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Aris Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the state of Canterlot. One of the most talented swimmers and full train dolphins will pull on a show for the people who are attending. The Rainbooms are pumped to see so many animals under the sea with the show ending off with a bang.

However Equestrian Magic transformed the professional divers into mermaids. Fluttershy and her friends must find a way to turn the divers back into their normal selves but then, the magic turned them into mermaids!

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

Both Twilight and Sunset Mermaid Images are from ArtMlpK

Silverstream in Equestria Girls Image is from RJP.Rammy

And both Princess Skystar and Queen Novo Vectors are from Ihenao

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 35 )

Interesting premise. I'm on this ride.

Interested to see where this goes. Kinda hope the Dazzlings show up at some point just to be jealous that they didn't get mermaidified.

I like this first chapter, nicely done.
It’s interesting to see people react that way to Spike talking. It’s not something we see often.

By the way, happy birthday Fluttershy :rainbowkiss:

I am looking forward to this hope to see more

Novo is Skystar's mom and Silverstream's aunt.

Thanks for the information.

I really into this.

Uh oh... This just got complicated for those with fish tails. Sure hope Novo doesn't find out... Oh who am I kidding, they're boned.

I see one problem. The title is redundent. The Magic of Mermaids works much better and rolls off the tongue better.

What other kind of mermaids would they be?

Don’t want to spoil it, wait until the later chapters come out.

Well, temptation hit her pretty hard, didn't it. Barely a couple of minutes and poof.

I'm enjoying this

If Silverstream had found it, she would have brought it right to Sunset. Marline, however, has a want that the pearl can give her. That is the problem with magic artifacts in the EqG world: if not used by whom they are meant for, they can turn you greedy, if not downright evil.

Yeah, I guess that does sums up the villains in Equestria Girls. However once you read the later chapters, you might see something in Marline then the other villains.

Looking forward to this wonder what will happen next
Question will this only take place in the aquarium and then the ocean or just the aquarium?

Just the Aquarium. Spring Breakdown already took place on the ocean.

If EG became a full-length series, this would be a good episode.

Let's hope she gives back the pearl before things get worse...

Uh, probably not going to happen.

Who got it this time? Before tomorrow happens, I will throw AJ's name out there.

I'm a little surprised Novo, Twi, nor Sunset suggested faking that the mermaid tails are costumes for the show.
I'm gonna guess all of them that were there. AJ, Rarity, and Pinkie.

I suppose. I'd imagine no one seeing them would think they are real. If you saw them you would not think so.

Oh, if only they knew what happened to their friends

Well things have now gone from bad to worse

Well that ended peacefully.
Is it over or just begining?

There’s one more chapter coming tomorrow.

Alright, Fluttershy saved the day.

Silverstream: I'm afraid you've gone mad with power.

Marline: You ever go mad without power. It's boring. No one listens to you.

A sweet, fairly true to the spirit of the show story.

Thanks for sharing it.

This feels like it could've been a good EG special.

Great way to end it, now Fluttershy has a turn to be a mermaid. If this became a EG special, i would watch it.

Great to see that this finally took off.

There is one think that is lacking is a better description of the tails. You only gave color. So some not know much about equestria girls could assume the tails are costumes and they can willingly get out.

You should have done a little scene before Fluttershy wakes up.

Something along the line like this:

Those tails don’t look attached could you remove them? Applejack asked.

Twilight tried. That was painful.

Sunset swims around and see the scales are fused with the skin.

Sorry there is scales infuse with the skin. You should check my tail too to just confirm it.

Twilight does and confirms that sunset tail is also attached.

Face it we’re permanently mermaids.

That’s something that could work as deleted scenes. Plus I want the 3rd chapter to have a reveal when Fluttershy finds out about that’s happening with her friends.

Well they could keep it a secret trying not to ruin Fluttershy’s birthday more than it was

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