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"With the vast, endless ocean of the Warp and the infinite web of the Multiverse a definitive factor; all possibilities are possible, all realities are real." - (I do crossovers a lot)


Heartbroken from her friends and brother abandoning her at the wedding rehearsal, Twilight Sparkle retreats to a strange new world and is later followed by Spike and Rainbow Dash. Once there they encounter new races, strange technology, gain great power and see to the foundation of a new empire. But while there they experience constant warfare from many enemy factions that seek their destruction, turning the innocent ponies and dragon into naught but a memory. So now there is only one question: when they return to Equestria, will they come as peaceful diplomats, or conquerors?

Universe in set in a Halo/Warhmmer 40k/Star Wars mixed galaxy.

Halo is property of Bungie.
Warhammer 40k belongs to Games Workshop.
Star Wars is owned by Disney.

Not sure if the action sequences will actually be gorey, but the tag's there just in case.

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How can you mix any of those 3 settings? 40k conflicts completely with Halo, and is so over the top and overscaled that it trivializes the conflicts of the others. Master Chief is like 1 foot soldier in 40k. The Star Wars setting freaks out about planet-killers but in 40k that's just playing hardball for humanity.

Interesting... lets see how this progresses...

I think I'm getting very interested in this story. I'm tracking this so I'll be able to read the next chapter.

I am intrigued. I would have liked it if you threw StarCraft into the mix, but at least Halo's there. So, will they be human like, as in Equestria Girls, or will they still be ponies?

Keep at it, I definitely would keep reading this story!

7523647 I know very little about StarCraft and never even thought about it. And they will be turned human, but s*** happens and they get a little bit of their old forms back.
7523504 The part about the Master Chief is a little inaccurate (to me at least). He's still much stronger than regular humans, but in terms of what I think you're saying (if I'm even making sense here), the Master Chief can be considered halfway to becoming an Astartes.

ok, I going to be watching this story and wait for more,

Hmmm, interesting concept, this. I shall be following it closely.

So have a Fave, a Track and a Follow for this most interesting story.

Also, as to THIS:

The chest opened and revealed the Elements enveloped in a blazing glow that made it seem that the Elements were on fire

Makes me think that the others are in for a world of trouble once they find out that Twilight and Rainbow are gone, and that their Elements (Magic and Loyalty (duh)) are with them (I think?), but that Honesty, Kindness, Generosity and Laughter are, and I quote:

Their glow wasn’t as intense to her, but she could still feel the anger they had towards their own bearers

I just wonder what they'll do once they find out that Twilight and Rainbow have left, which, as we all know, renders the othert girls' Elements essentially useless.

(It ALSO makes me wonder what will happen when they got running to get them, only to be completely rejected by them?)

I guess we'll all find out soon enough, huh?

7524909 I wonder if the real Cadence is just located in one of the other franchises. Though It seems unlikely.

7525862 Hmmm, dunno.

And I would agree, actually.

Just have to wait and see what happens next to find out.

The concept is interesting enough to say the least. Though I am looking forward more towards the Warhammer 40k universe mix of things, it will be interesting to see how you incorporate the Halo and Starwars universes.
Ill be keeping an eye in this, Ill fav, I'll track, hell I'll even follow. Ill be waiting here for the next update, keep on keeping on mate.:moustache:

7534587 It does, indeed.

I really only have ONE question about this chapter, though. And THAT is:

Where the HELL is Spike?!

Nopony's asked about HIM at all!:facehoof::ajbemused:

Poor guy.........

7534718 i have same but i figure he around

7534845 I think we all do, and I hope so.

Welp, so much for returning as conquerors.

Yup I would have like to see that...maybe it'll happen later in the story...or maybe someone will do something offensive and declared war and that's when it'll happen... ...I'm just desperate now aren't I

7536340 I'm right there with ya, buddy. fingers crossed for revenge driven conquering of the pony lands!

7534718 Don't worry, next chapter is when the girls tell the others about their time with the United Imperium.

You'll just have to wait and see... *laughs evilly*

7536845 Cool! Lookin' forward to it!:pinkiehappy: roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/kind-of-yall.png

You'll just have to wait and see... *laughs evilly*

Oooooo, sounds interesting! roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/emot-rd-leer.png

(Seriously, though, this site needs a "Scheming Grinch-grin Dash" emoji! It's be great for replies like I just made to you!)

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me cant wait for more, I do wonder if twilight and rainbow and spike have any cool nicknames/titles

Curious to why no one made a comment on the

Angron is one of Rainbow's sons


I may be able to help, but note that i have college to go to. I'm usually in college starting at 10am - 3pm on monday, 9am - 3pm on tuesday and wednesday and 8am - 3pm on thursday and 8am - 2pm on friday. My timezone is gmt +2 in finland. I don't have access to my computer in the weekends. I also have only very basic and very limited and small knowledge in WH40K, star wars and halo.

I can try to help but i'm not sure how much i could help...:fluttershysad:

So is there any possibility for me to be of any sort of assistance?:twilightblush:

I do want to try and help if i can...

I may not have the experience but i do have the eagerness to at least try to help in any way i can.

And now i await your answer.

From an avid reader and a person who likes the story a lot,

Wild Balance

i would help but i dont knew anything about the lore of warhammer 40k,

7643846 I have a link to the "Unification Wars" wikia page in there. Just read a bit of that.

7643868 perturabo would make a good son for twilight

Ok... You talk about RD and Twilight, but... there Spike?

i can kind of see the all the sons and maybe rest of the empire call twilight and dash something like "Sacred Mothers" because of they role and such,

7655921 Great idea!!!:pinkiehappy::raritystarry: At first I thought of using something like "Grand Duchess" or whatever, but that is MUCH better! I'm gonna use that and give you all the credit.:twilightsmile:

7663798 thank you and why do i have feeling some of their son are a over proctive of them while other are not and the over proctive one are going to invade equis to get them back.....
great story i cant wait for more,
btw where spike

7614203 i had to google it, i knewnothing about warhammer 40k save what i have learn in dawn of war games for pc,


7655921 AND be very high up in the chain of command

as for 7647225 question i would think spike would be the guardian (like protector kind of guardian like the ones you would see in fantasy type temples)
or be the leader of their personal guards like captain of the guards type stuff :twilightsmile:

as for me i would think the god emperor adopted them as his own children or make them very high ranked nobles and used their genes to make the Primarchs :derpytongue2

PS. if one of those were true I WOULD KISS YOU MATCOR! (on the cheek e.e NO HOMO)


7672875 yeap that what I think as well, but what type of jedi would he be, ie rank and such and would he have a his own ship??

7672260 oh I think they be right under the emperor in turn of power, most likely have they own guard, and flagship and they escort ship is a whole sector fleet but I can so see both of them going to the emperor say "ok we hello create 10 son each how about we try again for a daughter or two..."

7665010 After thinking about it for a bit, I can see Konrad being a little protective of Twilight as they'll form a bond over the Crusade, and maybe Russ and Angron for Rainbow. Either way, if anything happens to their mothers, they're gonna be PISSED.:flutterrage::twilightoops:


-make them very high ranked nobles and used their genes to make the Primarhs.:derpytongue2:

He 'harvests' their ovaries and fertilises them with His genes.
No spoilers to Spike's role though; love it or hate it, I want THAT to be a surprise.

(there should be a "sly grin" emote, it would really fit above):ajsleepy:

7675147 MR. Popo show up "Alright maggots, listen up. Popo's about to teach you the Pecking Order. It goes: you, the dirt, the Primarch, Sacred Mothers [Twilight and Rainbow], Emperor of Mankind, then Popo. Any questions?"

well I hope for new chapter sometime in the next 8,376,0000 hrs,

7672240 I guessing the two of them found a very powerfully human who knock them both up few times.....that or by magic

So when the next chapter going to be out yet?

So what the different between original warhammer 40k universe and this one with twilight rainbow and spike?

Well, seeing as Primarchs with rivalries can't have the same mother, Lion El'jonson is Twilight's son.

You lost me at the homophobia in Equestria, the land of love and tolerance. Also for the Unification Wars start in the nation-state where the emperor revealed himself and work outwards.

7706535 I completely understand how you may feel about that:fluttershyouch:, I want to use an idea I saw from another fic called Then We Run (I think it's Then) where Twilight and Rainbow get together, but everyone hates/betrays them except for Applejack and Pinkie. I also want to have it that Celestia has secretly manipulated the ponies' views on some topics behind the scenes over the generations to what SHE thinks is ethical or not. Even if you're uncomfortable with the topic, I can only ask that you see the next chapter before leaving this story forever. What Celestia (and a particular, thick-headed stallion) does with this info is VERY important to Equestria's fate once the Imperium comes knocking.

Also, from your other comment, who's Jonson's rival?:rainbowhuh:


Despite their common loyalties to the Imperium Space Marine Chapters do not always get along. Rivalries bound to develop over the millennia surface from domain rivalries and more come to pass dividing those that once stood together. Once such rivalry, ancient in its origin, exists between the Space Wolves and Dark Angels Chapters. While the origin of this rivalry has long since passed into legend there are two widely accepted accounts of its birth.

1. The first is of the Space Wolves chapter themselves. The chapter claims that it began during the Horus Heresy when the two Chapters were in campaign together. Legend says that Lion El'Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels, advanced his legion without coordinating with his allies. Though his action swiftly won the battle a great many of the Space Wolves were slain with their flank left unprotected to the enemy's counter-attack. After the conflict the Wolf challenged the Lion to a duel. The battle lasted until both warriors collapsed from exhaustion swearing vengeance upon one another. Over the years it is said that the two developed a mutual respect for one another, but due to their pride both felt honor-bound to fulfill their vows of vengeance.

2. During a pacification war, the Dark Angels aided the Space Wolves against a particular planet. This planetary leader had insulted Leman Russ's honor and so he wanted to defeat the leader personally for the insult. The Dark Angels and Space Wolves, both led by their respective Primarchs, assaulted the tower where the leader was. Leman Russ burst into the throne room just in time to see Lion El'Jonson beheading the leader. Angry that the honor was not his, Leman Russ marched up to the Lion and punched him in the jaw. This led to a battle that lasted a week or more, until finally Russ saw how immature their squabble was and started laughing. Lion El'Jonson took this as Russ mocking him and breaking the honour of Single Combat, knocked Russ unconscious before escaping the planet with his legion. The Space Wolves considered this an offence believing El'Jonson to be a coward.

Regardless of its origin the two Legions (and their subsequent Chapters) have never forgotten their feud and tensions run high between them. Though the Chapters have fought together on many occasions the vows made by their progenitors long ago have resulted in customary duels between them. It has come to pass that each time the Chapters meet two champions are selected from both sides to engage in a (usually) non-lethal duel.

Under Russ' brash leadership the Space Wolves had other incidents with their allied Astartes Legion. This included the Night of the Wolf against the World Eaters and a brief bloody confrontation on Ark Reach Secundus with the Thousand Sons. It was also hinted that the Space Wolves, serving as the Emperor's executioners, may have had something to do with the disappearance of the Two Lost Legions.

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