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Name: Anton Ilario
Troop Number: #35863756-878
Location of Birth: Elysia Secundus, Elysia Prime
Date of Birth: 2.456.922.M41
Unit: 158th Elysian Drop Troopers
Rank: Trooper (Field Chirurgeon)
Previous Campaign: N/A
Current Campaign: Second Offensive against House Lysimicus forces on Veyland Sinestre.
Status: MIA (Believed KIA)

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Imperial Thought of the Day: Suffer Not the Alien to Live.

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"They're shaking. The ones who come from the PDF don't. Well, they don't as much. Point is, I can tell that this your first drop."

Technically second, elysians drop troops are required to pass one drop during training thru laser grid. If she meant first combat drop then yes.

a Techmarine visiting his father's workplace at one of Elysia's Void Shield generators.

How random to space marines to just a visit imperial world and to techmarine to go check generators. Just odd.
And weren't thous grav cones destroyed quite early during that battle because of enemy fighters, only able to drop small amount of cadians and some of them were rescued by elysians from their free fall?
And i like to add what does militarum issued medi-packs contain.
Sterilized gloves, rolls of surgical tape, number of compress gauzes, trauma dressings, combat tourniquets and a airway intubator. This info is taken from imperial infantrymans handbook describing officio medicae kits. Other medical supplies are also standard swabs, salt tablets, water purification tablets, food supplement tablets, bandages, vein clamps, lotion of embalm, phial of morphia x4, sterilizing fluid of cleaning, cleaned surgical grapple, synth-skin canister, sanctioned incest repellent, blessed lotions, acids, alkali, medial tonics, tablets and internal cleaners ( for enema administration).

1. In Renegades of Elysia, it mentions recruits being rushed through training to get sufficient numbers for another assault on Lysimicus. In addition, Trooper Uldeck didn't serve in the PDF, and yet was pushed into training.

2. I know it's odd. That one I have no excuse for.

3. Some of them were. At least one made it to its deployment zone.

well at least they weren't as bad as gaunt's ghosts, seems like a life is spilled for every paragraph written in those books, though the ghosts could teach the lamenters a thing or two about cannon fodder

Yeah, a tough pill to swallow

The emperor does forgive, the God emperor does not.

Man, that has to be devastating... One moment you're a creature of the almighty Emperor, the next you're a Xenos scum. :(

Looking forward to the next chapter!

Keep it up, I find this story super enthralling!

This story is actually really interesting, can't wait to see where it goes.

Poor transformed Imperial Guard, he just discovered the basic unicorn spell by accident, levitation. I'm sure after he calms down, he would be grateful to still be able to use his weapons. Can't wait to see how he reacts to the natives of the world.

Finally, he found a laspistol and a power sword on the medic, giving him a decent arsenal.

That's a bit ridiculous to found a powersword from a mere medic is bit generous. Squad sergeant maybe tho even then that squad sergeant would have been some god like veteran to have a weapon of such rarity. Shotgun would be also better explained to be found from naval personnel because shotguns are given to the navy is most cases.

In regards to the Power Sword, you're right. So, it's been changed to a Sergeant.

Also, I'm basing the Equipment on the ones Elysians have in the tabletop rules. Veterans can take Shotguns and even the basic Sergeant can take a Power Sword.

Here: http://wahapedia.ru/wh40k9ed/factions/elysian-drop-troops/Elysian-Drop-Trooper-Squad


This may sound like I am a lore-nerd, but you got the check number here wrong. Check number (that 0 you put before the year fraction) refers to the number of astropaths the message passed before reaching Adeptus Administratum on Terra. Number 0 refers to the event happening on Terra itself. Number 1 is the event happening within the solar system. Then we have 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Now, Elysia, where the record was likely first scribed, is in Segmentum Solar close to Armageddon, that would require check number 2 or maybe 3 to be put before the year fraction.

May the God Emperor be with this Guardsman and pray that he doesnt deviate from his Majesties light

Yes you are, and thank you for the information.

Heavy weaponry go brrrrr.

good thing he is a man-emperor of man and not one of those filthy gods that 40k has.

Heavy bolter for the win!

What's an imperial guard without fortifications? Keep up the great work here.

This is gonna be glorious

Ah 40K, where one of the nicest groups of people gets treated like punching bags.

Good story! But I think you depict lasgun as being too weak. In the rules lasgun is as strong as an autogun which is essentially a modern assault rifle (or may be even closer to G3 or FN FAL).

And in the lore, Lasguns have a tough time with either A. Heavy Armor, and B. Thick and heavy Muscle Mass. And, at least in Mlp, Manticores are absolutely ripped.

I think it's a somewhat accurate assessment of power against it.

I don't insist, it is a fiction after all. I just thought that the wound should be more significant that just a scorch mark. More like a bloody crater in that muscle mass.

While true i dont think that its forehead has 6 inches of dense muscle as his first shot should have been a killing blow

Lasgun's shot on open skin/ light armor just tear off limbs

great story so far I can’t wait for more but yeah the lasgun seem to weak with creature of the forest maybe he can over charge them

This was a brilliant idea for a Warhammer crossover, putting a random guardsman into the standard Human turned Pony in Equestria setting. Being a random person from the Imperium, he would of course react even worse to the species change than your average protagonist. I love it, and I hope this continues someday.

The Emperor provides, just as he preserves.

It has returned! Praise the Emperor!

An update, Praise the Emperor!

In the name of his Holiness, the God Emperor of Mankind, this is a really chapter

Rank: Trooper (Field Chirurgeon)

Aren't medics and basic foot soldiers two different things?

Actually, Imperial Guard Medics and Field Chirurgeons are two separate things.

An Imperial Medic is a proper medic, trained to help Imperial Guardsmen recover properly and is generally given better equipment. A Field Chirurgeon, on the other hand, simply has a bit more medical training than the average Guardsman, and is more focussed on returning troopers immediately into the fight. Elysian Drop Trooper regiments, in particular, are known to have many such Field Chirurgeons spread amongst their platoons and even Squads. In short, Medics are specialists, whereas Field Chirurgeons are troops with slightly above-average Medical training.

Mmm, pre return of Luna, that complicate things. I hope the first contact go without bloodshed, by seeing the trooper zealotry is an unlikely scenario

Ave Imperator one moment, "Tau'va" the next. Such a shame that a good soldier should be taken from the emperors holy light.

Poor guardsman. Mutation into Xenos is already a horrible fate, and yet you suffer worse by becoming a psyker.

May the Emperor guide your soul through the immaterium, once it is unlatched from such an unholy body.

Well, that's ominous.

Cant wiat for more tales of this wretched mutant! Ave Imperator.

Wasn't expecting him to meet a young Applejack, but I guess now the tags make more sense.

He is surely committing heresy, but I somehow get it. If the aliens are beyond redemption for existing, then isn't he? He can not accept that.

Edit: Are we going to get Applejack: Servant of the Emperor?

I am happy to see this update! I don't see anything he is doing as heresy. The Emperor protects, and would never allow one of his faithful to be transformed, unless it served Him. The plans of the Emperor are far beyond us mere mortals, as long as Anton holds fast to his faith and follows his instincts, which are just the Emperor's guidance, then he will accomplish the Emperors will. Perhaps the Emperor wishes for these ponies to be saved... it is not for us to wonder why, only to do or die.


Yea! A positive first contact. And now we know the timeline

And another thing, the Emperor policy wasn't total xeno aniquilación .If the Xenia are a lesser power and kneel to the Imperium they are granted a vasall

Life is the Emperor's currency, spent it well.

May Buttercup's soul find peace. Xeno she may have been, but it was a loyal servant of the Emperor who tended to her in her final hours.

so Jackie only lost one parent instead of both. Wonder how would Bright influence future episodes. I;m sure as hell he'll be more aggressive with Grand Pear. Blaming him for leaving his daughter and now shes dead because 'he' wasn't there to help. AJ will probably call him out on that BS

I've been really enjoying this story. It's interesting to see a normal guardsmen do all this instead of one of the powerful beings (like Space Marines) thrown into these situations. Keep up the good work.

This series is really good.

By the Emperor's divine blessing, may thee rest.

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