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Princess Luna is the best princess and Nightmare Moon is the best queen.


After defeating the Legion of Doom, everypony thinks that Twilight is ready to take on being the sole ruler of Equestria. When Celestia tells her this, she begins to think about her past and how she was never in charge of her own destiny. After spending some time alone and then with her friends, she realizes that she must make a huge decision, a decision that has so much at stake.

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Poor Celestia, tough break.

At least Twilight’s not being screwed over against her will though. I like her as an alicorn but her not being ruler is likely for the best. We all know how THAT turned out.

At least Opaline is more likely to lose now, hehehehehe.

Fun fact, MA Lawson said Twilight wouldn't outlive her friends

I wrote one alternate ending to "The Ending of the End" and I figured that I would do another, one with a completely different outcome....along with Spike being the one to see something was bothering her. With this outcome, Opaline may never even come to be....especially if she is a corrupted Flurry Heart.


I had read in numerous sources that Twilight would outlive her friends and also, well in my opinion anyway, it wouldn't make sense for Celestia to put somepony in power who wouldn't live for thousands of years to rule like her.

Nice. :)

Although... heh... still hard to tell which I like more: A Difficult Decision or this one. ^^'


With one it was Starlight who noticed something was going on with her and with this one it was Spike. Also with "A Difficult Decision" I never took into account Twi outliving her friends while it was a major player in this one.

That makes sense. :)

True, but it could mean she somehow finds a way to increase her friend's lifespans or the like

Discord appeared.
Discord: WHAT?! I tricked the most wanted Villains in Equestria to get you to be the ruler of Equestria and you just rejected it?!
Everypony narrowed their eyes at him for that as he crossed his arms.
Discord: Well... if no pony is appreciating my actions; somepony should give me what I deserve and I Pinkie-Promise to take it without begging for help!"
The Spirit of Friendship appeared with Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, Cozy Glow & King Sombra fully powered and enraged.
The Spirit of Friendship: Wish granted. You get what you deserve.
Cozy Glow: Get him!!!
They all pounced on him into a large fight cloud as Discord tried to escape but was being dragged back into the cloud.

Bad idea man. No one can cheat death or expand their or others' lifeforce without paying a price.


That did cross my mind but by increasing their lifespans, that would make six ponies who have to suffer through watching those they care about dying for several millennia.


I personally think Discord could take them on as long as he doesn't let Tirek absorb his magic.

Yeah I never liked how Celestia just always went twilight do this and never actually asked if she was willing. She was responsible for the element bearers almost becoming pony pancakes. She sent them into danger with little information time and again and her idea of a thank you is a fancy window. Twilight took the magic of the princesses because someone had to hide it not that they did a very good job.


Yeah it certainly seemed that way. Twilight basically worshiped the ground Celestia walked on and would never do anything that might even upset her in the slightest. That is part of the reason I wrote this, was her standing up to Celestia and the other was over the whole her outliving her friends thing.

OK, seriously now, just who or what is Opaline?


Opaline is the villain in G5. She lives in a castle in what seems to be a rather foreboding place and she is wanting to take all the magic in Equestria for herself....in Make Your Mark she brought up Twilight Sparkle and in a vision, Twilight warns the Mane Five about Opaline and how the world is vulnerable to her.

True, I remember RealityCheck, for all his flaws, had one fic where Twilight calls out Celestia on this


The thing is, it is good to look up to your mentor but to pretty much idolize said mentor can lead to not so pleasant things because when you think about it, Twi pretty much never controlled her own destiny.

That is quite true

Rarity continued, "Twilight darling, Princess Celestia wouldn't be saying this if it weren't true."

Pffff haha yeah rarity yes she would it’s what we call in the real world politics or politicians

Celestia gasped, "Twilight, that wasn't my plan at all!"

*cough* bullshit *cough*

Twilight then returned to her friends and they headed towards the train station. Celestia had a few tears running down her face knowing now that it would be her who would lose one of the ponies who meant the most to her, Princess Twilight Sparkle. She was indeed sad as she said to herself, "I know this is what she wanted but still, I can't bear the thoughts of losing her."

Did anyone else get the feeling that sounded suspicious and celestia going to do something bad to twilight and her friends in a sequel if it comes out.

Also haha looks like your plan didn’t work cells oh well. You should have read the fine print when you got your cutie mark of control the sun becuase that’s a permit position


You have given me an idea, one that involves Flurry Heart and Celestia....It will be AU naturally!

Gald I could inspire you I guess even if it was unintentional


Well I am thinking of something that will take place when Flurry Heart comes of age, a Flurry Heart who is hungering for power.

Oh no..

Welp I’ll get the Alicorn gun


It also involves rumors I've heard about Flurry.

Hmm interesting what kind of rumors and mind telling me some perhaps

Honestly, this has some decent writing to it. Celestia responds as expected with Twilight getting a major kick in her common sense to actually question what is happening to her. Great work! 👍


Thanks. I wrote one similar to this although it is Starlight who gave her the courage to tell Celestia how she was feeling in that one and then led on to a sequel where Twilight and Starlight fell in love. This one though is a one shot.

Nice one. I like how Twilight called Celestia out on all that. I have my own headcanon on that as we've discussed. I'm sticking to that but I enjoyed this story.

Twilight is essentially saying that she doesn‘t want to live if her friends are dead.
Deliberatly reducing your lifespan can be seen as a kind of delayed suicide.


And G5 never happened and Sunny lives happily ever after! And Misty! The end.


Why would we not want G5 to happen? I love it, especially Izzy!

I don't know? This story?


Well this is an AU story so we can have both.

"I know this is what she wanted but still, I can't bear the thoughts of losing her."

Lose who, Celestia? The original Twilight Sparkle who thinks for herself and speaks her mind? Or the so called Princess Twilight Sparkle that had a dogmatic view of yourself?

You know what I think, Celestia? I think you forced that realm to transform Twilight into an Alicorn, because you think that having more Alicorns to talk to other than your sister would make you feel like a normal pony. The fact that you had to banish your sister to the moon and not telling anyone how you felt at the time is an indication of that, which has lead you to being insane. You don't show it often, but it is obvious if one takes a closer look at you.

Speaking of insane, another factor of that is your seemingly warped idea that losing someone you care for, to the fate of death no less, will make you more crazy and leave a major hole in your heart. Ironic, you don't want that to happen, and yet you're practically forcing Twilight to feel that way once her friends' times eventually come. Whether it is intentional or not is anyone's guess.

And, you're desperate for Twilight to take your place because you don't want to be burdened by all of the mistakes you made, such as not noticing that the fake Cadence was Chrysalis in disguise. That's not learning from your mistakes, it is running away from them. That doesn't sound like something a princess is supposed to do, does it?

The point is, Celestia, you have become a shadow of your former self, so blinded by your shortcomings and your constant questioning of what might have been and what could happen, to the point of no longer being the Celestia that no one, not even your sister Luna and your mentor Star Swirl, would be willing to get to know, much less call you a friend and the like. You had many chances to get your head on straight, and you blew all of them. And at the end of all of that, the only pony you can blame for it, is yourself.

(Sigh) You know, I liked the original you, but not the kind Hasbro has butchered in character to make money just for the sake of it. Maybe in an alternate universe you would realize that and make them suffer for betraying their audiences' trust in that manner. But in the prime one, you have become a lost cause. Good luck with your next life. Your gonna need it big time.

Pardon my rambling. I don't hate Celestia, just the decisions she made without a second thought.

This is why I hate these kinds of stories. Twilight is nothing but a mouthpiece for the author, and while close to her natural self, still doesn't sound like the Twilight we all know and love.

Compared to some, it doesn't bash us over the head with it anyway. AU or not.


Let me start out by saying that I like Twilight as an Alicorn, I just wrote this story because it does seem like she has never been in control of her own destiny, it was always what Celestia wanted.

Poor writing is the fault of the ones doing said action, not the characters.

Immortality can be seen as a form of punishment. If Twilight truly is immortal, as the show implies, it means she was forced to watch her friends dying around her. That'd be enough to drive anypony mad.


In my opinion immortality would be the ultimate form of punishment....seeing those you love die, seeing everything in the world go straight to Tartarus but one big thing, can one truly be immortal. Hey, even the universe itself will ultimately die in a quadrillion years or so when gravity will be so weak that even subatomic particles will fall apart.....ok, I suppose I shouldn't be bringing in the real world into immortality in a cartoon but with the way my mind works, it is habit.

Fair enough. G5 itself is vague on whether Twilight is still alive though (I suspect she popped her clogs at some point after stopping Opaline).


I have mixed thoughts on Twilight. If she is still alive it might be in another dimension although her taking all the magic and putting them in the unity crystals could have led to her demise. It was because of magic that she was either immortal or would at least live for many millennia, if not tens of them. Without that magic, her lifespan would return to normal and when it comes to Ancient Equestria compared to Modern Equestria....I go off of Ancient Rome versus modern times, roughly 2k years. With no magic, no way anypony lives that long.

Good thinking. I personally figured there's 1,000 years max between the two eras.


With me it is the whole "ancient" vs "modern" thing that caused me to go with 2,000 years. I am also figuring that Equestria had to pretty much collapse for it to go down to three communities and while the collapse was occurring, the other creatures must have fled back to their homelands. For all we know, Twilight's putting the magic in the unity crystals may have been ponykind's version of the collapse of the Roman Empire which led into dark ages full of uncertainty.....of course along with the distrust and hatred between the tribes again.

Now what happened to Twilight, my guess is that her taking all the magic and putting it in the unity crystals may have led to her demise while Opaline somehow managed to hold on to a tiny bit of her magic, which is what allowed her to still be alive. However, it seems as though she may have been around for far longer than Twilight, maybe back to when Tia and Luna were fillies. The thing with Celestia and Luna does line up with my origins story for the two, they are indeed natural born Alicorns from a foreign land. My guess though is that Opaline could very well be the only pony from the ancient past to still be alive.

I outline my thoughts on what caused the fall in the attached blog, but my best guess is some apocalyptic war. Think WW1 scale (given G4 Equestria at the end had tech roughly on the level of the American Civil War, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that in just a few years they'd reach trench warfare).


G5Is an independent worldview, which would be better.It's better not to contact G4.I really can't bear to see the twilight friendship empire collapse and splitIn my memoryI hope they can continue to live happily together forever, not die.


Unfortunately it looks like Twilight's Equestria collapsed. I personally think it would have been better had G5 been its own separate realm, kind of like how G1 Ponyland is its own world compared to anything from latter generations.

然后暮暮回到了她的朋友们身边,他们朝火车站走去。 塞雷斯蒂娅的脸上流着几滴眼泪,她知道自己将失去一匹对她来说最重要的小马--暮光公主。 她对自己说:“我知道这是她想要的,但我还是无法忍受失去她的想法。”

I think Selastia loves the twilight and I want to see their love story.

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