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Twilight has had a very eventful week: Fighting Tirek, getting her home blown up, defeating Tirek, and getting a nifty replacement home would already be pretty exciting on its own. But now she has been summoned to Canterlot by Celestia, who has some big news to tell her.

After long consideration and no small amount of pestering from Luna, Celestia is about to grant Twilight access to the files of the Equestrian Secret Service so that she and her friends can be better prepared for future threats to come.

What will Twilight learn in the depths of the archive? Surely nothing that could shake the very foundation of the friendships she so painstakingly built in her new home ...

Obligatory edit: Woohoo, featured on the front page :pinkiehappy:. Thank you all so much for liking my story :twilightsmile:.

Many thanks to silent_user for proofreading and editing this story.

Written as an entry for BWG's 'New Blood' Contest. I would greatly appreciate some feedback from any of the judges.

If any of you would be interested in an epilogue, where I unveil some of the secrets or thoughts behind them, let me know in the comments.

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An engaging read! It was exciting to follow the clues and guess who the agent was and have it pay off in the conclusion! Nice work! 👍

And here I thought it was going to be Rarity. This is better though.

Having done what she came to do, Luna left the archives, letting everything else play out for itself.

Absolutely solid.

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What an amazing work :raritystarry:. Is this truly your first story? :trollestia:
Joke aside. Everything just fitted so well together :twilightsmile:. The carefully thought out codenames, detailed descriptions, and the plotline in general, with Luna's scene at the end as the cherry on top. I really enjoyed reading it :pinkiehappy:
And as for an epilogue, I would be more than curious to read more about the mysteries you have set up here :raritywink:
Well done :twilightsmile:

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I'm sad that the spy wasn't Fluttershy:fluttershysad:

With everything we know about her. She just fits as a far more perfect candidate of being a spy.

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But another nagging thought soon surfaced in Twilight's mind. "Remind me also that I need to arrange a meeting. I have a certain Princess of the Sun who needs a strong reminder not to get too involved, even if she has good intentions."

Good Intentions? Twilight! Celestia is literally controlling your life.

You're nothing but a puppet with absolutely no will of her own and you will notice this as time goes on.

Right now, you nor Rainbow are aware that Celestia plans to make you the next ruler of Equestria and she'll retire afterwards.

Which of course means you would have to move out of Ponyville and leave behind everything you hold dear. Not to mention you're an alicorn. Which means you will have to watch all your friends grow old and die in the future.

The thing is. There's more to Celestia's plans that you are not aware of. Hell, you were never even supposed to know that your life was a project. Which means you were supposed to remain oblivious to all of this. You were never supposed to learn the truth. But now you know that Celestia has been lying and keeping many secrets from you and you most definitely should confront her on it.

“That should do it. I know you had these files removed, Tia, but my saviours deserve their happy ending. You are not the only chess master around anymore.”

Having done what she came to do, Luna left the archives, letting everything else play out for itself.

Luna must have learned of Celestia's plans by going into her dreams and was disgusted by how she's just using Twilight for her own selfish reasons.

Which is why she'd set this all up so that Twilight can learn the truth, confront Celestia, and get her to reveal everything.

This was all to help free Twilight from the strings Celestia haves on her. Just as Twilight helped freed Luna from her madness.

Luna wants Twilight to be able to choose (truly choose) her own destiny and path in life and not follow the one that had already been set for her. As she said. Her saviors deserve a happy ending.

And if Twilight keeps blindly following the path, Celestia laid for her.

There will be no happiness waiting for her at the end.

Ok Honestly I thought Wallsmasher was Pinkie Pie who constantly breaks the 4th wall

That was a good story. I wouldn't be surprised if the show Celestia did something like this.

For love of God! Please tell me that you have a sequel in the works:twilightblush:

Wow, thank you, everyone, I am kind of overwhelmed by the positive reception I am getting here :pinkiegasp:.

Also, featured on the front page? Woohoo :pinkiehappy:!


I actually do, though I am not a fast writer, so it will take me a few weeks to finish it :twilightblush:. It will mostly deal with the fallout of the revelation and delve a bit deeper into the life of our agent, revealing some more details.

It isn't a fresh take at all, but it definitely simplifying what could be a much more grander story. Does Celestia really strike you as someone malignant? Not me.

Malignant? No!:pinkiesad2:

Manipulative? HELL YES!:pinkiecrazy:



To pitch in with what I was going for, manipulative but not malignant is a pretty good summary. She had a grand plan for Twilight that she wanted to see through to the end but also genuinely cared about her agent's well-being. But when she thought, that she could not reconcile Twilight's progress and her agent's troubles, she prioritized Twilight, thinking it would pay off in the end.

Twilight confronting her is something that I'm planning on addressing in a sequel.

Looking forward to it:pinkiehappy:

The spies are always the last people you'd think would be spies. My bet was on applejack tho lmao

Loved it. Enjoyed trying to figure out who was who by the code names too. Also, Luna is best Princess, lol.

Ahhh, that was pretty fun. Honestly the only real problem I had was how out of character Rainbow's dialogue was in the transcripts, though I suppose you couldn't have included her personality too strongly to keep up the mystery. Also I guess her being a secret agent is inherently a bit OOC given her usual bombastic flair for everything.

I do like Twilight throwing herself into research to avoid having to actually deal with the emotions it brings up, a nice touch and definitely in character for her, even if she swings a bit too wildly from "my life is a lie" to "hey Dash let's be lesbians together". Although I do approve of them being lesbians together.

All in all, a solid fic for your first pony-word project. The spy thriller codename thing was goofy, but an enjoyable kind of goofy that didn't make me roll my eyes.

Imagine if all of Ponyville's residents were glowies

Flowing Rainbow aka Celestia's "retirement" was her sending twilight to Ponyville
I like this

“Why did I not tell you? How could I? It was always mission this, mission that. And even when everything was finally over and I got to leave the agency, I was reminded that I was still sworn to secrecy. I couldn't tell anyone without being trialled for treason!” A sob escaped the rolled-up pegasus.

But another nagging thought soon surfaced in Twilight's mind. "Remind me also that I need to arrange a meeting. I have a certain Princess of the Sun who needs a strong reminder not to get too involved, even if she has good intentions."

“Wait, Celestia did not tell you all of this? How did you manage to learn of all this then? I thought she had the files removed, so no pony could find them anymore?”

That surprised Twilight. She hadn't even bothered to think that it was strange for the files to be in the archives. But it was odd for such information to remain if Celestia was trying to keep Twilight from finding out.

I'm surprised at you Rainbow. Have you ever once stopped to think about why Celestia was even keeping all this a secret from Twilight from the start? Have you ever considered what will happen after she'd become an alicorn?
But more importantly, have you ever once taken Twilight's feelings into account? I mean your whole mission is literally based on forcing this life on her without even taking how she feels about it into consideration.

This story here serves as a perfect example. I never wanted this.

FR: But EGG hasn't hatched yet. You have put so much effort into helping EGG grow, do you really want to waste it all? I know it can be tough WALL SMASHER, feeling guilty because you keep such a big secret, but you are not only doing it for the greater good but also for EGG.


FR: While I don't like playing that card, consider this an order agent WALL SMASHER. I'm sure you'll manage to pull through. It can't be more than a couple of weeks until EGG is ready to hatch, then we can put all of this behind us. You can even retire from the agency if you want. Just stay strong, my little agent, it'll all be worth it. Remember, you do all of this not only for Equestria but also for EGG.

This just shows how manipulative Celestia is. She only cares about getting Twilight to become an alicorn. It doesn't matter how much love and care she shows. It's all just seen as a way for her to take advantage of others and to get them to do what she wants.

She keeps playing the same card to keep RD in line and do whatever it takes to make her keep doing her duty and once Twilight becomes an alicorn. She's more than happy to let her leave the agency, but not before threatening her into secrecy.

Because if Twilight ever learns the truth that her whole life has been literally orchestrated by Celestia. Then Celestia's ultimate goal of finally retiring would be for naught.

Again, that story that I posted the link to, can easily relate to this one. As the Celestia in that story is basically similar to this one.

that was my thought too.

Ahhh, this is my drug of choice.

I was thinking Rarity too.
It was a real interesting read.

But I began to think about “wall breaking”.... Ah, sonic wall breaking. :rainbowdetermined2:

Leave it to Luna to play shipper. Also, congrats on your first horse words!

Oh boy, that wouldn't end well. All I'm foreseeing is another total break up between Celestia and Luna as they disagreed with each other.

Who's PEACE & TRANQUILITY though? Fluttershy?

Given that they are supposed to be in different groups, SWEETE DROPS and PEACE & TRANQUALITY should be none of the main 6.

Also not sure that "PEACE" and "TRANQUALITY" aren't different agents...

Good deductive skills there :twilightsmile:. PEACE &TRANQUILITY are indeed two agents. I am planning to reveal who they are in a sequel, though I will give the hint that they are working together.



Alright I'll throw my hat into this ring. If peace & tranquility are 2 different agents working together, who have been in Ponyville since before Twilight arrived I'll put my money on Aloe & Lotus, since their spa fits the code name.

Dude. You are taking things way too seriously. As manipulative as Celestia was in the show proper, this is an extreme take on it and not at all an actual real take on her character.

Unless you're an absolute genius of a writer, taking Celestia's manipulations away destroys a massive chunk of the show.

Hehehe good Luna tripping up celestials game.
This really solidifies why rainbows loyalty instead of honesty yeah?
I would also love a follow up where rainbow and twi go on a date to read more files on twi's permission perhaps a overzealous kiss in front of celestial as she's prob feeling butthurt because of course she is, twilight wasn't ascended just for rainbows sake lol #lonelysun.
I Wana know all the other ready to go groups too aloe and lotus would of had snowflake prob.
How did rainbow manage to win rarity over though everyone else I can see the natural connection but I don't think she would of wanted rarity unless she was really showing her generosity and the only way would of probably been a forced dress up session lol the things you do for the mission

Celestias tired, after 1000 years of looking up to see her greatest mistake and watching so many little ponies grow breed die knowing should she disappear they would all be at each other's throats again. She has all the time in the world to find a way out even if it costs a few pawns. And hay at least she's trying to keep the world stable <pun intended

Oh, I like that

I do like the suggestion that it was those too. It also suggests that there was something of a bit of overlap between the groups that PEACE &TRANQUILITY and WALL SMASHER were forming. There just weren't enough ponies able to embody Kindness and Generosity like Fluttershy and Rarity after all.

Edit: I also like to think that Pinkie was included in all 3 possible groups. Not because all three wanted her, but simply because due to the way Pinkie is naturally, she didn't leave them any choice. It was literally a 'Either we accept that Pinkie is going to be the wielder of Laughter or we kill her now' kind of deal.

Honestly, is there any better codename for Fluttershy than PEACE & TRANQUILITY?

If you 'audiobook' this like I did, all the minuses drive ya nuts

Very cute and fun story. Very nice first story, I look forward to more

When I first say this story’s title I thought it would be an X-Files crossover and now I’m disappointed.

Luna -Cadance ha ha

Luna is an impressive matchmaker.

Honestly is probably my favorite fic now. It was just great!

Oh, nice use of episode titles as code names for operations! :rainbowdetermined2:

Overall, quite a good read, and a very promising first story. :twilightsmile:

:twilightsmile:Cool story. Great work!


They can also be Biba and Boba Snips and Snails

You know nice story thought wall smasher was pinkie pie

Heh heh... egg :rainbowlaugh:
If you know, you know...

But seriously, this is an amazing one shot. If you wanted, this could probably be cool story to explore their relationship and see the other's reactions.

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