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It’s been a long time since Sandbar and Yona became close creatures in Equestria. Even when Starlight took over the School Of Friendship, the students have always gotten better. She decides to throw the first ever Hearts And Hooves dance for her students to enjoy the music and do the activities available.

Sandbar took the time he need for his feelings to come out but at the same time, it could backfire. He refuses to wait any longer and gives Yona the special gift he kelp to himself.

Thanks to Daniyel099 for editing this.

An entry in The Discovery / Young Six Writing Contest

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This was cute.
Congrats in getting featured!

And I also add this to The Discovery contest. Not gonna won obviously but this is my first time in a contest.

Sweet! It's pretty cool. :)

I was expecting first kiss would be.....

Not every kiss should be..... Relationships like this always have a beginning.

P.S. There's no plans if this story gets a sequel, I have so much story ideas right now.

Congratulations on getting into the featured box!

Thanks. Been waiting for that for months. Great I’m doing one shots again.

Aww thats so sweet story 😍😍

A very adorable story that almost feels like something right out of the series or comics, great job!

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