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Sometimes I write stories.


"Captain...Lord Captain's Log: Date... what? I don't.... I have awoken. I am covered in bandages and medical devices. I... have no recollection of who I am and what I'm doing here. My doctor says it's amnesia. Boy, if that's all that was wrong with me today... everybody around me is expecting me to be somebody important, somebody grand and impressive. I hope I still am. I had best get my act together, whatever it is, before whoever my boss is finds out that I don't remember what my job is. I mean, what even is a Rogue Trader, anyway?

...That's it. End log."

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This must be monitored to gather further evidence of your crimes!

You reckon the tags are accurate?

Too early to tell. Best update them as the story becomes more clear.

Attacking a Lord's wife right in front of him sure is a great way to get executed.

Or perhaps more likely, lobotomized and turned into a servitor, given this is the Imperium.

If he is a newbie to the game and about to undertake his first Warp transition, I really hope he enjoys his complimentary cupcake.:pinkiehappy:

Let the chaos begin. :trixieshiftright:

This got a chuckle out of me.

... No wait, I mean... that xenos quartermaster should have been flogged at least!

Someones givin him a Lemmings Rifle instead of Worms.

The bayonet reads OH NO VITAE?

Edo is a dead Worm. :twilightoops:

For some reason I keep thinking of that moovie about a guy who was knocked out and woke up in his bed, and he ended up getting interviewd by the police? And it turned out it wasnt his bed, but a copy, in a copy of his house in a copy of his town, in a totally different country that wanted intelligence on his country? :unsuresweetie:


I cant remember. I cant even remember if it was Black and White it was so long ago. :pinkiesad2:

Is... Is Silver supposed to be Weiss from a pony version of Remnant? If so, you just wrote (in my biased opinion) a better world building than RWBY whilst using their own format.

Wait, are the OC princesses Celestia's version of Primarchs?

Something is definitely screwy when Omnisaic Light starts popping up. But which situation is it occuring in? :trixieshiftright:

"No," denied Polarscale. I looked up to meet his eyes. "It means we are indebted to each other forever, Dragon Lord and Omnissiah as my witness."

Hehe it’s funny since big E did put a certain void dragon underneath mars

Of all factions in 40K, I hate Dark Eldar the most. They knew they screwed up by making the Galaxy the Hell hole it is now and yet they never seemed to learn and double down on their ways.

A Stimulant makes him white out?

Oh dear, Edo woke up? :twilightoops:

Well, Edo continues to be a Big Deal. Did he avert the Horus Heresy?


Whatever is doing the illusion cant read Roman Numerals.

The armor is the 17th? Legion, yet the voice stated 9th legion.

And now a Totally wrong book that wouldve got the holder executed on the spot for Heresy?:twilightoops:

Someone is making a real mess mixing up the 21st Centuary displaced memories with 40k history.:trixieshiftright:


Pay no mind. Was... the pauldron supposed to list legion number, or company number?

Youre an alicorn, youre an alicorn, youre an alicorn, Everypones an Alicorn.

Well, its the only example we have of the species.:trixieshiftright:

I mean, the most alicorns we've seen on a single planet is 4, which is less than the show's 5.

Good thing the warp demons havent managed to work out how to do that trick yet.? :twilightoops:

This aint no backed up baked up back story. Discord had to go for the long bomb just to try and get some of Equestria to survive being 40k? :rainbowderp:

One has to wonder what, exactly, Discord is in this setting. The initial guess would be 'Chaos God', but that really doesn't quite fit.

Ornithopter? Wow, I havent seen them since Laputa:Castle In The Sky. :pinkiegasp:

Shouldnt have much groundside problems as long as Science, Twilight is kept away from the warp gates and theres no Stratopolis isolating Smooze? :rainbowderp:

Yeah probably not the best idea to put word bearers on the ship with you

On the path, walking towards me... was a red-skinned giant . He stood well twice my height, somehow even taller than the Astartes I met before. He wore simple white robes and some jewelry, but... an image of golden armor sprang to mind. That and... astounding powers. Powers that rivaled even the Emperor. His crimson red hair was long, cupped by a golden hairpiece. He only showed me one of his eyes... the other was closed. As he approached me, this... crimson king, this... arch-human, this... Primarch oppressed me without his even intending to. As he approached, I could see him give me a soft smile, clearly unaware of the stress I was under. The stress that manifested in me saying aloud the first thing that came to mind.


I think he's more of a minor deity of unrest.

Interesting, very interesting. The daemon's urging seemed very Tower of Babel.

I can't help but wonder his relation to the Primarchs, is he an uncle to all of them, or just Magnus?

Chaos is playing Displaced against both sides to keep the balance of conflict? :twilightoops:

Intresting. Id expect the Space Wolf chapter to be least likely to be used for an embedded internal honour strike to clear demonic infestation from within? At least, lead up the garden path?

Then again, Is Dakkabeard still an Ork Commando or have they transfered their War Boss heirarchy to Trader?

Pinkie been watching The Toymaster again? :pinkiecrazy:

Pinkie acting like a Harlequin is actually.. pretty goddamn terrifying actually.

At least 40K hasnt got as bad as Dragonball or Terran Gamma Gurren Lagan with its ever continous power creep? :pinkiecrazy:

The demons have lost this local skirmish for now, so it looks a good place to close the chapter.

In the Grimoire Future, there is always Lore. :unsuresweetie:

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