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The past couple months have been hard on Twilight; she's taken to living in Canterlot Castle to ensure she can truly fulfill her role as a Princess of Equestria. However, the longer she's there, away from her friends, the more she realizes what her life is missing. She has status and friendship, but still she has troubles sleeping as a loneliness clings to her heart. Perhaps she's missing something.

And maybe a friend who shares a similar situation can shed some light on her problems sleeping.

Enter Rainbow Dash, a mare at the top of her world in every way. And yet, in the best hotels the Wonderbolts can buy, she finds the large beds just a little bit too empty to fall asleep.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 37 )

Please sir, may I have some more? :fluttercry:

what is cadence then chopped liver

I would also like more of this please. A top notch twidash, with hardcore feels

Not a Princess of Equestria. Ya know, the whole Crystal empire thing kinda keeps her out of town. Twilight would see her rarely outside of the occasional official business.

the title of your fic, reminds me of the song of breaking Benjamin ♡-♡
Just awesome man


Oh by the way, I know what song you're talking about. It's actually called Crawl.


5446617 ERMAGERD



5459732 Yeah, they are my favorite band.

Because honestly, FUCK 80'S METAL

Actually, FUCK ALL 80'S MUSIC

5460223 They're my favorite band man
Aww yeah

5463763 Your favorite band? I am not alone!

Wait a minute....

We Are Not Alone

:pinkiesad2:5464360 aww yeah man, we are not alone

5467146 We should take this conversation somewhere else before someone starts bitching at us for spamming.

Next stop, my userpage!

How long is a Kodeake month?
On the only serious note:
I actually think this is one of your better pieces so far. I may have a few newer updates in my reading list but this feels more complete than the others so far, not the plot but the mood and pace etc.
And there are a few typos but some are bound to be missed from time to time.

Well, I shall officially call this a Hiatus story. Thank you good sir.

As well as Four is Greater.

5908903 So true that they're hiatus. :fluttercry:

5934300 AGREED! *Hiatus stamp approved*

5934452 And now... We wait for the incomplete stamp of nonhiatusness.

Then parties will go all around.

*flips open trachphone* Hey... Pinkie? I need you to prepare a party for an occasion in the supposedly foreseeable future.

5934452 And on top of that... WHY ARE ALL DA BEST STORIES HIATUS?!?!?!!


Seriously... Why is it? What do you think?

5935496 You know what... that's very true. The only writers I know that will ever update something are Kodeake and The Abyss...

5935496 Lol

5936888 Hmmm... It's depressing, isn't it?

Like there is this one story where Twilight and Rainbow Dash are sisters... Yet it was last updated about two years ago... It's not dead. The author told me himself. It's just apparently on hiatus. I believe him, I just wish he would update the story.

5937076 What's it called?

5938003 Sisterly Bonds Run Deep. It's by a guy called Night--Mist. He's awesome.

5938010 THANKS! I'll talk Ta him too.

5938020 You're welcome! ^_^ When you read it I hope you read his other stuff too. ^_^ Seriously... Night--Mist is a good writer. ^_^

Sighing, Twilight jumped, taking to the air and giving chase.

Rainbow Dash?
Remember to teleport.

Oh man, i felt that. Realy frustrating it's going for so long without an update. :pinkiesad2:
Saw some small typos, yet the only one i've seen trough the whole time i'm reading you and which is realy starting to annoy me - you sometimes messing with "your" and "you're" thought.:unsuresweetie:
Yet, straight to my favourite, gonna look forward to the moment you can push this forward, as well as most of your others non one-shots:fluttershysad:
Best of luck:twilightsmile:

I loved the ending, it was a good read :twilightsmile:

Aw, adorable! Totally loved it.

excelent absolutly beautiful 10/10 not to ruin the feels but you could make this into a pretty god clop fic

Nice to finally see this finished. I like how it all ended.

Its been a long time since I've read a story like this, (i know im a bit late), snuggles and cuddles is my favorite romance in all of fimfiction. But this story is now a close second.. its so nice to see these cute-romance twidash's. Thank you for this story. I truly hope you continue to make twidash story's. :twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

Come on, I'm dying of cuteness here!!

Everything about this fic is great. The writing is believable, the scenes are adorable, and I could just plain see this as an episode.

this is a beautiful story well done

Holy crap why doesn't this have more views. I've read alot of twidash but like DAMN that was SO GOOD. My feels were thoroughly touched.:twilightsmile:

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