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Having been assigned a project about researching lost civilizations, and learning how friendship could have helped them survive, the Student Six try to find something unique. They find in the form of a sphere hologram projection, which tells about a different world that is plagued by ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants. A world where various factions fight for survival, and to rebuild the human race in their image. A world that is both harsh and dangerous where friendship and decent kindness are a rarity.

A World Of Fallout.

Thanks to Chaotic Note, Titanium Dragon, Black Hailstorm, and Anonymous for helping with this.

The Storyteller series belongs to ShoddyCast who I recommend you follow. I also suggest watching the series of the Storyteller if you are a Fallout Fan or want to get into the Fallout series which belongs to Bethesda.

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Seems to have every tag except Human, which you mentioned in the summary. Why?

Thanks for pointing that out

I can’t wait for the Student Six to learn of the wonders of Vault-Tec.:pinkiehappy:

Imagine them learning about the Enclave or Ceaser's Legion

8993842 I’d say that the deathclaws, cazadors and tunnelers will scare their collective pants off.

I am just going to say right away that I am not really a fan of the Fallout series. I know that is an unpopular opinion but that is just how I feel. However, I do enjoy reaction fanfics, so O will still read this story and give the videos a watch too. I bet it will still be fun.

Deathclaws still freak me out, Man!

8993937 Deathclaws aren’t so much of a big deal anymore, at least not compared to cazadores. Tunnelers aren’t so scary because I’ve only played Lonesome Road twice. However, the lore implications that they can reach the Mojave Wasteland and make it their hunting grounds within two decades scares me.

It’s interesting to see how these characters view the concept of fascism, given that they do all live in autocratic governments. Though fascism itself is a bit more complicated than just a single ruler being in charge. It also includes an emphasis on massive military buildup and hyper nationalism, along with s strong emphasis on service and loyalty to the state above all else.

GODDAMNIT! ANOTHER STORYTELLER? Man, you really got hooked onto the series huh? Especially that Power Armor of his.


Hmm, this looks interesting.

I'm actually curious to know more about this big dragon empire. What happened?

A couple hundred viewing orbs are a FEW?! How many did Star Swirl make?!

No wastelands in Equestria? What do you call your home, Smolder? Or the Badlands?


Smolder and Yona have seen battlefields? When?

Also, isn't this the sort of thing dragons would (or would have, once) do for resources? They're very greedy, after all. Would Smolder be as horrified?

What if instead of learning of our Fallout world, they learn about Fallout:Equestria?

Because I don’t read fallout Equestria fics


also i can't wait for the intro of the funny and seeing them giving funny looks

its mirrors the nationalist a person that love his country and only want his country to do well and not others around him. it's very close to that of fascism, but unlike that, it doesn't aim to remove the media and power of the people still.

sadly nationalism is an easy way for fucked up people to get into power as it plays the fear of people and give them flash hope and dreams, aka how Hitler come into power with the Nazi party.

you can see this in the USA of its hay days of the 1950s and to the early 70s where people would have pride in there country and anyone thinks different is a person that doesn't belong to the USA or its allies of freedom.

Love this, good luck continue this series.

Does this story contain any spoilers for "Fallout: Equestria"?


Good. Then I can safely read it.

They will not be have when they learn the truth about Vault-Tec

Not just Vault-Tec, but the Enclave and Ceaser's Legion as well

Alright I'm hooked keep it coming.

can't wait to see the part where ms silly into ms scracy part or better yet seeing the pip boy as a guy blow up in testing to proove how well made it was made

Enjoy this while it lasts. This mods will take it down soon enough, so you better have backups in deviant art or wattpad or something.

War never changes is still one of my favourite tag lines from anything

“Well, fascist or fascism is negative term applied to someone who holds absolute power in their kingdom,” Ocellus replied.

You forgot to add the letter "a" before the word negative.
It should look like: "Well, fascist or fascism is a negative term..."

It turned out they were called “Japanese” who lived under what seemed to be eternal imperial rule, but their pride had been shattered by atomic fire. The word atomic entered everyone’s ears again as they listened in, wondering what atomic fire was. That’swhen they saw the ruins of a devastated city. “Woah, looks like a hurricane went through there,” Gallus replied.

As you can see, there are two mistakes in the fragment above.

The first, which is in

It turned out they were called "Japnese" who lived under what seemed to be enternal...


You forgot the word "an" before "eternal imperial rule".

The second one is


. (The words That's and when are put together)

Also, in

Horror soon struck them as they saw what looked to be… well, ruins was an understatement. The screen showed a city that one could imagine must have looked amazing before whatever catastrophe happened. It looked nearly obliterated, barley standing from whatever attack it suffered from. There didn’t seem to be any life around, and it wouldn’t be impossible to think there wasn’t any anymore.

the word barley means: "A hardy cereal that has coarse bristles extending from the ears. It is widely cultivated, chiefly for use in brewing and stockfeed."

the correct word for the sentence would be barely and not barley.

Sorry, I'm a grammar nazi.

This should be pretty interesting. I'm a BIG fan of the Fallout series, so I'll be curious to see what reaction the Student Six will have to the lore and background of the Wasteland :rainbowlaugh:

Please continue this! :raritystarry:

I rather like this and hope to see more!

I like this series, looks like the young 6 are going to learn the might of the NCR.

and get to see how a country run without a one true leader

This is a good job so far. I loved everyone’s reaction to Silverstream revealing where she pees, that was hilarious. Also, it looks like a bit of ship tease is going on for Sandbar and Ocellus.

Though, I noticed you misspelled Smolder’s name as “Smolter” through the whole chapter.

Another good chapter, with some nice responses from the characters. I really liked Sandbar's indignation over the cruelties of Vault-Tec, that was good stuff there.

And the response to Vault 21 and New Vegas was really funny :rainbowlaugh:

Next up, the Super Mutants, huh? Can't wait to see their reaction to the Master...

About the reactions I suspected but let's be honest we have only just scratched the surface of horrible things in Fallout.

so i take it you didn't let them see the mini cartoon of "leaving the vault"

and come on i want them to see the mini video of CHAM

Sorry but for the plot of the story I can’t makes itself unrealistic

For the last one, well, Yona said it best when she shouted, “Yona wants to learn more. This fun to learn.”

“I guess we might as well continue,” Ocellus replied as she commanded it to continue.

Continue as well, if you further close, you will learn the might of the NCR.

Not for a few episodes, they gotta learn about the Brotherhood of Steel and Enclave before they reach there

no of each video is like a mini info of the show, in this video, it shows of the vault boy cartoon of how to take the steps of leaving the vault.

i think the next one show of the weapons in action. also would be funny as hell to see a cow in the cham one get turn into almost noting

I'm still gonna keep it to just the main videos. Sorry.

awe..... but maybe after we get bouns chp?

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