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This story is a sequel to TiM: The Light of my Life

Story number nine of the Twilight is Magic series. See author notes in first chapter for link to read order.
Taz seeks to understand just who he is and what he is capable of. Of all his friends and family, he is the only earth pony, the only one without magic. Yet is it their magic that defines them, or something else? Something deeper?

With the ability to take away the magic of others, what will he do with this power? Who will he listen too? Who can truly understand what it's like to live around such exceptional ponies when you feel like you have nothing that makes you stand out?

Special thanks to Rain-Shaker and How to be Swag 101 for their help in editing.

Chapters (3)
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More evil people going against Twilight and Night... How stupid are they? Only 1 weapon can kill a god... which is gone if I remember right... so next to nothing can kill Night, and she is very Deus Ex Machina as she can make anything happen and deny anything from happening...


Remember Night is a demigoddess, not a God.

Shes only half God not full God. (Well, technically 1/3 God)

See Greek mythology for more details lol.

5590635 While not immortal, she can still go "You, die" And the person/thing/monster she spoke to would drop dead... God of magic is very over powered.


You might be confusing the God of Magic with the God of Death. Although, I suppose she could always conjure a million blades and kill you that way.

However, thats not really her character to do something like that. The night revenant was a being of magic, (Literally, magic that was alive) her power over him was absolute because of that fact.

Whenever you deal with Gods/demigods there will always be that overpowered feel, but in much the same way as back when Twilight was the living incarnation of Gaia, having the power to do something and knowing how to do it are two separate things. Heck, Night would have died to Ataxia's attack had Rainbow not blocked it for her. She's still just a mortal and subject to everything that brings with it (they all are).

Phenomenal God-like Power does you little good if someone slits your throat while you're sleeping.

I always try and keep a very practical approach to the narrative. While - lets face it - Twilight, Rainbow, Ataxia, and Night might have a LOT of power (each for their own different reason), they can only do so much.

5589144 that would be a criminal understatement.


Best comment I've heard all day :)

I'm gonna try and have the start of the next book up on Saturday (it's the next FULL story).

TiM: Cost of Defeat

Should be about 150k words right now. (First two chapters are already written, although i'm just gonna post one lol.)

Who's trying to fuck with them this time? :twilightoops: Also i love where this is going but vela's kinda mean.


Yeah, she gets it from her dad.

Remember the Night revenant's last words from POV?

Sorry no kinda space'd out near the end

Go back to Price of Victory, Define fate.

Run a command F (search command), type in

“It’s over for you.” Night stated the words in no uncertain terms.

it's the very next paragraph.

:pinkiegasp: ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh so they accidentally brought this on themselves._._._.I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

wow :rainbowderp: that raised so many questions, but I'm not going to ask now, not until the next story, for i am hoping that you would answer them then :twilightblush:.

Can't wait,
I-Am-A-Dwagon :moustache:


The next story is coming along nicely. Two chapters posted, two chapters written and I'm already 20% into chapter five.

wow, I can not even discribe how much I love this story-series :rainbowkiss:

If I would have the time I would read everything in one big run, but real live gets in my way all the time...
but hey, this way I got something I can look forward to for after work :pinkiehappy:


Labor of love.

It's the only phrase that fits.

I wasn’t really listing though


It seemed is if simply

as if?

you don’t what to know


she sent her up her

up here.

was a forgone conclusion



a hoof though Night’s


ran his hoof though the age-old


Her laughter ecod in the room


I’m so glad your back!

*insert grammar nazi image*:rainbowlaugh:

to be my friend anymore


Yeah, you was right, i totaly liked this one:rainbowkiss:

Well dayum where did everything go wrong? :pinkiegasp:

6563290 Oh nothing I was talking more about how whiney the kids are :rainbowlaugh:. It's awesome story, and actually you're doing an awesome job so far. Keep it up, this takes #3 in my favorites in the line of stories.


This is one of my favs as well

OK I have to say something that's ,albeit, minor: when you use the plural of pegasus it's pegasi. Just a small note.

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