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This story is a sequel to TiM: A Lesson Learned

Story number three of the Twilight is Magic series. See author notes in first chapter for link to read order.
It has been forty years since Rainbow and Twilight married, forty years since they started on their new lives together. A time of peace overtook the land. With all races and nations sharing in the harmony of Equestria. Yet that is just the surface. Dark forces move underneath, planing their revenge.

Shout out to ModMCdl for the epic cover art!

Chapters (25)
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Comments ( 947 )

You did too good. That's what you did right as well as what you did wrong... In other words too good.

Curse you for writing a story I can't read without over 100,000 words of back story first! :trixieshiftleft: *grumbling intensifies*


Delayed enjoyment, you will love it :rainbowkiss:

Or it will drive you nuts :pinkiecrazy:

Either way, what bliss :derpytongue2:

4131234 I'm still trying to catch up in DanxPinkie, FO:E, and OTR. :facehoof: I have sooooo much reading to do. :raritydespair:

I have 41 storys in my read later. including the dreaded Blue Angel 770,000 words

I might have to take leave just to read it…

trying to find the right balance between reading and writing…

So far still trying.

Nice thing about TIM is that the chapters are only 3-4k words, easy to put it down and pick it back up without losing your place. just don't count the chapters and you will be fine

4131261 I have 32, but that's because I read all10 of the ones under 5,000 words today. Lol. I had balance, but then I stopped writing, and now it's all jacked up. Stupid hiatus I needed. :trixieshiftleft:

I'm almost caught up in diaries of a madman and that is 1.5 million words

damn, never heard of that one, whats it about?

AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! :heart: YousneakybastardIcouldkissyourightnow!
You said you had no plans for a sequel, you liar! :pinkiehappy:


all the comments started giving me ideas, then 2+2 came together and me being me I got an idea that I wanted to make come to life.

Came out rather well If i do say so myself


4132369 I have said this once but this but your story is way too good to be written by any mortal. From Gaia to you is the flow of the underlying framework that ensures the time flow doesn't corrupt due to Cronus's influence

4131580 its a discord story and its kinda hard to explain you would have to read it for yourself to really understand


Crap, you found me out. Time to jump into a new Avatar.

All seriousness, thanks! After the reception of a life well lived 20/9 up down. I was worried this would not be well received.


I would say I would chk it out but 1.5 million words is a bit intimidating...

I am utterly convinced that people only use the down vote if they are trolling.

otherwise I would have to accept that 5 people read all of 'Truth in Meanings', all 'A life well lived' got to this and decided "Na I don't like this."

Also Downvoteing without saying why is a waste of time. The author has no idea what you did not like or how they can fix it.

WHY IS THIS STORY SO F:yay:KING PERFECT?!?!?11!?!?one?!?!

Cause I knew you would read it, and to give my story's biggest fan any less would be an injustice I couldn't live with.


I think it came out so good because of A life lived for others.
That really let me experience writing slice of life moments which is something Truth in Meanings did not allow for. As such I only got better

If you have not yet, check out the Youtube videos on my new blog, they are the best Twidash I could find on youtube and they won over my heart. I know you will love them!

~Twidash on~

Oh Celestia... Hopefully Tartarus finds out about this. He wouldn't stand for a titan plotting against his beloved sisters... would he?

4138745 reread the end of ch 29 and ch 30 of truth in meanings.

That might answer your question...

4138896 Yeah, he was pretty furious. "I'll hold on to it... for now.".........OH SHI-

While some fires did take an hour to be extinguished, they were just not the ones burning down the town.


I loved it too :twilightblush:

While i won't write actual clop (I don't think I would be very good at it.) Implied sex works just as good!

~Twidash on~

4153858 Implied sex. There's a lot of it here. And in the one-off you did. I think it fits well... no pun intended.


Fits well - I see what you did there

In all seriousness I see them more as physically expressing their love

The two have a very unique outlook. They both know how they feel about the others and have bodies that will practically never age. On top of that they have already experanced what it feels like to lose the other... For them it's not so much about sex but about the expression of love from one to another.

And being what their love accomplished at the end of TiM they have a LOT of it to express.

Is it a little gratuitous? Ya probably. Will I stop. Hell no!


4153994 Hell yes! I never said I didn't love it!
TwiDash on!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4eVAH!

I knowtist that you used sit a few times when it should be sat, and you call Gaia a god a female god is a goddess.
4131302 60, get on my level. i'm loven this story so far.

Oh god!!! I havent even started The Truth in Meanings...
I will start it now...

Loyalty is defined as: the state of being faithful to that which you deem worthy.

You just HAD to put in another definition. 30 wasn't enough for you, eh? :rainbowlaugh:


The best way to teach something to someone is when they don't know they are learning :scootangel:

I thought it was fitting for the moment myself. A tribute to the two heroes during such an important time.

That being said, Shit is about to hit the fan!


your in for a treat, I almost wish I wasn't the one who wrote it, that way I could have the pleasure of reading it for the first time.

Wow i just realized,


Aurora and Rainbow are both events that occur in the sky.

I soooo did not do that on purpose…

Comment posted by Twidashforever deleted Apr 1st, 2014

Finally got 'round to reading all of this thus far.

Still fantastic, but OP OCs are OP...

and TwiDash is like applying permenant glue.

That said, loving the character interactions and the story.

So how many characters die in the next chapter? :trollestia:


Took me a while to read that lol,

Somewhere between 0 and 10,000 I will narrow the number down a bit as i write it. :rainbowderp:

OP OCs are OP...

say that three times fast :rainbowlaugh:


I tried, I gave up when I started saying osley-opey-opey

Comment posted by Midnight Gust deleted Apr 14th, 2019

I like the new chapter length it makes it easter to read on the go when I don't hav
e a connection


Thanks, I'll keep doing what I am doing then. I was worried it might be bogging down the story.

another awesome chapter, and I'm finally caught up. :pinkiehappy:

whats that about being caught up?

Shit's about to go down *insert face here*

4177752 I mean that it's gonna get really exciting.

4178348 ah. Kk.

I couldn't belive that last chapter. I got half of what I wanted done at 7k words.

Had to cut it off and make it into two.

What were the odds of it ending at exactly 27,000 words. Not something I did intentionally.

4178373 I just noticed that. That isn't something you see every day.

I hate to ask but when you say golden wings are her wings really golden and secondly why is her wings so HUGE from what I remember from the story before

34 years after the last story. Now she can grow and shrink them at will

Yes they are golden. Made of magic energy

So much sad... but also epic...
I'm gonna make the assumption, based on the title, description, chapter names, and pretty much everything else, that Twilight is bucked. :twilightoops:

Obviously I won't say if your right but I have to ask,

Assuming? In my story? Really? :facehoof:

Didn't TiM teach you anything? :twilightoops:

/sarcasm :pinkiehappy:

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