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Sandbar and Yona have gotten closer together since their trip to Yakyakistan. It seems that they can't be separated by anything. However, one night, the colt gets into an incident with a Timberwolf. He seems to be fine, but Yona and their friends start noticing he's getting more aggressive.

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That was a great story. Did you ever get the inspiration from any timberjack fan stories

I haven’t really read any of those stories.

In the words of the great Darth Vader, “impressive, most impressive.”

“Yeah,” Pinkie agreed. “Like...” She paused as her tail started twitching. Pinkie looked around and saw a timberwolf pouncing at her. She moved out of the way and dodged it. The mare positioned her party cannon and fired it at the wolf. Once it was done, the fired breathed fire at it.

I don't wanna nit pick, and i think its is cool you put pinkie sense in here, but when Pinkie's tail starts twitching, stuff starts falling. but pinkie said, "When my back is itchy, it means it's my lucky day. And, when my knee gets pinchy, that means something scary's about to happen." So i think it should've been pinchy knees instead of tail twitching.

But other than that, this was an amazing story. I was laughing and crying, and my god sister thought i was going insane. 10/10

This is nice climatic thank you for writing!

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