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It began like any other day in Equestria, ponies peacefully living their lives, knowing that if any danger appeared, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends would keep them safe, never even entertaining the idea that something was out there that not even the Elements of Harmony could defeat...and yet there was.

As everypony lived their lives in blissful ignorance, fire rained from the stars, destroying cities and burning forests.

By either luck or fate, Ponyville survived, but as the Element Bearers rushed to gather the Elements of Harmony, they found them powerless, for the Tree of Harmony had been destroyed.

When the fire stopped falling, metal pods fell in their place, and from these pods came horrible monsters the size of minotaurs covered in blood red armor, bearing a mark on their shoulders of a black bird and a crimson tear.

The monsters were without mercy or weakness, but as all hope was lost, the Element Bearers heard voices, promising them deliverence in exchange for servitude, caught between annihilation and slavery, Twilight and her friends made a choice...a choice that changed everything.

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Alright, I need more. Even if we don't get more, I love this.

Feel free to check my other mlpX40k fanfic Lost Loyalty (if you haven't already) or pop over to FanFiction.net where I retold the story of Hellsing Ultimate with a 40k skin starring Alucard as a 12th legion Chaos Lord.

I cannot adequately Express in words how much I absolutely love this concept. I would love nothing more then to see this fleshed-out into an actual story but if that doesn't happen at least I have this. Take my like and fave.

Whoa chaos is the true answer

When he recovered, he looked upon the laughing earth pony with sheer terror. "How...HOW IN THE PRINCE'S NAME DID YOU COLLECT BONE DUST FROM MY FATHER!?"

After watching all of if the emperor had a test to speech device i can't help but laugh at the interaction that paints in my head

I haven't read the story yet, even though I intend to, but I read the summary, and the Astartes you described sounds like a Blood Raven. Your telling me the Blood Ravens have invaded Equestria?

Hm. Interesting. Definitely reading this then.

I fucking loved it my dude. A++ all the way!

Glad you like it, feel free to check out my other fic: Lost Loyalty, or go to FanFiction.net and check out my other 13 works, the most popular being a retelling of Hellsing Ultimate with 40k skin on it starring Alucard as a 12th legion Chaos Lord.

Nice references to other mlp grimmdarks like Litlle Miss Rarity or Rainbow Factory!

Fulgrim doesn't like Cupcakes. :pinkiecrazy:


I can't help wondering if this is what Equestria in Age of Iron will be like in a few centuries. Very well done.

I just stumbled upon your most recent work and enjoyed it, then I click your page and see more of what is sure to be amazing. The short description of this fills me with dread, I will hatenjoy this thoroughly.

chaos dose not mean evil. for evil sake. love the story hope for more.

I plan to be done with this story. However, an author titled GMBlackJack is writing a multiversal story about an inyerdimensional league of Sweetie Belles exploring various fanfics, and he is considering including this one and another that I've written (Codex: Heretics of Harmony) in his fic.

I never like the hyper multiverse stuff my rule is keep it simple if you combine more then 4 as mane plot lines, it over complicating things.

Still love the story was just starting another of yours. hope you do expand on this one at some point. I actually cried a little. that's hard to make happen with out using power tools and car batteries.

Fair enough, but so far he only has one plot line.
It kinda follows a Star Trek story with 5-8 different Sweetie Belles paying visits to different dimensions (different fics) and each Sweetie comes from a universe where they are just a background character and each chapter is usually a one-shot with a link to the actual fic in the author's note if it interests you.

But to each their own. I might pick this fic up again later, but for now, I'm focusing on my Grimdark 6 series.

I liked it, a lot.


The Imperium saw Equestria as a potential threat, and tried to eliminate her. That turned Equestria into the threat the Impream was afraid of. There's a lesson here: Paranoia is a good way to make enemies!


Yep! Blood Ravens: https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Blood_Ravens

And I remember they LOVE to Steal Property from others! :pinkiecrazy: :trollestia:

Cupcakes are weak, like flesh.

That's Ferrus' thing, but okay.

Oh right, cupcakes would ruin Fulgrim's figure, and his glorious hair

I wonder how abandon will see his new potential pawns/ rivals. How strong are the newly empowered main 6 compared to Karn the betrayer of abbafon anyway.

Didn't really put that much thought into it. I'd say Twilight compares to Ahriman, and Pinkie...is Pinkie. The rest are below the Chaos 5.


..... Seal the reliquary

Twilight turned her back as the Rubricae dragged the fallen alicorns away, the had learned not to complain...or so she thought.

That has to be a breath of fresh air for them.

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