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No one apologized to Twilight after she told the truth about the wrong Cadence. After the wedding, they have a conversation with her. Especially with Princess Celestia.

Thanks to wingdingling for editing this fanfic.

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I deserved that apology from my rude and mean friends.
Real twilight walks in: i’be Chased you all around equestria but every time you teleported away you know why this happened? Because you are impersanating me.
Me: gotta run! (Fails)
Twilight: I will teleport you to Tartarus
Narrator: and she did just that the end to a non existent story!

Sorry I just like making little stories with my comment. But srsly I love a good short but emotional and well written story.

“Alright,” Twilight said, as she hoofed through the stack of books. “Here we are: History of Equestria, Vol. 1.”

Do you think I would be able to make a reference fic on that book about the History of Equestria and its contents?

I feel like I've read his before

“You’re right. Sure, Shining Armor was in cahoots with Queen Chrysalis to make us believe him, but we treated Twilight badly,” said Rainbow Dash.

Hey, not voluntarily!

Pretty much because you have. These fics are a dime a dozen on here. They're like Displaced, Anon-A-Miss fics, or self-inserts (Second person) where you romance a character. They're the burning dumpster fire of FIMfic for the most part, and unless someone does something really interesting with the premise, you just yawn, and move on. They're really a niche thing.

The fact alone that you didn't even have Shining Armor apologize gives you a downvote.

In the sequel, he will just give me some time.

Ok, I reversed the thumbs down.

This is just one of the stories he republished.

Just noticed how many stories of his showed up in the new stories feed recently.

A simple epilogue of an episode. An okay read.

“How about we talk to Princess Celestia about this? I’m (I'd) bet she’s got somethin’ to say to Twilight too,” Applejack said.

“Twilight, darling,” Rarity said, before Twilight could leave. “Before we go home, can we have....(a)…. conversation in the throne room?”

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