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The Spring Dance is an event held every year in Ponyville, heralding the coming of spring after Winter Wrap Up. Many new relationships are formed at the dance, and Twilight hopes to form one as well, the only problem being she couldn't dance if Equestria depended on it. Luckily for her, Rainbow Dash oversees her struggles and lets her in on a secret that just may save her, if she can convince Rainbow to help. As a result, the two may grow closer than either could have anticipated or hoped for.

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More fluffy, cheesy TwiDash from Kodeake. I feel the breath of life in me once more.

Looking over her shoulder with an arched eyebrow, Twilight said, “Well, I hope I'll have to dance soon. The Spring Dance is this weakened


That was beautiful. Please never stop writing twidash.

The TwiDash is strong with this one. You never disappoint with the awesomeness that is TwiDash.

If you're looking for a cover picture, might I suggest this?

As much as I love that picture, I won't use it for cover art for a couple reasons. The first being I won't use anything without the artist's express permission for what I think are pretty obvious reasons, and I don't want to go through the hassle of tracking down the artist and asking. The second being I like my cover art to be unique to my story, and I've seen that used as a cover a billion other times. I also like art designed specifically around my story because I have an artist friend whose been spoiling me with custom art.

A beautiful ending to a beautiful fic.

Well it was a nice little read.
I only found one mistake.

carrying her gramophone back p to her house

Back up. a missing letter so not that bed relay.
I will be reading the epilogue but i won't add it in my critic since i don't think it is of any critical importance, But if i find an error i will comment on it.
This (With out epilogue) will be a 8/10. Very enjoyable.

Funny and rather cute ending to this.
No impact on the rating tho.

I'll admit, I only read this from sheer curiosity. It was pretty good, minus a few spelling errors. One problem I had on my first reading was that the subtlety was kind of weak. Twilight dodging the question at the beginning was great foreshadowing, but that meant every other instance of it felt like hammering, at least for me. Strangely, that didn't bother me so much on my second reading. Overall, it was enjoyable.

The Spring Dance is this weakened.

What happened to the dance for it to lose its strength? What does its weakened state mean for its well-being?

Sometimes butchered up sentences make me want to laugh so hard, especially when they actually work. :rainbowlaugh:

Edit: I know someone else already mentioned this mistake before me, but I couldn't resist bringing it up again.


I still stand by my earlier statement


Yeah pal, you tell him! You stand by those opinions!
they may be the most stupid thing the author as ever received, and among the stupidest reasoning skills I've ever seen, but fuck yeah, you stand by 'em! :pinkiesmile:

I've been trying to get back into actually reading and writing stories, and I thought you might be able to deliver some feel goods. I was not disappointed in the slightest. :rainbowkiss: This was light and fluffy, with just the right ratio of substance to romance for a story of its size. Thanks for the read, Ko. :twilightsmile::heart:

Yes, I've started to call you Ko. I don't need your permission :rainbowwild:

Well it's good that you don't need my permission because you don't have my permission!

Nah, in all seriousness I don't mind. It's hardly the oddest thing people have called me. People can get... creative with names.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed. This fic was a blast to write.

“Rainbow,” Twilight greeted, before noticing the look frozen onto Rarity's face. “Either somepony just ripped a dress or she's surprised to see you at a dance.”

Bonus points for rhyme.:twilightsmile:

And no, I didn't mean please.

6207975 I agree with Spectral. TwiDash4Ever!

It seemed there was always something to do in Ponyville, even on the slowest of days. Some kind of party courtesy of Pinkie Pie or an emergency from some kind of thousand-year-old enemy. Today, though, everything was coming up normal. Nice, calm, boring normal.

A perfect Discord moment that wasn't utilized. Still a great story!

Shrugging, Rainbow said, “Well, for one, it's not all that different from my stunts; I can't learn from reading or watching, I have to do it. Also, I actually know how to dance already.”

Most balisong flippers know this.

6407182 You heard me.:pinkiecrazy: she's all mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:pinkiecrazy:

Yeah! Dancing Rainbow is boss!:pinkiecrazy:

Then why the hell did you read this, or why are you even here?!
TwiDash shippers only!!

NICE ONE DASH!I WISH THERE IS A PINKIESHY :pinkiehappy::heart::yay: AND RARIJACK :raritywink::heart::ajsmug: I LOVE THOSE THREE SHIPPERS BUT MOSTLY TWIDASH :rainbowdetermined2::heart::twilightblush:

SOOOOO CUUUUTEE!!!! *dies of cutness*

How do I keep running into stories that somehow trigger some memory I’ve nearly forgotten? In this case, teaching a close friend to dance for an upcoming event.

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