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Just a boy who likes Fimfiction, Minecraft, Roblox, and wishes to get a story of his featured


The Young Six find a crystal lantern that allows them to watch a documentary on the deadliest conflict in human history. See as they watch all the episodes of this series and learn About World War 2.

This is my first story
Inspired by a story by Rated Ponystar.
"Student Six Watch the Fallout Lore Series"
I hope you enjoy it.
I do not have an update schedule.

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Interesting Concept. Am Looking Forward to seeing the next few chapters.

They will be very tramitazed after this. And I HOPE that not a single one of the Young Six go misanthrope/Racist/Xenophobic like the Fallout Story. I didn't like that.

Plus, it's hypocritical and they will be NO better than Neighsay, or even Hitler himself.

Edit: Why did I deserve the dislikes when I am talking about true facts here?

Read the Fallout History Story, and you will SEE what I mean.

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Ok, could you tell me how to reply to someone?
Edit: Figured it out, no worries.

Do not worry sir, I'll get it done.

Excellent 1st story keep up the good work and I'm going to help you make more

Uh yeah, I don't have any idea what next after this.
Edit: And I thought you said you were going to make sure I keep this story good.
2nd Edit: I also have to go to bed soon, it's 9:41 PM here, sry man.

I am going to make shor you carry on with this story by giving you idears for it

hitler and neighsay are the same to me both racist and look down on others keep it up mate cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

I own this on DVD. The opening alone can be a very thoughtful experience. Particularly the Okinawa scene...

When does the next episode coming?I am not asking to rush,just exicted.

There are 13 episodes in the documentary. I will do one chapter per episode. Each episode is 51 minutes long.

I actually watched that documentary since Remembrance Day of 2018.


And now they will learn that things are always more complicated than they seem.

Seria epico que mostraran algunas canciones de Sabaton

I am such a sucker for history! This is perfect.

this was really good

They are going to be horrified by the mass casualties

I'm currently writing it, Please be patient.

You caught my attention, like a fish on a hook.

The screen changed to a map and the narrator said that his target was Abyssinia, today’s Ethiopia, and it highlighted the area of the country. The narrator said that Italy already had colonies on its borders, in Eritrea and Italian Somaliland. The narrator said that in December 1934, Italian forces provoked a clash with Abyssinian troops at an oasis in the Ogaden region, well inside the territory of Abyssinia.

What, no mention of how Abyssinia is the name of an actual nation in MLP canon? It's where cat people, like Capper, come from.

This story ded?

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The narrator then said that in July 1937, the Japanese provoked an incident with Chinese troops, and invaded. It cut from soldiers being cheered at, to what the group thought was a tank, making a strange rata-tata-ta noise, surrounded by rubble. The screen cut to human soldiers running forward, while the narrator explained that at first the Chinese were caught by surprise, but they soon fought back fiercely. The narrator said that the communists even joined the Kuomintang, in a united fight.

I hate it when people phrase it like this. What the communists did was dastardly. Admittedly clever, but still devious and dastardly.

Shortly before they joined forces, the communists managed to capture Chiang Kai-shek due to his own men betraying him and Mao Zedong basically blackmailed him into an alliance where the Kuomintang would fight a more conventional war with the Japanese while the Communists would wage Guerilla-style warfare. Oh it worked alright and the Japanese eventually lost ground from the combined forces of the Chinese and the Americans, but the consequences were dire.

Once WW2 ended, the Communists restarted their war with the Kuomintang. Problem is, the forces of the Kuomintang had borne the brunt of the Japanese artillery and were decimated, while the Communist army had suffered few casualties with their hit-and-run tactics. The end result was a communist victory and the establishment of the PRC while the Kuomintang had to retreat to the island of Taiwan.

if Audie Murphy and Simo Häyhä aren't talked about i'll be rather cross

Sorry man, this is how the documentary said it.

Oh it’s alright. It’s just irritating whenever I see people always talking about how China’s role in the Pacific War is overlooked, they have to remember that the Peoples Republic of China didn’t exist and that the communist fighters of the eighth route and new fourth army, what later became the PLA, spent most of their time consolidating their position and spreading their influence across the mainland in prep for when the civil war would restart, merely performing some guerrilla attacks here and there so that it looked like they were actually doing something against the Japanese. Their total casualties were roughly 500,000.

Meanwhile, the main National Revolutionary Army of the Kuomintang, the forces of the Republic of China who would later on become the Taiwanese/Republic of China Armed Forces, were going head to head with the Imperial Japanese Military, fearlessly throwing themselves into the line of fire and fighting with everything they had to halt the Japanese advance. Their casualties are estimated to be between 3-10 million in total.

It’s true that China’s role in WW2 is often overlooked, but it was the Republic of China who fought. It was the Taiwanese who fought. The PRC deserves little credit.

I am of course, only referring to the militaries. Since Taiwan and China were once one, I cannot start dividing up the civilians and I’m not even going to go there. The Japanese killed far more Chinese civilians than they ever killed Chinese soldiers.

I think you misspelled Lativa.

So...... Next chapter, when?:pinkiesad2:

I find it funny that Ocellus the one with the least schooling at least in my opinion is the one that seems to have all the answers.

“It’s because she is!” yelled Sandbar to Gallus.

No she is not

“Oh my gosh, these humans are also terrible!” cried out Silverstream, “They’re just like the Japanese!”

The Japs were one of the worst in the war. Trust me, the Spaniards compared to them were school kids having a brawl.

“If other nation do this to Yakyakistan, yaks start revolution!” yelled Yona.

And they all would be shot. Something I find funny is that people judge history with modern standards. You can do that with the 20th and 19th century, but before that you have to go by why some people did that, is it purely political or personal.

'Auto barn' and 'kampfe' are a few mistakes I seen.

Otherwise it is quite good.

What's the correct way of saying them?

Isn't it "auto bahn" and "kampf" like how its spelt the other times?

Or did I misread something?

Saying it..."auto bah-n" like "bah, that's a lie!" And "kampf" like "comp-f" like "they will comp you for that expense"? I know how to say them, just not explain how to say them

I don't remember writing 'Kampfe' in the story, But I do remember writing 'Auto Barn'.
I'm gonna look into what the correct way of saying it is.

Ah. I had assumed that they were just spelling mistakes that slipped through.

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