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Rainbow Dash is dead. Well, technically. After an incident a few years ago, she made a deal. The one she secretly loved was saved, but she became a Daemon. Now, she's one of the Devils Collectors; hunting down those who fail to repay their ends of agreements. What happens when she has to head back to Ponyville for a contract?

Based off of the story 'Dash to Hell' by ppg1998. Cover art by Blueset-Ayemel on Deviantart.

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On Hiatus from the publishing? Curious.

That's not enough to keep me from tracking and asking for more, though!

Hiatus, hmm. Oh well if the story going to be continued then it probably would

I really like the concept and the story, hope you keep writing.

YEEEEESSSSSS! Its back baby! And back in force!

Hm, I wonder who is next target would be.

Ah... I guess I know what happens next

"🎵Some, ponies say a stallion's made out of mud,🎵 🎵A poor stallion's made out of muscle and blood.🎵 🎵Muscle and blood, and skin and bone,🎵 🎵A mind that's weak, and a back that's strong.🎵"

Video file:

"🎵Heartaches by the number, troubles by the score.🎵 🎵Every day you love me less, each day I love you more.🎵 🎵Yes, I've got heartaches by the number, a love that I can't win,🎵 🎵But the day that I stop counting, that's the day my world would end.🎵"

Video file:

"🎵Heartaches by the number, troubles by the score.🎵 🎵Everyday you love me less, each day I love you more.🎵 🎵Yes, I've got heartaches by the number, a love that I can't win,🎵 🎵But the day that I stop counting, that's the day my world would end.🎵"

New Vegas baby, gimme them slot machines! KA-CHING!

oooooooooooooohh, I can't wait for the next chap.

Wonder how everyone is going to react

However, it was just blood. How bad could it be?

In the currency of Souls, blood is gold and will is silver.

Can’t wait, I wonder if the others will figure out who she is.

Now that the devil is out things can't go so well

Again, it was much less impressive in real life than what she had read or heard about. She was also an alicorn, with a dull rust-red mane, which sloped down her back like Twilights1 in a way, and pure white fur. She was wearing a simple sleeveless blue dress with a lowered top over her bosom, and a few bits of jewelry. Like Lucifer, her eyes weren't like a normal ponies2, with hers glowing a brilliant white like spotlights.


Her boss chuckled, before replying, " The source of power for the Celestials, like how the storm around my 1 is the source of yours. And, in essence, yes. By the by, I wouldn't recommend using your magic up here. While my magic is within my body, yours is not entirely. "

1missing word

To be honest I figured this was gonna be needlessly edgey and I skipped ahead to start on the third or fourth chapter, now having read all the chapters the first does kind pull out that needless edgieness but the rest of it was a lot better than the usual story that has demon stuff in it.

Might have some continuity issues with the necklace, not sure. Rainbow says it was given to her in the first few chapters but in the flashback she's the one who was giving Twilight the necklace.

"Sounds good. Hey, I, I got us something. You know, just in case. I was gonna give it to you on our first date, but I suppose it would be appropriate now", Rainbow said, reaching into her jacket.

Inside, she pulled out a rectangular black box, which she opened and showed to Twilight. Inside were two small necklaces, held on silver chains. On the end of each chain was a small, intricately carved jewel, one shaped like each of their cutie marks. She handed the one shaped like hers to Twilight, who turned it over in her hand, smiling.

Oh fuck u too karma. Murphy... eat a slong

Damn cliffhanger, seriously books on this website sometimes are like anime.

Opening her eyes and locking them with Umbra's, sending a chill up the Daemons spine and over her wings. She fixed her with a gaze that would freeze over the River Styx. Then, in a voice that would freeze the Styx SOLID, she said, "Care to explain?"

Umbra: it's none of your damn business Twilight.

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Oh man! The suspense is killing me, now I have to wait another week. Keep up the good work!

Why do I feel a slight vibes of Deathstroke and Terra?

Na, I get more of a Kenpatchi and Yachiru feel to them.

Damn, was that starlight or the demon that killed her?

Oh... Well that was easy.
-Good job by the way

Discord you good for nothing...

I know what she is, and believe be I know a child of Chaos when I see one

Live Long, Have Fun, and Never Make Sense
What Fun Is There In Making Sense

Who is now fucked up, Pillar?

Pillar. You have officially fucked yourself. And while I doubt Twilight is staying dead. Pillar I doubt any part of your soul will remain

Umbra paid a price for Twi. Now all that hard work, love and dreams just died there is nothing left to restrain her own inner daemons.

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