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This story is a sequel to A Very Twidash Hearth's Warming

It's been a good year since Rainbow Dash first asked Twilight out on a date, and Hearth's Warming has once again come upon the couple. This time, just like last year, Rainbow is without a present the day before the customary opening of gifts. She knows exactly what she wants to give Twilight, but for some reason, ever time she tries to buy it, something stops her.

Christmas Special, a continuation of last year's special. Reading of last year's is not required, but it is highly recommended.

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That... is beautiful.... hm? TEAR NO! NO GO BACK TO YOUR LITTLE HOME NOW! AH DAMMIT!

I sure as hell want to see the sequel next year. :pinkiehappy:

I'm a little nervous because of this part: Slowly, she regained control of her mouth, and muttered. “I just helped The Twilight Sparkle get married...” You hear that? that's the sound of my heartbreak-alarm screaming. I just hope That doesn't mean what i think it means

5424157 This one's not finished, fyi

I know, and I'm waiting that epiloge as well. :pinkiesmile:

I have been anxiously waiting for this ever since you mentioned it to me on last year's Christmas special. You absolutely made it worthwhile. Very very well done. I love it!!!! :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:
Just one quick thing I caught while reading this.

She slipped it among the presents already surrounding the hearth, watching ti carefully for a second before nodding in approval.

Should be it

Nodding, Twilight complied, holding the box out so both of them could see it as she flipped open the lid, and promptly dropped the box – as well as he jaw.

Twilight turned to a guy! D:

i don´t remember if the story had an open ending, but i hope for more.

5426018 Here... Let me help.

- as well as h--> er jaw.


Uh, did you say that the epilogue would be released the day after? It's kinda been weeks. Is the epilogue that long? Hmmmm...

Oh, almost forgot, same rating as the last one. My phones getting really hot so I'm not going to put all the Derpys. 5/5

Great, just the thing to lighten the day before it ends, especially after few other fics i've read today:pinkiehappy:
Totally needs an epilogue:facehoof:
Best of luck:twilightsmile:

“I just helped The Twilight Sparkle get married...”

Best line ever :rainbowlaugh:

Awww, How is this complete? Twilight still has a choice.
Yes or no (although we know what she's going to pick :raritywink:)
Pls! If you can, Do one more chapter!

No… this is best line:

”Wanna spend the rest of your life having to put up with me?”


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