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Twilight finally finished Starswirl’s spell and ascended into an alicorn, she also became pregnant with the foal of her five best friends.

Story begins immediately after Twilight becomes an alicorn.

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Well this a new take on the ascension....
Ok time for a shotgun wedding I suppose.
The foal will be an interesting bunch that's for sure.

I have seen some crazy ideas...
Cadence with foal-Twilight.
Twilight with the rest of the main 6 as her foals.
The main 6 as daughters of Discord.
Twilight as the daughter of Fluttershy.
Twilight as a daughter of Luna, becomes her daughter AFTER she cleansed her...
But this...
This is the first time I have seen something like this.
I don't know how to feel about it. We will see.

Not many stories can get me to verbally say "what" when I read the description, but this one did...

Consider this story followed.

I'm in. settles for the story

I strongly recommend using the text-to-speech function to help with editing.
Otherwise, nice start.

I'm mildly interested, but there is very little to go on right now.


I'm going to guess either this foal is super op and probably an alicorn as well since her main mother is now too as well as having the genes of all three pony tribes, OR she is going to be the most boring creature ever with an untold super power

Well now I have to not do those two things :rainbowlaugh:


I just imagining now it's like not just 1 foal, but maybe twins or triplets, that way more variety, and more chaos (Discord is going to be so happy-)

Poor, poor twilight going through all stages of grief and lossing her mind.
Glad fluttershy here to help, this be a rollercoaster ride for the girls..
What Are the chances the foal be a draconequus?


This is... an interesting premise, to say the least.

Low, Guessing of the titel I would say that she has six foals. Most likely 2 pegasi, earth ponies and 2 uniorns.

The Six’s foal.
Technical if you look at it it seem to mean the mane 6 foal so it one who has the combine dna of all 6 mare's.

“Yes Rainbow, she’ll live. Honestly you two should probably talk to Princess Celestial about all this as she knows best about alicorns.” Read heart finished then left the room.


I just want to hug Twilight and let her know that every thing is going to be ok

I am intrigued and looking forward to more.

Love it good:pinkiehappy::pinkiesmile::ajsmug::raritystarry::yay::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile::moustache::trollestia::heart::heart:😀😃

When CELESTIA faints, you know it is surprising, haha

Not the alicorn of friendship, but the alicorn of family.

Twilight finally finished Starswirl’s spell and ascended into an alicorn, she also became pregnant with the foal of her five best friends.

Uh... Which one?

You’ll just have to wait :raritywink: till next chapter :rainbowwild:

:derpytongue2: She was knocked up? Not blown up?
:flutterrage: Discord you ninny ! Stop that!

:moustache: Another adventure where I stay at home...
:duck: Precious Scales ' I left you some reading material to pass the time.
:moustache: Wow you're in the center fold of Daily Fashion!

:trollestia: It was a bad dream? :ajbemused::pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::fluttercry::facehoof::raritywink: Nope

Well Celestia I hope you take responsibility, for you are the one there send the book and gotten them into this.

“Sorry for our absence.” She yawned and stepped down then gave her fellow Princesses a nuzzle. “We had to restrain thyself from bucking a guard out of thy window. What is your urgent news young Twilight Sparkle?”

There was a moment of silence before “Tis joyous news thank you for sharing. We shall ask more on the marrow and shall be returning to bed now.” Luna popped out of the room.

spit take :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:
Dear Faust you nearly killed me whit that one.
Got to say this chapter great 👍. The ending scene had me laughing like a demented hyena. :pinkiehappy:

Watch the foal just poof out of existence at the end. Or they are invisible or something.

Both of the princesses reactions are hilarious.
So is Cadence constantly trying.

looking forwards to the rest of this, even if i do like Dawn's new day more this is great.

Thanks, yeah this is more of a funny side project.

Celestia had to get back to work while Candence had to get back to the empire with, a still sleeping, Shining Armor. So the five mares had decided to talk while Twilight went off to do research on the metaphysical aspects of pony mating.

Now hold on there Celestia you get back here, you are the reason this happen in the first place, you got some helping to do. At least pay for the wedding.

Nice. I like where this is going. Also, more Twilight freak outs incoming.

“Twilight has to say yes first.” Rarity’s statement actually made the other nervous.

Fair enough. :ajsmug:

Cadence sighed. “When two ponies mate, not just have sex, it isn’t Just an exchange of DNA. The very souls of the lovers come together then break off and combine a very small part of their essence to form a new life magically. It is why ponies can have children with other species, the soul matters more than perfect DNA matching. This fact is why Alicorns have such a tough time conceiving, our souls are so much more powerful that our mates can’t easily match us. It is also why artificial reproduction has never worked as a means to help fix the population imbalance or why foals of loving parents are magically stronger.” Cadence finished.

NGL I actually imagine that how dragon's mate in most fantasy versus(thou essence is used instead of piece of the soul). :ajsmug:
Thou this does get me to question why aren't their more physical chimeric like hybrid, unless without chaos to stabilize it in such forms it usually the pokemon rule of the mother. :derpyderp2:
All in all great chapter! Thous this also apply in Dawn story too? :pinkiegasp:

Yes all four of my stories follow the same principles of magic for the most part. Dream Catcher is a bit different since it’s mixing in human magic.

This is all getting very interesting, I think all 6 of them need to have a serious talk

Tbh though, Nothing says that HAVE to be a herd. Dash and Twi can be the couple, and the others can help in other ways, babysitting and such

Though, I would be lying if I said there wasn't a part of me that wants them all together

“Something on your mind youngin?” Granny filled up a plate and set it in Applejack’s spot. “Eat up first before it gets cold.”

that's "young'un". As in "young one".

“I know what I said! This foal wants something cheesy, even if I hate cheese and I don’t want to ruin toast by having grilled cheese.” She shuddered as Spike just shrugged as he made his way out of the library.

Well, that's one way to face your fears. :unsuresweetie:
Stuffing your face wuth what you fear. :ajsmug:

Yeah, it would be best to make sure they are going into it for love and not just because of the kid.

I hear being married just because of a shared child isn't the best idea.

All of them could tell something was unusual with their kind caretaker the moment they saw her, the peagsus wasn’t singing her usual tune while filling their feeders and she was slower than normal.


That's because thise situations the responsability is thrusted upon one or the other but in this case they are sharing it together.

That story's actually better than i thought. Really, it was great! When will the next chapter come??

After another bout of inspiration. This one’s more of a side project.:fluttershyouch:

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