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Something isn't beautiful because it lasts.


We all have dreams, goals, and ideas. We all want for something, want to ascribe to be something. But… what happens once you’ve achieved that goal? What do you do if you’ll never achieve that goal? If circumstances in life prevent you from ever being able to do the thing you love?

Two ponies, two friends, each have to deal with a different version of that question. But maybe they can find the answer together, and maybe, just maybe, they’ll find something else as well.

A cowrite with Moonlit Sparkle. Edited by DeputyDuck and RofLmao.

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Comment posted by Lunatone deleted Feb 4th, 2016

This a such a heart warming story. *Undertale voice* It fills me with determination. :twilightsmile:


He has excellent cowriters and editors. :scootangel: lol


Obviously can't argue that.

It's too bad for me though. I didn't have time to go through this story and make edits. :fluttercry:

I really like the message that was in this story.

Comment posted by Lunatone deleted Feb 4th, 2016

“A hero?” Tears built up in the pegasus’s eyes as she whispered the word. “So when you all dressed up as Mare Do Well to teach me a lesson, was that you acknowledging that I was a hero?”

This is just so cliché now.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Now that I think about it, there is one thing you could do for me. Please tell the Wonderbolts, from me, Princess Twilight Sparkle, to go buck themselves. Their loss is my gain.

You are writing an epilogue with the Wonderbolts' reaction to Princess Celestia calling them in and telling them that Twilight says to buck them selves.

PS. Tell Cadance I need to talk to her soon. I think it’s about time I take her up on some other lessons.

Epilogue, I say! Epilogue!

Well, A nice read on a nice, slow day.

Oooh, this deserves a sequel to it. Maybe just another one-shot sequel that continues with the reaction of the 'Bolts and the (maybe) fallout for dismissing Rainbow Dash, Hero of Equestria and Bearer of the Element of Loyalty. That and I'm sure that all the 'Bolts fans would "love" to learn about how the 'Bolts treat each other and the "egos" they have and not caring about the skills and dedication that others try to bring into the organization.

All those in favor of a sequel/one-shot sequel, please say "aye"!


6672463 That this story has beaten the MDW dead horse.


I think he meant to reply to Darkestar or not lol

RDxTWI is the best ship ever!!!!!!!!!:rainbowkiss:

Great story I loved that ending:heart:

This was a rather realistic way to start a TwiDash. I liked it. :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

I think the Loss of the Wonderbolts is a bit...mmm overdramatic? I mean I know it's important to Rainbow and her friends would support her but...yea if they cant see her worth their not "worth" her time.

Also any reason for TwiDash is good in my opinion

Well someone's been spamming the dislike button. :rainbowhuh: Good job on the story. Though... what Dash went through is considered a wrongful dismissal. Kind of doesn't make sense that her superior is dismissing her for her attitude problems unless she had already failed a re-training or re-evaluation (which is what is usually the course of action to correct severe attitude problems). I do believe that bit about destroying the factory though... and insubordination. That should be enough grounds for dismissal.


Oh wait... hold on. If your version of the Wonderbolts is paramilitary then these would be good reasons to discharge her.


For groups like the wonderbolts, blue angels, and thunderbolts, image matters. If you're caught damaging their reputation, they can kick you out for that. Yes, paramilitary. lol

Yeah, someone has a LOT of hate in them

I pitty them


Oh, I agree. If I might make a suggestion... Maybe add a sentence or two that hints that Rainbow Dash has been warned about this before? Don't get me wrong... the other reasons I've listed already justifies the dismissal. Failing to cooperate with the team? Maybe a demotion for that. But showboating and egomania as grounds for dismissal? In a performance group where there is bound to be ponies with similar attitudes? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Unless, you're trying to imply that the Wonderbolts are deliberately being unethical?

But if you feel that the story is fine the way it is then disregard my suggestion. I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around those two specific reasons.


Those were part of a few reasons given, but being how the wonderbolts behave in the show, I didn't feel it'd require a lot of different reasons to justify it on their end.

To me they behave rather unethical in the show (Lightning dust, RD almost getting kicked out by being framed) and this was just that continued to the inevitable conclusion.


True... true.. I concede to your point. Still irks me though because I love Spitfire and I hate you for making her look bad but I'll let it go. :scootangel:


All those in favor of a sequel/one-shot sequel, please say "aye"!


And who's the jerk down-voting all the comment s on this story, anyway?


I'm with you! I kinda... Spitfire is kinda... she rocks... HOWEVER, on your earlier post, I can speak from personal experience that this sort of thing happens. Only my issue was much more frivolous than this lol. This story really hit home, which was fantastic.

6672934 Oh, I wouldn't worry about the "down-voting troll". Whoever it is, they're just jealous that they didn't think of asking for a sequel first; not that I asked first myself. I just see the one down-voting as someone who is insecure and childish. No harm to me.

I live by a saying, "Sticks and Stones may break my Bones, but Words will never harm me" or childish actions like down-voting everyone's comments.

And my previous comment still stands, I do think a sequel would be a great thing for this one shot.

**gets down on hands and knees and begs Twidashforever for a sequel to this amazing story**

I really like this story, but the line: [“Why do you only see your value through your heroes, Rainbow? "] kinda bothers me. I mean, didn't she already learn this lesson in Daring Don't? Daring Do is right up there with the Wonderbolts as her heroes, and this story takes place after Daring Don't (since it mentions Rarity's boutique in Canterlot) , so shouldn't RD already know not to place her heroes on such a pedestal and deem their harsh words the truth?

Really like the story, especially the bit with Celestia admitting that she never sends good news to Twilight XD

So I take it this is not part of your TiM series then XD?
I saw this and wondered if it was another recap on earlier events, maybe even before TiM, but nope doesn't look that way. Still, awesome job, as always dude!


'Tis not part of that story line. 'Tis nothing more than a short one-shot, that might become a two shot, one day.


True, it is a lesson she learned once, but in this case it's about the overall feelings of having her dream taken away from her. And, let's face facts, it's increasingly rare to only need to learn a lesson once. Often it takes several times of learning the same lesson to get it to stick. That combined with having her dreams taken away, led her to where she is here.

6673410 Also RD was able to Change Daring Do, and help her grow and idolize her more. RD mentions here she tried to change the Wonderbolts from the inside, like she did with Daring, trying to make it better but couldn't do it as they refused to change and removes anything, like her, that tries to change it.

6672499 Best Ship Ever!

Hey TwiDashForever, I found a picture that reminded me of your The Looking Glass story! xD

Please tell the Wonderbolts, from me, Princess Twilight Sparkle, to go buck themselves. Their loss is my gain.

Your da best, Twi :scootangel:

6672961 Okay, cool.

And yeah, that's me, too. People like that ain't worth losin' any sleep over.

And as to a sequel, I definitely agree with you on that.

I give this story all of my yes.... Fantastic job!!!

This was fantastic! I think...I think I went to TwiDash heaven... GODS, TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!

You know, Twilight could always sponsor a new aerial team. One that doesn't choke wen the going gets tough, and mess up quite so much. With Dash leading, they could quickly surpass the Wonderbolts in reputation and become the best flying team in Equestria.

I've never actually seen an interro-bang used...

"Sargent Spitfire!"
"What is is private?"
"You got a letter from Princess Twilight."
"Well whats it say?"
"Ahem...Dear Wonderbolts. Go buck yourselves."


Be more like:
"Cpt, Spitfire, we got a request from Princess Celestia of Equestria."

"Really? What's it say?"

"She's inviting all of us for a personal meeting with her. Apparently she has a message for all of us."

"Really?! Get everyone in their finest dress uniforms! We gotta make a good impression on the princess!"

6674799 Your right that is even better.
Keep up the good work. Looking forward to Beyond the Looking Glass.

An unstated amount of time later...

"Spitfire, ma'am!"

"Yes cadet?"

"We've just been kicked off all our air shows for the next 6 months!"

"WHAT? Why would they do that?"

"Princess Twilight's new flight team, The Rainbooms, just showed up all our teams. They did TWO sonic rainbooms at once. And there are rumors two Rainbow Dashes are the ones that pulled it off."

"RAINBOW DASH!!!!!!!!"

And so, the Wonderbolts were slowly replaced by the Rainbooms, who proved themselves to not only be a better flying team, but also a faster and more effective emergency response team. Spitfire soon regretted her dismissal of Rainbow Dash, and cried as she went out looking for a new job else were.

Would love a part two where the Wonderbolts try to get her back. It's always fun seeing Spitfire get what's coming to her


That pictured had me worried lol. I was like, "No way this can be SFW."

Another great work of Fiction by one of my favorite TwiDash writers, Twidashforever.

Honestly, I loved the story, but I, myself would NOT recommend a sequel at hoof. It's best left off as a shining cliff hanger, where we can visualize what Rainbow and Twilight will do.

It's beautiful and emotional, but the romance in the end was a bit confusing, care to explain me how they even got to "there"?

A sequel worries me as well, simply because I'm not sure if it could live up to the first story. Plus I'd have it be overly harsh on the Bots which I'm sure would piss off more than a fair share of people. As I'm sure this one did too.

It got there because:
Shared greaf
Off the cuff remark (Rainbow telling Twi she needs a goal of her own, special somepony was mentioned as an example. Twi, confused, jumped on that thought. Who she'd like, what she'd look for in a pony, and her thoughts fell upon Rainbow.)
realization of similarities and differences
The pain they felt for one another

May not seem like much, but many relationships have started on a lot less.

I gotta be honest: I was disappointed with this one. Each time Rainbow challenged Twilight to name one good thing about her, she kept coming back to her being the fastest flier in a millennium and an element of harmony. I feel like Twilight might have an at least slightly stronger case to make than that. It just falls flat that she couldn't say anything more about say how passionate, straightforward, and loyal Dash can be at times. Heck, could have even turned some of her negative aspects around into positive ones: her brash actions showing how much confidence she has in herself (whether rightfully placed or not), her ego and stubbornness (when applied correctly) being a great morale booster (or something for the group to get a kick out of when they need a pick me up), and some third (or is it sixth?) thing that I haven't taken into consideration at this moment. I might be wrong, but Twilight still should have had more to say than someone that had only seen the season 2 premiere and finale when it comes to defending Dash. Didn't have to be an essay answer, but more than just the two most basic attributes of her character.

Heh. This story was pretty awesome. I loved the drama in it. It was a fun read so thanks.

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