its shops and houses lay abandoned at her moaning hooves, and only one brave soul can save it! Will she have the heart though?"

"...Pinkie, shut up."

Written a couple weeks back, so none of my followers worry, please.

A rough comic rendition done by my patreon partner Knotted. Final will not be coming, as we have too much else to work on, so he provided the cover instead.

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loooooooooooooooooool we need an animation of this happeing

ok we so need animaiton of this one, or at ltease a comic strip

Awww ^-^ I love it.
Y'know, this could potentially be an episode. Twilight working waaaay to hard and not sleepin' and all that, everyone thinks she's a zombie, pinkie pie evacuates everyone, then Rainbow comes back and asks what the hey is goin' on and explains to Pinkie what happened. Unfortunately, the whole romantic bit wouldn't be able to be in there... but still, potentially an episode!

Yes. Have all of my yes. :heart:

It could instead be Spike getting back from Canterlot for whatever reason, and then he walks right up to Twilight at the end and leads her back to bed with Pavlovian responses for when she's like this. The episode would have a double message. First, not jumping to conclusions. Second, all the little things you might rely on someone for without even knowing.

Great idea! But the zombie part should've gone on longer. It would've been hilarious to see Twilight shambling through town, chasing after other ponies (because they're running away from her) with bits of her coat falling off (bits of brush and food in her coat) and Rainbow trying to reassure Pinkie all along.

munching her hair seems to indicate she might be zombied, but the smile cinches it, she's not and UNDEAD zombie, she's still a sleep deprived zombie

Woah, i loved it! definitely cute, and interesting from start to end.

6958885 I agree. There needs to be an animation of this. If only I was better at drawing and animating...

Not bad. It's a fun idea, though it's rather quick. Some of the wording is a bit awkward in places. I think the story would benefit from a pre-reader or an extra read-through.

Still, it's cute. I agree with others that it could almost be an episode.

6960526 hahaha you and me both i have some practice in animating but i still suck at it

6960542 I've done a 10 second stick figure animation on my phone, but that's all the practice I've had.

I think we all know what it's like to be this kind of zombie, though maybe not to the extreme Twilight takes it to.

6960575 hehe well i have has some flash animating and i sucked at it

6960638 I'll be honest, I prefer using the "draw each frame" kind of animating, as it's much less complicated. The only issue is it depends on your drawing skills, and it's more time heavy, not to mention lip syncing would be a b*tch.

6960659 well i can't draw either so yeah i suck

Ok, this is all to coincidental. My class is currently partaking in a play called Zombie Quest. So, to see a zombie story while being a main role in a zombie play.....wow....

This story is so funny:rainbowlaugh:

"Maaaannneeeessss! Nom, nom, nom.

The click-bait is strong with this story, and I am the accepting victim.:derpytongue2:

“Come on. Nopony but Pinkie is around, so feel free to use your blue pillow.”

I'm not normally one for Twidash, but :squee: :pinkiehappy:

Well, she is a zombie! Just not the dangerous kind of zombie unless you're Rarity! That mane munching is murder.

"Terror strikes Ponyville as undead ruler roams the streets! It's shops and houses lay abondaned at her moaning hooves, and only one brave soul can save it! Will she have the heart though?"

When the first part of the description has a bunch of typos and awkward phrasing, it doesn't leave a good first impression for the story itself. Especially when it's featured.

Lol. Too funny.


Oh my god, this is exactly the sentiment I was going to express. Is it really so difficult to proofread something that's only four sentences long?

Well that was an adorable little thing! :pinkiehappy:

Where's the part where Rarity comes back with anti-zombie chainsaw? ;) :raritywink:

Summary - ditto comments above. At least: It's -> Its shops and houses lay abandoned

I love it!
So cute and funny!:pinkiehappy:

This would be the best viral video of all time on youtube when someone gets around to making this.

The coverart changed...

Well zombies has become a very popular genre in the last few years, so the odds weren't extremely low.
Still a pretty neat coincidence though.

Onward! Seemingly adorable horse words await.
*Edit* I was not disappointed.

Love it, :heart:

D'aww the new art is way better than face hoof.


Much, much yes.

That is adorable and I would not doubt that Celestia and Spike would do some little small Pavilion commands for her with that kinda stuff.

The part about Rainbow being Twilight's blue pillow is where I officially lost it. :rainbowlaugh: Oh I so needed this to lighten my mood.

“And what if I became a werewolf or something?”

“I would commence plan Serious Puppy Snuggles.”

I mean ... A sequel would be in order, my good brony.

Already commented on this. Love this little fic. Liked it and happily put it on my TwiDash shelf. Then I saw the updated cover art.


This is so adorable I can't feel my heart... oh wait.

Blegh!:derpytongue2: my heart derped from cuteness!:heart::heart::heart:

6966780 Patreon links have never been removed or flagged for... admittedly, I don't know why. Also, for the lack of depth, that is why this is a fluff piece. Just meant to be a bit of cute to brighten your day.

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