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I don’t care for MLP, I do however like the massive amounts of stories in a well designed interface. That's why I’m here, that and the free cookie I was promised by a mysterious figure.


“On that day Pain and I became the BEST OF FRIENDS!”-Vulkan Primarch of the salamanders

Vulkan has been sent from his home in the imperium of man after diving into a WAAAGH! reactor. He awakens in a place that seems to be the exact opposite. This land of friendship and adventure, a place of magical talking ponies, and snoots to be booped.

This Vulkan is based on TTS Vulkan but comes from before the events of that wonder work of art.

AN:I said I would do it, I did it, kinda. Enjoy, and remember

Stomp stomp

Featured on: 4/8/2020. Again on 7/19/2020, 8/16/2020, and 11/15/2020.

"The real reason why Roboute Gulliman was the primarch brought back into play for 8th edition: Vulkan may be a terrifying gigantic monster of a man with glowing red eyes, who can literally keep pace with Dark Eldar vehicles on foot and beat their vehicles to pieces with crude iron hammers, while taking wound after wound after wound, literally refusing to die, or reconstituting himself from his component molecules when he gets close, but he's also the perfect example of the all loving hero.

If Vulkan were to be let loose on the modern Warhammer 40K universe, He would fix the imperium by literally bear hugging tthe grimdark out of it, until the only thing left was noble bright. Sanguinius would awaken once more. The eye of terror would spit out countless ponies chanting friendship is magic. The Necrons would decide life was all right and set out to nurture it. The orks would replace comedic sociopathy with comedic inability to cause any real harm. The squats would return. Black templars would finally remove that stick out of their asses. Slaanesh would start making anti rape PSA's. Kal Jerico would go back in canon, and make his living helping people get thteir lives back together. Gaunt's ghosts would find out a ridicolously wealthy rogue trader rebuilt and repopulated Tanith with as many residents offworld as he could find on a whim.

Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria." -Ambosen youtube comment

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As a Death Guard player... I find Vulkan amusing.
Just a big shiny green bulls-eye trudging across the table.



And followed. Chrysalis better say goodbye to her spine.

That's a ways down the road, this happens after twilight has ascended but before the end of season 4(Lord Tirek). That centaur better be careful, he had two spines to look out for.

His hammer is called Doomtremor. It can absorb incoming energy attacks and redirect them towards his enemy's. Plus the hammer was so heavy that even fully grown Space Marines in Terminator Armour could not lift it.


Thanks to TTS i'll be forever unable to hear Vulkan in other manner, and glad to...

i can imagine Pinkie and Vulkan becoming BEST OF FRIENDS

hmmmmm me think this be fun,

Aw, he made a friend. I already know that Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are going to get along best with him.

I love this, I gotta have more of this perfect master piece

Has anypony found his hammer yet? :twilightangry2: lol

For a plot idea, I think it would be intriguing if Vulkan ended up defending the planet from one of the more xenophobic aspects of the Imperium. Be it the Inquisition, Black Templars, or another Primarch (either Leman Russ or Lion El Jonson)

How would they get there is the issue I see with that, Mlp and Warhammer have to be in completely different universes. There is no way that the chaos gods would not have fucked Equetria up by now, and you could argue Sobra or Nightmaremoon could be their influence, I still disagree. Both were dark but not anywhere near the fucked up shit that is the chaos gods. So since they are separate and the only reason Vulkan is there is because of the reality bending powers of the 'WAAAGH!'. It makes me think that finding a way to get them there is quite hard. Not that your idea is bad its GREAT. But I also have a hard time thinking of ways that the imperium would be in conflict with Equestria, and not destroy everything except Vulkan with cannons. He is immortal and near invincible but he isn't able to stop that.

I would have to agree, also what's your take of discord, on the topic of chaos gods and such and IF MLP and 40k were to be in same world (universe)

The chaos gods are not wholy evil, but the are really evil. Basically they suck. Discord is not evil, he is manipulative, traitorous and unpredictable. But thats not necessarily a terrible thing. He hasn't really caused much physical harm to ponies in his life, and the psychological was minor. I would say he is like the best parts of tzeentch, and kinda just a bad friend sometimes. Not evil just not great. No relation to the chaos gods btw.

Well, the way I merged the worlds in my fanfic, The Grimdark 6 series, was that Equestria is a Daemon World within the Eye of the Storm with the Spirit of Harmony representing the emotions that the Dark Gods pretend they don't have. (picture the Shadows from the Persona franchise)

As for the Imperium not simply applying Exterminatus, you could either say they were teleported via Warpstorm and don't have ships in the air, or it could be a chapter or Space Marines that simply prefer close combat over bombardments. (Black Templars, Flesh Tearers, or Charcarodons Astra to name a few)

But if Waaagh is your gateway, then why not Orks? As for Equestria's chances in such a war, while the Elements of Harmony may not work against such a threat (they're not evil) Ember lifted a large boulder (large enough to weigh more than an armored Space Marine) over her head with one arm, and she's the third smallest Dragon in the show. And Thorax's brother Pharnyx fought a giant mole by transforming into a large insect that gave him greater weight and strength, proving that a Changeling's transformations are more than simple illusions.

Though considering their personalities, I can see Vulkan having to teach them how to use this effectively.

Fair, and I might do something with Orks, but thats the thing in this instance of creation that I have made it only makes sense for the Orks to appear and nothing else. When I said cannons, I didn't mean Exterminatus, I meant ships using their guns which are still strong. If they didn't have ships well, then they are repetitively easy for Vulkan to deal with. The man is fast, durable, strong, and you cant kill him. At least not in this battle situation. He could take on a bunch of marines, a shit ton of marines, but honestly. Orks feels better, good threat, and no trying to convince the Imperium to not kill the xenos. Thanks for the feed back.

Did Vulkan's hammer or known as Doomtremor come threw with him or not?
Sorry if i'm bothering you about his hammer.

If you read the first chapter, you would have read, "He noted his hammer was not in his possession, if he it he could find his way back home with teleportation." I am not a Warhammer lore master, but I do know that his hammer can do that.

No problem, feel free to give me feedback for my own story. The Grimdark 6 Vol One: Lost Loyalty and it's sequel. The Grimdark 6 Vol Two: Broken Beast.

Is anyone else now wondering what would happen if someone convicted a majority of the orks that they’d get the best fight ever if they all attack chaos?

Khorne and Slanessh are interested in your idea.

Vulkan lives •stomp stomp•

Is what's said above about Vulkan really true? It's times like these I wish I knew more about that game...

What unkillable?
Yes he is a Perpetual, he basically can only be killed by god like phykers if I'm not mistaken. He can run as fast as vehicles, he is like 11ft tall, strongest boy, and has regeneration that makes basically immortal. Even if you were to fully kill him(not with god phyker powers) he would reincarnate, eventually. The emperor is also a Perpetual, but the Imperium needs him, and they don't know if he will reincarnate or when, hence the golden throne.

Vulkan lives! STOMP STOMP

Great to see more of this, and I gotta say, I loved this and I Really wish to see more of this godly piece of art

Would you like to hear about our Lord and Savior:Tuska Daemonkilla?

Vulkan Lives! <STOMP STOMP>

That sounds like the worst idea for a spin-off ever!... oh wait.. nevermind.



Also t r a c k e d

the musical duel was fun

The bells made Hammurabi's part quite epic, in my opinion.

Oh, and Cypher.
Cypher tosses book at Fabricator General : PRANK !

That episode was bonkers for all the right reasons.
As for your fic, it's TTS Vulkan in Equestria, what's not to love?

Asmodai, make him repent!
R E P E N T !

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