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It’s been two weeks since Princess Twilight Sparkle got her wings. She's already learned the basics of flying, so what more does she need to know? Her studies with the princess have to take priority over everything else, so why should she need to keep practicing flying? Rainbow Dash doesn’t seem to agree with that, and in order to prove to Twilight that flying is more than just ‘flapping your wings’, she’s going to show her just how important it really is.

Cowrote with Moonlit Sparkle. Edited by Deputy Duck and Lunatone. Loosely based on Disney's A Whole new World song from Aladdin. Idea for the story came from an old conversation with Krazy Stargazer a few months ago.

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I'm surprised you didn't let Moonlit Sparkle publish it on her own profile! Turned out great, though!

This is beautiful. Brought a tear of happiness to my eye! Have a like and a fav! Also the ending g was funny.

... a new fantastic point of view?

:trollestia: I'll top my sisters wage . . .Double or nothing on the next couple. . . Candance ?

:rainbowhuh::twilightoops: who?


:trollestia: Well are you a Scootaloo?

:scootangel: I heard that!

Short and sweet. Cute story that I really enjoyed.
Starting to like Twidash stories. This was only the second one I've read, but I like the ship. Im'ma have to check out some more of your stories. You will most likely hear from me again.

Until then,

6488872 I look fwd to it, thank you!

All shall fall for the glory that is Twidash! lol

Aw yeah. They are pretty much polar oposites which makes it that much cuter.
Plus I have a slight bias towards Twilight. Twi is best pony :twilightsmile: Followed suit by RD.

Oh hey reminds me of an idea i had a while back glad you thought of something similar though~

6489263 lol
Same for me.

TwiDash are opposite enough to keep it interesting but similar enough to bond over.

It's that nice sweet spot lol.

Exactly, well put.

Funny, sweet and very antmospheric.

TONS of characterization for Rainbow Dash. I adore how passionate she is about flying and consequently Equestria. Glad Twilycorn came around too~


E-rated short story from TwiDashForever....

Not... prepared... needs.... *passes out*


You act like that's rare for me, like I've never done that before....



D'awww, cuteness diabetes:twilightsmile:

A dazzling place I never knew.

6490391 I was the "E" rating that really had me excited... :rainbowkiss:

BTW... I have a stockpile of cover art for you... we'll need to chat sometime to sort through it all...

“Twilight, you called flying nothing more than ‘flapping your wings’. Flying is so much more, it’s… it’s… this. It’s all of this and a million more sights. This is… this is Equestria. How can you be a princess of it if you don’t know it? If you don’t go out and see it?”

Maybe I'm just in an obtuse frame of mind tonight, but I don't really get what context Dash is trying to put flying into here. Is flying intrinsically part of being a part of Equestria, something that every pegasus and alicorn needs to appreciate before they can truly feel like they're a part of the land? If that's the case, then I assume there's an equivalent for unicorns and earth ponies. Or is flying more like something you need to appreciate in the broader context of Equestria, kind of like how knowing your country's culture and history allows you to appreciate it more?

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Shining, shimmering, splendid,

6490391 To be fair, you did write The Looking Glass........

Title that references my childhood? Check.
Fic about my OTP? Check.
One of my favorite authors for said OTP? Check.
*Looks at Clock* I have some time.

Through The Looking Glass.
Sorry, I'm a head general Grammar Nazi. :rainbowlaugh:

1/3rd of you is pegasus, Twilight. If you want to be an alicorn, embrace it.

...and then, just as Rainbow Dash felt as if she were on top of the world, a changeling tried to drown her. Genie to the rescue!

Haven't gotten around to reading this yet...but I ran across this recently and it might fit:

That's what happens when you stay up too late. :rainbowlaugh:
Like Juliet says, a names a name, with out it it'd be the same.

I love the story, love the end, love the writing, love the author.


It's so weird for me to do a one-shot lol. I'm used to telling more of a story then this lol

Always gotta have the boop! lol

“Proper edict when dealing with nobles.”
“Remind me again why setting them on fire is a no-no?”
Spike mumbled. “Celestia laughed.”

Why am I not surprised she laughed at that? Oh I know, because she is a TROLL!! LOL!!!

6496556 That was a very nice TwiDash fic. :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:

Go Cadance GO!! LOL

Very cute story, was a great read.

Haha the ending though!!!! well done /)

The ending saved me from crying of my heart melting.
Cute story! as always.

Why can't there be a cuteness overload tag?

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*dies of cuteness*
This story is so freaking adorable!! I love the interactions between Rainbow and Twilight, and the ending was priceless!!

I read this and I'm a bit disappointed. A friend has Been helping me with show don't tell, and there is way to much telling in this fir it to truly be a memorable read. Keep practicing.

The imagery was gorgeous and the conflict was well-done.

I would’ve wished for more twidash but that ending tho. I haven’t heard the saying in a long time, and I definitely won’t forget it. Cause it’s true, you always bet on love

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