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Twilight's been having weird, unfamiliar urges ever since she became an alicorn. Like an intense desire to grow flowers, or the fact she can't stop chewing on her wings when she's distracted. As it turns out, you can't just suddenly inherit the magic of all three pony tribes without getting the instincts to match, and instincts can be a powerful thing. Doubly so when you're not used to them, and especially when they're telling you that your best friend with the gorgeous wings would make the perfect partner to share a nest with.

Wait, what was that last part?

Originally this was supposed to be a birthday gift for Celysus, but I fell in love with the idea so it's gonna be a full fic now. You can't stop me.

(Rated teen for mildly suggestive flirting)

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Okay, it's a cute premise. You got my attention.

Cadance was a wonderful foalsitter but she was a pegasus before she became an alicorn so she didn’t know to stop me.

This, of course, raises the question of how often she did it...

In any case, this is actually something I've wanted to explore myself, but I never found a good premise to take it from intriguing idea to actual story. I look forward to seeing what you do with the concept (though I understand if the Twidash takes priority.)

Adorable lol, hope Rainbow doesn't get jealous when her Earth Pony side kicks in and she spends all day farming with Applejack.

That was so adorable, the way you wrote their dynamic is so cute and show-accurate, I love the mental image of Twilight chewing her wings it sounds so cute. Now we need Pinkie or AJ helping her control her earth pony strength

You know what? I usually just put ongoing stories in my read later bin, but this is good enough to skip right to favorites.

This is so cute omggg. I love the world building going on here, it really is funny how all that came from wing chewing.
And I'm so happy to get a nice twidash flying lessons story. The show missed out big time on that. And the flirting is real

Thank you so much for this! Looking forward to more 💜💙

It's great so far! Twilight constantly nibbling on her wings is funny!:twilightsmile:

Like a Sparrow trying to teach a Swan how to fly O.o

So I get that this is a romance setup for Twi-Dash, but I love your take on this so much I kinda wanna see Pinkie or Applejack helping her with the earth pony side of this, even if it's not romantic. Seeing a deeper friendship grow outta something like that seems really neat to read. But I also understand if that's not in the scope of the fic.

Yes this is just an AMAZING Setup!!

That picture is diabetus inducing levels of adorable, the whole idea is adorable.

So much D'awww I really hope you write some more for this premise.

Oh, this is wonderful.

These comments also have me wondering if Applejack will play a role in this, for the earth pony side of Twilight's new magic. So much could be done with this premise!

Interesting setup; alicornhood as a second go through puberty is not an angle I'd have thought of.

“Mmhmm,” Twilight affirmed. “Unicorn foals are constantly scratching their horns on anything hard. It’s a leftover instinct from when we used to shed our horns every year or so. We evolved past that but the habit stuck around."

Hmm... I recall a headcanon per which kirin, more deer-like as they are, do shed their antlers... I wonder if something interesting could be done with that, I always did like the idea of there being some connection between the two groups...

“Not quite,” Twilight corrected, turning her head to the side. “There’s a little bend backwards. My parents were pretty good about stopping me, but they weren’t always around. Cadance was a wonderful foalsitter but she was a pegasus before she became an alicorn so she didn’t know to stop me.”

Which raises some further questions, such as: how curved did Cadence's horn get?

Heh, SO cute :twilightsmile:. I'm loving the start so far and can't wait to see what you have planned next~ :pinkiesmile:

Very nice start. I can't wait for more.

Before reading: This is gonna be good!

it is a shame I cant thumb up this story more then once

You did great with AJ's part. :pinkiehappy:
I think this was an spelling error, It was all right there, ff only she could just focus. But despite her efforts, she found her mind wandering, eyes unfocused from their assigned task.
Did you mean It was all right there, if only she could just focus. But despite her efforts, she found her mind wandering, eyes unfocused from their assigned task. If not sorry, other than that you did great! I like where this is going.

Reads to me like you wrote Applejack perfectly. As in, more in character than in the show.

"Apples", appled the Apple.

Don't remember where I saw that quote, but it seemed relevant. In all seriousness, you wrote a pretty good AJ, this story's going places.

Twilight is feeling very bird gay today :)

Great chapter! Twilight needs earth pony and pegasus lessons. :twilightsmile:

I, wow, wish from the previous chapter granted.

Excellent presentation of earth pony magic. This kind of patient, vaguely bemused mentorship is exactly the kind of thing I wish Applejack and Twilight had gotten to do in the show itself. Hopefully Twilight will find room in tomorrow’s schedule to pin down that feeling of unease with her flowers.

wow, this is super cool! also suddenly finding yourself with wings leading to chewing on them is my favorite concept now

This story is great! Love the premise, and the lore, and your writing so far. Please keep going…

Very nice. Characters feel really natural and the headcanon fits well.

No idea why but I just imagine Twi going home, putting her hoof gently to her flowers, and hearing a fnaf like screech or something.


Cute story. Added to read list. :twilightsmile:

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